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This month there are several religious and spiritual talks held in various parts of this sunny island. The speaker, who has written and edited more than thirty books, will address the issues in two talks.
The Converts' Development Division (CDD) of Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore is organising a trip as part of our "Welcome to Islam" program exclusively for converts and partners. Swamini Siddheshvari Devi Ji, a world-renowned teacher of Spirituality, Yoga and Meditation, will give talks from 16 to 22 April 2016 at Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.
Ramayana is probably the most misunderstood stories among the Hindu scriptures as many heard the recitation of the Ramayana verses. The Daughters of St Paul invites all single women from age 18 to 30 to spend an afternoon with them.
The Daughters of St Paul is an international religious Catholic congregation to serve Jesus. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. The founding missionary of the Burmese Buddhist Temple in Singapore, U Kyaw Gaung, supervised the project of commissioning the creation of a gigantic white marble Buddha statuein Myanmar.
U Thar Hnin (Tang Sooay Chin), a Burmese, founded the Burmese Buddhist Temple (BBT) at 17 Kinta Road (off Serangoon Road) in 1875. The white marble Buddha statue inside the main Shrine Hall is the largest of its kind outside of Myanmar. Despite the lack of modern transportation and heavy machinery, and facing numerous challenges during the arduous 2,500 km land and sea journey, U Kyaw Gaung successfully had the Buddha statue transported to Singapore in 1921 intact. In 1981, the Urban Redevelopment Authority served notice to the family of U Kyaw Gaung to vacate their house. A Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa), grown from a seed from its parent tree situated at Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple at 30 Jalan Eunos, Singapore, stands in the temple compound.
The current spiritual leader, the Venerable Sayadaw U Pannya Vamsa, had been born at Wakema, Myanmar on January 10, 1928. In 1954, the government of Myanmar selected him for missionary work in Cocos Island, subsequently extending his work to Sri Lanka, Andaman Islands and Malaysia. Vamsa directed the building of eight Burmese Buddhist monasteries in cities worldwide including Los Angeles, Sydney, Chicago, Toronto, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Rangoon and Auckland between 1979 to 2002. The Meditation Hall of the temple let devotees practice their vipassana (Insight) meditation in quiet surroundings. Although originally situated elsewhere, the temple's current location has a history of Burmese people living in the area. Since the relocation of the temple, the area has once again attracted many to the Burmese community in the area, either as residents in the area or simple gathering at the temple on festive days. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.
Note: Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed. Playing their premiere Asian concert on a Singapore inspired note, the B3 Conspiracy Jazz band from Las Vegas has written an original composition aptly named "Sentosa Sunrise". With over 70 compositions under their belt, they have played for big names such as Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand, Luciano Pavarotti, Lisa Minnelli, Joe Pesci, David Brigati, The Ronettes, Art Van Damme, Wayne Cochran's C.C. Comprising of 4 extremely talented members from the US, with a deep-seated appreciation for legendary Jazz, the band was formed in 2009 and became committed to exposing this upbeat and fun sound to the public.
Named after the classic 'Hammond B3' organ still used in today's modern jazz settings, the group came together to conspire over their love of Jazz music and started by playing recognisable repertoires before eventually writing their own music. Prior to the Singapore concert, they will be performing in Tokyo, Japan, invited by the "Jazz Organ Club". Dharma In Action would like to invite all friends, supporters and collaborators to our annual Merit Making event. We are a gathering of Buddhists from all walks of life collaborating on innovative and pertinent initiatives that foster stronger fellowship within the Buddhist community in Singapore.
You are once again invited to join the meditation retreat in Jhana Grove led by Ajahn Brahm and his monks. 1 Sarnath - where he gave his first discourse and set the ‘wheel of the Dhamma’ in motion. Venerable Thubten Chodron will be in Singapore from 8th Nov to 16th Nov, 2011 to give Dharma teachings and to conduct “Vajrasattva - The Path of Purification" Retreat.
