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Established in 1973, Tushita has an international reputation for its Introduction to Buddhism course which is equally applicable to beginners and people with some knowledge of Buddhism.
It is taught by experienced Western and Tibetan teachers who explore Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and meditation with a modern twist on it.
As many if the concepts presented may be new or different from our own beliefs and experiences the Buddhist centre requests that people maintain an open mind and be prepared to examine not only the teachings but their current beliefs also. Food – Three meals per day of a vegetarian diet which is a mix of Indian, Tibetan and Western are provided.
Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre offers a wide range of retreats including yoga, hillwalking, Tai Chi, arts and alternative health, all complementing a programme of introductory meditation teaching.
Dhanakosa is beautifully situated in the southern part of the Scottish highlands in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, and this setting provides ideal conditions for retreats. Recognized insight meditation teachers from all over the world offer daily instruction and guidance in Buddhist meditations known as vipassana (insight) and metta (lovingkindness). At regular intervals throughout a retreat, group or individual interviews with the teachers take place. When a Retreat Center course is in progress, anyone who is not already participating in the retreat is welcome to attend the evening talks about the teachings, known as dharma talks.
But if you haven’t been to IMS before, please speak first with the Retreat Center office for an orientation prior to attending a talk or sitting period.
Teacher talks given at the Retreat Center are available for downloading, streaming or podcasting.
When Max and I began our backpacking adventure in September, we discussed a few goals that we wanted to achieve while during our travels. We started our journey determined to become creative geniuses through the art of meditation. During one of our diligent meditative periods, Max suggested we do a 24-hour Buddhist meditation retreat in Chiang Mai. I didn't know too much about Buddhism when I signed up for the retreat, but after 24 hours, I am an expert, so here is Nisha's Buddhism 101. The two monks who guided us through meditation were the happiest little bunnies I've ever met (aside from the elephants I just posted about here).
Upon arriving at the meeting point for the retreat, we were given our clothes for the next 24 hours: a white t-shirt that said "mindfulness" in case we forgot the goal of the retreat and a pair of XXXXL linen white pants that the monks marketed as "one size fits all." All ready to attend Diddy's White Party! After receiving my form-fitting outfit, I walked into a room full of 35 white people intently watching a documentary series featuring an American female monk rambling about the death penalty and the American justice system (mindfulness is the new yoga for white people).
After being forced to listen to this nonsense, we had a lovely and friendly young monk give us a two-hour introductory lecture to Buddhism and meditation. After learning some of the core principles and teachings of Buddhism and chanting in the Pali language (a dead language that is the liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism), we began our guided meditation.
For sitting, the classic pose is crossed-legged sitting Indian style, though many of the monks prefer lotus position or even full lotus position. I obviously did not take these photos because I'm one of the poor fools sitting in this photo, silently suffering. Walking mediation involves walking extremely slowly, one foot at a time, while verbalizing the steps you take.
Finally, lying down was my favorite form of meditating because it is equivalent to sleeping. In addition to the pain of sitting, one of the difficult aspects of the retreat, at least for me, was not being able to wear shoes indoors. I certainly wasn't the best meditator at the retreat or the practitioner who got the most out of the experience, but I most definitely had the cleanest feet of anyone there.
I'm the one brown person in this photo and the person with the cleanest feet (not pictured). Frenchie clearly did not speak English because he proceeded to lead us in the exact same meditative exercises we had just learned. In all seriousness, if you're someone who holds a lot of stress, you should really consider taking up meditation. The Lolland retreat center is a peaceful place with a rich history, where Diamond Way Buddhists can experience meditation away from the distractions of everyday life. Retreats with friends or in solitude give you time to concentrate on meditation, without distractions.
Keep up with our active schedule of meditation retreat weekends, lectures and courses with visiting teachers.
Run and maintained by volunteers and donations, Lolland is a wonderful place to invest your surplus! Buddhist meditation retreat: Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.
The centre is run by a small team from the Triratna Buddhist Order, assisted by those who attend the centre regularly.

