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I will walk you through one method of mindfulness that can help transform long ingrained unwholesome habits, patterns of thinking that cause suffering, and the way you view and treat yourself.
The One Circle Community (OCC) is a non-profit organization that aims to help people explore human diversity while feeling the common threads that interconnect us all. Starting in October 2011, the OCC will open meditation sessions at the Eundeok Cultural Center (next to the Changdeokgung Palace).
In our Loving Kindness Meditation How-To you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Buddhsit Loving Kindness Meditation. Loving Kindness Meditation is all about compassion, a compassion that is perhaps best illustrated by those most beautiful of creatures: dolphins.
When hammerhead sharks attack humans, nearby dolphins will risk their own lives to fend off the shark and protect the human. If you follow my Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ll notice that I often post about love, compassion and kindness. Loving Kindness (called Metta in Pali) is benevolence, friendliness, friendship, good will, kindness, and love. One girl I taught Loving Kindness Meditation to was struggling to accept the fact that she had allowed herself to put on a lot of weight. With Loving Kindness Meditation I was able to teach her to accept what she had done and to forgive herself. Once we have achieved self love, we then extend our loving kindness towards others, beginning with those close to us, those people whom we love and respect. Once we’ve extending loving kindness to people close to us, we move on to neutral people (people we know but feel indifferent towards).
This final part of Loving Kindness can also help to cure seriously unhealthy relationships as well and emotional suffering.
Please remember: although many retreat centers have a specific religious or spiritual foundation, most will accept participants of any faith.

Mayu has no affiliation with the organizations listed and is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information.
Join our sessions to reduce stress, relax the body, and calm unnecessary thoughts that distract us from making wise and compassionate choices in life.
That’s because I personally believe that love, compassion, and kindness are three of the most important things in the world.
One of best ways of developing that loving kindness is through Loving Kindness Meditation ,which we’ll look at in just a sec. It is one of the ten paramis of the Theravada school of Buddhism, and the first of the four sublime states. There are ten perfections: Generosity, Virtues, Renunciation, Insight, Effort, Patience, Honesty, Determination, Loving Kindness, Equanimity. Not surprisingly, the primary type of such meditations is called “Loving Kindness Meditation” or “Metta Meditation”. She was once beautifully healthy, but she’d gone through severe stress and had been comfort eating, which led her to put on 100lbs. This includes colleagues, people we know but rarely speak to, and people about whom we simply feel indifferent. In this part we extend loving kindness towards those people towards whom we currently experience negative feelings. Simply call or write the organization to ask if they welcome those with little or no experience in their particular tradition. Practitioners will also get an opportunity to ask questions about their practice to one of our qualified teachers. It’s part of their beautiful nature, a nature that is altruistic, loving, and compassionate. I’ve personally raised thousands of dollars for charities (mostly for animal charities) and every time I do charity work I feel fantastic: fantastic to help out, fantastic that I am capable of improving the world, and fantastic that I’ve spent my time doing something important.

For instance, I once taught a married couple facing divorce to practice extending loving kindness towards each other. When we practice loving kindness towards these “neutral” people we begin to feel much closer to them. He would focus first on himself, extending thoughts and feelings of compassion, love and kindness to himself.
Once she had gotten over the past and had found self love once again, she found it easy to return to her healthy habits and to lose weight. This in turn leads us to act more positively towards them, which often leads to new friendships and relationships.
It’s a tragic reality because your neighbours can be some of the best friends and most helpful acquaintances you have. Then he would look around him at the villagers and monks and would imagine sending out positive feelings of love and kindness towards them.
This helped them to accept the weaknesses and errors of the other, which led to a very healthy relationship. But after a few years living next door to one another, with all that noise and the fact that they put up that ugly fence, it can be easy to fall out. Finally he would look for some way to help his community, seeking an actually way to act out those feelings of love and kindness.
That’s just one example of why self love and “self loving kindness” are so important: they empower us to behave positively towards ourselves. But by practicing loving kindness you can learn to see each other in a positive light, which cures any animosity and restores the positive relationship.

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