Venerable Chodron will be most happy to meet all of you as she invites you to the talks and retreat in this short video clip. Venerable is committed to spreading the Dharma as she has travelelled worldwide to places in North America, Latin America, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India and former communist countries teaching the Dharma to people from all walks of life. You can read about his blogs on various topics, his observations and articles related to Buddhism in general. Venue: The Buddhist Union Dharma Centre, 43 Lowland Road(Near Kovan MRT), Singapore 547444. This Course offers an opportunity to learn the basic essential principles of Mahayana Buddhism and insights.
You are cordially invited to participate in the 9-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat, which is to be conducted by Venerable Uda-Eriyagama Dhammajiva; the renowned meditation master who is visiting Singapore from Nov 12, 2011 to Nov 20, 2011. Venerable Uda Eeriyagama Dhammajiva Thero is the head of Meethirigala Nissarana Forest Hermitage in Sri Langka, a monastery in the strict forest tradition and he is a pupil of the late Matara Nyanarama Maha Thera, one of Sri Langka's most eminient meditation masters. Led by Khenpo (abbot) Lobsang Jinpa and 7 venerable monks from Key Gompa which is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on top of a hill at an altitude of 13,504 ft, in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, in India.
The highlights are Grand Fire Puja of Increase (3 Dec) and White Umbrella Goddess Grand Dispelling & Subduing Puja (4 Dec) which is one of the most powerful and sacred puja.
Ajahn Brahm, born 1951 in London as Peter Betts, is a well-known Buddhist teacher of the Theravada Thai Forest Tradition. In 1983, Ajahn Brahm took part in the establishment of the Bodhinyana Monastery, a monastery of the Thai Forest Tradition, which is located near Perth, Australia.
Ajahn Brahm’s literary works, including the above, have inspired thousands of people around the world. He completed Masters degrees in engineering and finance, before renouncing the world of industry and commerce to ordain as a bhikkhu with Ajahn Brahm as his preceptor in 1996.
Apart from being responsible for the building work at Bodhinyana Monastery, Ajahn Brahmali teaches the monastic rules and gives Pali classes. Ajahn Brahmali's clear and thoughtful talks make the teachings of the Buddha accessible to all and are very popular downloads on the BSWA website. Bhante’s Dhamma teachings are based on the Buddha’s original words, applied to address the concerns of today. The forest tradition of Buddhist monastics exemplifies a way of life described and lived by the Buddha himself 2500 years ago, who recommended it as the ideal path of practise for the realisation of enlightenment.
Bhante’s second major influence is the Buddha’s teachings as found in the early Suttas of the Pali canon.
Besides spending 3 years in Bodhinyana monastery with Ajahn Brahm, he also spent several years in remote hermitages and caves in Thailand and Malaysia. Since 1990 he has been travelling and teaching Buddhism and Meditation at Universities, Institutes and Buddhist Centers in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia.
Angie Monksfield, a founding member of the Buddhist Fellowship, served as the President from 2006-10. An entrepreneur at the age of 25 after graduating from the University of Iowa, her professional IT career has ranged from business development to systems delivery. She is both a motivational as well as a Dhamma speaker, she also conducts counseling at Singapore Changi Prisons. Dr Wong graduated with distinction from the University of Malaya and was Visiting Lecturer at his alma mater in 1988 -1989.
Dr Wong has been active in teaching medical students, and doctors sitting for Post Graduate examinations since settling in private practice as a Consultant Physician in Johor Bahru in 1990. Dr Wong now divides his time equally between his clinical work in medicine and his teaching commitments to both the medical school and the Buddhist community.
Danai Chanchaochai is a successful entrepreneur of DC Consultants & Marketing Communications Ltd. With his motto, “enjoy peace & happiness with every breath,” he is popular as a speaker of various fields, ranging from Marketing, PR Strategies, Crisis Communications, and Dharma.
Furthermore, Danai has been spreading Dhamma internationally, in Amsterdam, UK (Oxford University), Indonesia, Sydney, Malaysia, and Singapore. Bhikkhu Kheminda has an extensive meditation practice since 1997 in many countries, from Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Myanmar. While being advanced in his career, he has always been dedicated in various Buddhist organizations and social activities.