30 Days to Enlightenment is for friends of Kopan, and for others who want to have a better idea of what it's like to spend a month meditating at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the foothills of the Himalayas.
Filmed on location at Kopan Monastery near Kathmandu, Nepal, the hour long documentary follows students through one day of Kopan's annual 30 day meditation retreat. The Music Soundtrack for the documentary was written and recorded using samples recorded at Kopan Monastery. Presented in a 'day in the life' style with students sharing their thoughts throughout retreat. Calling the music "exquisite", the title track from the soundtrack CD "30 Days To Enlightenment" was featured on CBC Canada's ZeDTV television show and home page as their "Featured Music" selection. The people of Mongolia have been restoring their Buddhist culture since the collapse of communism in the early 1990’s and since the late 1990’s part of FPMT Mongolia work has been to demonstrating to the lay community in Mongolia (particularly the younger generation) that Buddhism is still relevant to modern daily life.
On behalf of FPMT Mongolia I would like to express my gratitude to Curtis and the people involved in making this documentary.
All participants are required to remain silent for the duration of the retreat except during discussion groups or Q&A sessions of which there is usually one per day apart from the last two days of intensive meditation. Additionally, there are meditation and Buddhist study retreats designed for those with a more regular practice. While the context is the Buddha’s teachings, these practices are universal and help us to deepen awareness and compassion. It's been shown to lower stress levels, decrease high blood pressure, reduce joint and tension-related pain, boost serotonin production, and improve creativity and happiness, among many other things. Buddhists do not worship the Buddha ("the awakened one") but rather pay respect to Buddha, as well as the Dharma (the path of practice the Buddha taught his followers) and Sangha (the spiritual community). I assumed she was against it because Buddhism preaches peace, but she kept talking about karma and how small bad actions can create bad karma for you in the long run, so like if you steal a slice of pizza, you may get executed later because of karma. As much as I used to sit at my previous job, it did nothing to prepare me for sitting cross-legged with an upright back. Essentially, you spend ten minutes walking 100 feet, sing-songing "right goes thus" as you move your right foot and "left goes thus" as you move your left foot. I admire it, I appreciate it, I cook it, I learn about it, I teach about it, I share it, I obsess about it, I feel it. Before each meal, we would chant as a group a meditative blessing that went something like this: Food is not to be eaten for pleasure. Meditation is enormously helpful for your mental health and inner peace, and is a habit I would like to practice daily going forward.
I had the opportunity to meet friends and minds from all over the world including Australia, France, Singapore, USA, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, India, Israel, Taiwan, Brazil, Finland, Thailand, China, Guatemala, Belgium and Turkey. The Nottingham Buddhist Centre is dedicated to the spread of the Buddha's message in a way that is relevant to us here and now, yet remains faithful to the essentials of the Buddhist Tradition. For those with some experience of meditation we run Buddhism and meditation courses several times a year for those who want to learn something of the Buddha's message. We have Nottingham's best-stocked Buddhist bookshop, which sells books on most Buddhist topics, cards, postcards and incense and some CDs. It is affiliated to the Triratna Buddhist Community, a Buddhist movement founded by Sangharakshita in the late 1960's and originally known in the west as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO).This name was changed recently to more truly reflect the international nature of the movement. Have you been to Kopan Monastery, or are you interested in attending a meditation retreat or maybe even traveling in Nepal? Photographs, short interviews, chants and an original music soundtrack are blended together to give a gentle tour of one month at Kopan. The Soundtrack CD features atmospheric music inspired by Kopan woven with the ambient sounds of Tibetan chants, mantras, monk debates and prayer wheel bells. Tibetan chants and mantras, birds, windchimes and prayer wheel bells provide a background while students explore Buddhism, the Dharma and ultimately, their minds.
During the day you will be expected to assist with the cleaning and upkeep of the centre by doing Karma yoga jobs. If for any reason you don’t complete the meditation retreat we will assist you to make sure you are safe and well.