After Venerable Hueiguang renounced his layman livelihood, he completed his monastic training at Ts'ung Lin University in Taiwan under the guidance of the renowned Venerable Master Hsing Yun of Fo Guang Shan (FGS). At present, Venerable Hueiguang is the Abbot of International Buddhist Sangha (IBS) temple in Taiwan as well as the President of IBS non-profit association in the United States.
Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia (supported by Buddhist Fellowship Singapore) is organizing the 7th Global Conference on Buddhism in Jakarta on 10 -11 December 2011. They have an exciting line-up of speakers including Buddhist Fellowship ( Singapore ) Spiritual Patron Ajahn Brahmavamso, VP- Members & Public Affairs Angie Chew Monksfield and Dr. Sign up as an early bird to take advantage of the special S$120 rate before 1st October 2011. To make life easy for you, registration and payment can be made through Buddhist Fellowship Singapore.
Buddhist Fellowship ( Singapore ) is organising a tour to Borobudur after the conference from 12 - 14 December. He has combined his love of meditation with study of the Buddha's Teachings, and in 2001 published his first book, "A Swift Pair of Messengers", a compilation of Sutta passages on the theme of tranquillity and insight. Venerable Bhikkhu Nandisena is currently the abbot of Dhamma Vihara monastery located in Mexico and spiritual director and religious minister of Buddhsim Theravada Mexico AR.
Rahula Children Sunday Service would like to invite children under 12 years old to spend meaningful Sundays learning the Dharma.
Ajahn Cattamalo was born in Germany, he was ordained in Wat Nong Pa Pong tradition of Venerable Ajahn Chah in 1988. In the first talk, he will elaborate on renaissance issue and on whether the church could be revived in this 21st century. This mosque is a heritage religious building in the Little India area built by immigrants from Southern India in 19th century. The topics are Right Understanding, Dependent Origination, Serenity & Insight, Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Noble Path, and Three Characteristics of Existence". For those who are interested, this is an opportunity to mingle with the sisters, hear their stories and testimonies, have Q&A session with them, and share with other young women.
The Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall has been listed as one of the National Monuments of Singapore.
He arrived in Singapore at an early age, his wife, Daw Khin Mae and their three children joined him later. While administrating for the temple, he had planned to acquired a sizable marble Buddha statue as seen in Myanmar. He benefited from the assistance from Aw Boon Par, of Tiger Balm fame.[4] The marble statue, first housed in Buddha Wehara temple, removed to Kinta Road in 1925 to take a place in a dedicated chamber. Ordained as a novice at the age of fourteen, he received higher ordination as Bhikkhu on April 16, 1948.
In Malaysia, from 1970 to 1979, he served as a religious adviser to the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia and as chief examiner of the Malaysia Buddhist examination syndicate.
A committee consisting of devotees from the Burmese and Singaporean communities manages the temple's operations. This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3.0 License (CC-by-sa), which may be used and disseminated with proper attribution. Thom Pastor, a member of the group, who was struck by the island's magnificent history, grandeur and exquisite natural beauty, wrote the Asian inspired Jazz piece after his second trip to Singapore. Riders and Joey Dee & the Starlighters, the first integrated rock band in the USA, just to name a few. The band looks forward to sharing their musical energy and jazz improvisations with the people of Singapore come November. Through this group practice, we hope to create future conditions for us to keep on learning the Dharma and supporting each other. We see ourselves as a dynamic platform where engaged Buddhists can share resources and work together open-mindedly, for the betterment of the Buddhist community, and ultimately, the society. Kindly share with them the details of the program which are in the attached files - Posters, Program details and Retreat application form. She makes the practical application of Buddha's teaching in our daily lives seem easy to do and she is especially skillful at explaining the BuddhaDharma in a clear, simple and lucid manner. Chodron's latest project is to set up Sravasti Abbey : a place where monastics and those preparing for ordination can learn and practice according to the teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk in India and later lived in Sri Lanka where he became well-known for his efforts to promote Boddhism. It will also demonstrate how Buddhism relates to our daily life and shows us that by following the path of The Buddha, we can find happiness.
He holds a BA In Chinese Literature from the National Taiwan University (1993) and PhD in Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol (UK, 1998).
He has also trained in Vipassana meditation in Burma under the tutelage of U Pan-ditha, a leading Burmese meditation master who follows the lineage of the great Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw.
Kee Gompa is the biggest monastery in Spiti Valley and a religious training center for Lamas.
His audiences find his sense of humor, deep insight, and simple wisdom nothing short of captivating. In particular, one of his publications entitled “Opening the Door of Your Heart” (Published in Indonesia as “Si Cacing dan Kotoran Kesayangannya”) is a World-Wide Bestseller. He first became interested in Buddhism and meditation in his early 20s after a visit to Japan. In 2011 he is giving regular teachings at several locations in NSW as well as retreats in Bundanoon, Western Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Bhante Sujato has been deeply influenced and inspired in his spiritual development by this path of practise, with its emphasis on simplicity, contentment, seclusion and, of primary importance, living and meditating in the forest. He has found inspiration in detailed study and comparisons of the early texts across all of the historical Buddhist traditions and has spent over ten years studying the Pali canonical scriptures and their relationships with parallel and concordant texts in Chinese, Sanskrit, Tibetan and other languages. From the little-known Thai monk Ajahn Maha Chatchai he learnt the practice of Metta or loving-kindness meditation, which still forms the backbone of his own meditation and teaching. In recent years Bhante Sujato has taught Dhamma and meditation to a varied audience around Sydney and internationally, and has spoken at several major international Buddhist conferences and events. He was trained in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism under many great masters including HH the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa and HH Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche. Guojun (born 1974) is one of the youngest Dharma heirs of respected Ch'an (Zen) Master Sheng-yen. He has traveled around many parts of the world to share his experience, including Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, United States, Luxembourg, Poland, Croatia, and Switzerland. She is now serving as Vice President of Member Affairs at the Buddhist Fellowship, Vice-President of the Singapore Computer Society and Advisor of WINGS (Women's Initiative for Successful Aging). After selling her company, she worked in Accenture, Visa International and more recently, as Vice-President in Singapore Airlines. He joined Monash University in Feb 2007 to form the pioneer faculty of the new Clinical School in Johore Bahru.
He has also been sharing the Dhamma regularly in both Johor Bahru and Singapore the past decade and was an invited speaker at the 3rd Global Conference on Buddhism. His speaking engagements are proven in numerous institutions of government and private agencies.
Until 2011, Danai has published 10 books that teach the wisdom of Dhamma, management strategy, and marketing.
He majored in Civil Engineering in the early 90s and continued his study in Buddhism for both Bachelor and Master Degrees. Other than meditation, he is well known as an Abhidhamma teacher for more than 5 years in Singapore, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Bhikkhu Jayamedho was the founder of many Buddhist organizations, such as Magabudhi (Theravada Buddhist in Indonesia), Dhammadipa Arama Center, Walubi (High Buddhist Council in Indonesia), and many others.
After graduating from the University of California, San Diego in 1994, he left the pursuance of a career in medicine and vowed to practice the Dharma in order to propagate the noble teachings for the ultimate benefit of all sentient beings. Gradually, he evolved into a more prominent role as the dean of the Male Buddhist College in FGS where he tenured for more then seventeen years. He is also serving as the guiding master of the Bodhisattva Dharma Pitaka Association while continuing his diligent and dedicated pursue and propagation of the Dharma teachings. In 1994 he left his music career to take higher ordination in Thailand in the forest lineage of Ajahn Chah. He studied Pali language, Pali Canon ( Tipitaka ), Abhidhamma and meditation under the late Venerable U Silananda, a renown meditation master of Burmese tradition.
He spent 7 years in various manasteries throughout in Thailand practising and studying with different meditation teachers of the forest traditions. He will then further discuss secularism, relativism and modernity itself and its effect on the Christian church.