Meals tend not to contain meat, fish, eggs, radish, onions or garlic and if they do will be labelled as such.
The day is spent in silent practice with alternate periods of sitting and walking meditation, as well as a one-hour work-as-practice period.
Recent studies show that just 11 hours of meditation can improve your overall brain performance).
Weeks later when we arrived in Chiang Mai, we had been off our meditation game for almost two weeks. Buddhism is a philosophy and way of life comprised of the various teachings and beliefs of Buddha.
Despite not owning any material items except three identical monk robes, not seeing family or friends very often, not being able to marry or even touch a woman, and not having fun in any way except through meditation and education, they experienced such profound levels of happiness and peace.

One of the principles of Buddhist mindfulness is to control mental objects, including sensual behavior. Some dirty hippies took this as an opportunity to go barefoot everywhere, including outside. In the morning before our first session, our monk teacher asked if anyone could instruct the class in basic yoga. Monk 1 reminded him that he was to guide us in physical exercise such as yoga, to which Frenchie confidently replied yes, yes I know. Monk 2 teach us about Buddhism and meditation during the retreat, I thought to myself, I should become a Buddhist.
Food is not to be eaten for pleasure, enjoyment, or happiness, and it is certainly not to be overeaten. You're simultaneously trying to eat mindfully and slowly and savor each bite, but the whole time you're eating you feel like a guilty sloth, which only makes you want to eat more and more!
You can take a class at your local gym or yoga studio, or even download apps or YouTube videos that provide semi-guided meditation. We also have some resources for the visually impaired in the form of CD recordings of some books. The name Triratna also reminds us of our central ideals, meaning "Three Jewels" which refers to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha (see About Buddhism page). If the retreat is a 10 day retreat the last two days are comprised of intensive meditation to afford you the chance to put into practice what you have learned.
Any extra costs due to you leaving the course for any reason will be at your own personal expense.
To be fair, we did have spurts of diligence during which we meditated every day for ten minutes or so. Curious to know what the retreat entailed, I finally got my lazy ass to read the Buddhist monastery's website. At its core, Buddhism teaches its followers to do good, avoid bad, and spread loving and kindness. Basically, attending the retreat was a long and very difficult way of finding out what I already know: material things do not buy happiness and simplicity is the best way to live.
After a few minutes of sitting in this position, you begin to feel like a cobra is lightly strangling your torso while you gasp for air; the sides of your feet, squished underneath your legs and pressed onto the cold hard floor, feel like they're being steam rolled. Max, on the other hand, was an extremely diligent student and practiced only sitting and walking meditation.
Monks are not allowed to perform physical exercise aside from walking and cleaning, so he asked a student to volunteer.
I love everything about it, from the sound of garlic sizzling in a hot oiled pan to the smell of butter and sugar melting into a delightful aroma when I'm baking. And I can never become a Buddhist because I love food too much and I will continue to overeat without feeling guilty. For shorter retreats the schedule is the same except there are no two day intensive meditations. Apparently the bodily pain is supposed to be so all-consuming that you can't let your mind wander to think other thoughts. I know this because many of these filthy hippies were seated in front of me during meditation practice, and when I wasn't falling asleep, I was losing my concentration because I felt nauseous looking at their blackened feet. On this retreat you will learn how to apply various methods in order to increase peace, happiness and compassion in your daily life. These can either be a 4 or 10 person basic dorm depending on what is available at the time of check-in.
I was going to volunteer to guide the class in some basic non-yoga exercises but then a French dude said he would do it.
I was expecting private lakeside bungalows with fluffy white beds, unlimited tropical smoothies, and a steam room. It's quite a lovely way to live your life without having to subscribe to an organized religion. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but I assumed it meant contract my abs or make my body tight. Not only was this highly uncomfortable to observe, but it was definitely the opposite of contracting.
I was about to push him out of the way and yell, "Everyone drop and give me 20" but luckily Mr.

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