They have written books, produced videos and set up a media shop at Church of the Risen Christ. The temple represents the only Theravada Burmese Buddhist temple in Singapore.[1] A religious landmark, Burmese and Singaporean devotees earn merits participating in temple activities together. Handicapped by limited funds raised from public donations and his private funds, U Kyaw Gaung concentrated on raising the funds necessary to purchase the statue. Sayadaw U Pannya Vamsa, the temple's spiritual leader, officially reopened the temple in 1991 in a celebration including monks, members of the public and well-wishers. He studied Pali and Buddhism in Wakema, Yandoon and Mandalay, in 1953 passing Dhammacariya, the highest examination in Pali, with distinction.
He founded the Sunday Buddhist Institute, an organization for the study of Buddhism and meditation.
Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. We also would like to appreciate Venerables, all friends and fellow Buddhist organisations who have supported DIA.
She is also well known amongst her lay students for her down-to-earth, warm and humourous manner. Sravasti Abbey is now incorporated in the State of Idaho, and with the help of people from Treasure Valley Dharma Friends in Boise and people from Dharma Friendship Foundation in Seattle, we are looking for land in Idaho.
He worked in Singapore in 1985 being a spiritual Advisor to the Dhamma Mandala Society and several other Buddhist groups. Lectures are based on the highly acclaimed book, a€?The Way to Buddhahooda€? by Venerable Yin-Shun.
Venerable Dharmmajiva is also a rare and dextrous meditation master who teaches us that final liberation is attainable in this life itself. It was founded by Dromton (1008-1064 AD), a pupil of the famous Indian Pundit and teacher Atisha, in the 11th century. His interest in Buddhism and meditation continued to flourish as he entered Cambridge University. He is also the Spiritual Director of The Buddhist Society of Western Australia, the Spiritual Director of The Buddhist Society of Victoria, the Spiritual Director of The Buddhist Society of South Australia and the Spiritual Patron of the Buddhist Fellowship in Singapore.
Ajahn Brahm has wide experience and deep knowledge about meditation, which is reflected in his book called “Happiness Through Meditation” (Published in Indonesia as “Superpower Mindfulness”). Bhante Sujato has taken the lead in introducing cross-tradition text studies to the Buddhist community.
From Ajahn Brahm he learnt especially how to understand this practice within the overall context of the Buddha’s path. His writings explore the earliest Buddhist scriptures, using a comparative and historical approach to illuminate the process of formation of Buddhist ideology and identity; books include A Swift Pair of Messengers, A History of Mindfulness, Beginnings, Bhikkhuni Vinaya Studies and Sects & Sectarianism. He took his formal education at Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Sikkim and Sampurnananda Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India and has served as Tibetan Textbook Writer and Professor of Tibetan Studies in Sikkim for 25 years. He authored several books (see publications section) on Buddhism as well as some children’s books both in Tibetan and European languages. He studied various traditions of Buddhist practice, from Tibetan Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, and also Mahayana tradition, including Ch'an Buddhism under the guidance of Ven.
She was also a member of the Arts Consultative Panel set up by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts.
He is also the Patron of Majjhima Dhamma Centre, a centre dedicated to teaching meditation in Singapore. He obtained a Master degree in Marketing as a First Class Honor in Thammasart University, Thailand.
He obtained a degree in Law School in Bandung and was active in the Youth Buddhist Organization during his study.
In 1985, he was awarded by the King of Thailand for being active in spreading Theravada Buddhism and founding Dhamma Cakka Jaya Vihara in Jakarta, and continued to receive awards from other Buddhist and education organizations. In December 25 of 2008, Venerable Hueiguang received the Dharma Transmission from Venerable Master Ben Huan at Hong Fa Temple in Shenzhen, China, as the 45th generation lineage holder of the Linchi Ch'an (Renzai Zen) School. As well as living for several years in forest monasteries and remote hermitages in Thailand, he spent three years in Bodhinyana Monastery (Perth) as secretary of Ajahn Brahmavamso, and over a year in a cave in Malaysia. For 13 years he lived at Bodhinyana Monastery in Perth Australie and was the Vice Abbot to Ajahn Brahm. It has an outstanding architecture that is very different from other mosques built locally.
Currently there are five nuns based here since the community was established on May 1st, 1994. During his several trips to Myanmar, he found an immense marble weighing more than ten tons from Sagyin Hill, 50 km north of Mandalay. In 1935, when U Kyaw Gaung died at the age of 69, monks converted a portion of the temple into a private residence. The temple has intricate Burmese architectural style with teak wood carvings donated by the Tripitaka Nikaya Main Ministrative Body (Ti Ni) of Myanmar.[5] The new temple houses a spacious shrine hall, a meditation hall, a multi-purpose hall, a library and living quarters for the monks.
Its annual calendar of events includes New Year Special Offering to the Sangha, Chinese New Year's Eve Chanting, Water Festival (Thin Gyan), Vesak Day, Vassa (Rain Retreat) Offering of Robes, Kathina Celebration and Novitiate Programme. After travelling through Europe, North Africa and Asia for one and a half year, she received a teaching credential and went to the University to do post - graduate work in Education while working as a teacher in the Los Angeles City School System.In 1975, she attended a meditation course given by Venerable Lama Yeshe and Venerable Zopa Rinpoche, and subsequently went to their monastery in Nepal to continue to study and practice Buddha's teaching. Venerable Dhammika has taught at the Education Department's Curriculum Development Institute and also made several television films for the Institute.
After completing his degree, majoring in Theoretical Physics, and teaching for a year, he travelled to Thailand, without prior intention of being ordained as a monk at Wat Saket Temple in Bangkok at the age of 23. These studies help one approach closer to an understanding of the Buddha’s original message – to what the Buddha really taught. He teaches a weekly Dhamma class at Metta Lodge Buddhist Centre in Johore Bahru since 2004.
Starting young as a professional, he has created his career path since high school with awards for being the First Youngest PR Manager of AMEX Thailand and the First Thai CEO of MDK Consultants (Thailand) Ltd. His professional experience was well recognized in various well-known companies, such as British American Tobacco, Unilever, Indofood, and others. Bhikkhu Jayamedho has also participated in numerous international Buddhist and inter-faith conference in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, New York, Seoul, India, and Indonesia.
Legend states that the tree grew from a seed that, through the parent tree, connects directly with the Bodhi tree under which Buddha attained Enlightenment.
Legend states the the Sri Lanka Bodhi tree had been brought by Venerable Mahinda, the son of King Asoka from India.
In 1977, she received the novice ordination and in 1986, went to Taiwan to take the Bhikshuni (Full Ordination). I will do a month retreat in Cascade this winter to test out what it’s like to live with lots of snow, as this will impact our decision.
Among the books he wrote include All about Buddhism, Good Question Good Answer, Matrceta's Hymns to the Buddha, Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, Encounters with Buddhism and The Edicts of King Asoka.
He spent the subsequent nine years studying and training meditation in the Thai Forest Tradition under the tutelage of Venerable Ajahn Chah Bodhinyana Mahathera.
He entered solitary retreat in 1999 in Korea at Hwa Gye Sa Buddhist Monastery and Song Kwang Sa Buddhist Monastery. However, he spends most of his time in Australia, undergoing his Master in Buddhist Studies at the University of Sydney. He achieved much recognition for his more than 15 years of dedication in the companies and in Association of Indonesian Entrepreneurs. Gaung purchased the stone for Rs1, 200, ordering it delivered to Mandalay, a city reputed for its skilled craftsmanship.
She studied and practiced Buddhism of the Tibetan tradition for many years in India and Nepal, and directed the spiritual program at Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Italy for nearly two years. Meanwhile, we continue to look in other areas of the state, and if someone offers land elsewhere in the country, we’ll certainly consider it. The current spiritual head of the Burmese Buddhist Temple in Singapore, Sayadaw U Pannya Vamsa, has been a successful missionary for the Theravada Buddhists.
She currently live and teaches in Seattle with Dharma Friendship Foundation and continues to travel worldwide to teach Dharma.

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