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Founded in 1967 the Centre is located in a peaceful valley on the banks of the river Esk in Scotland. Whenever we see something which could be done to bring benefit to others, no matter how small, we should do it. Whatever obstacles arise, if you deal with them through kindness without trying to escape then you have real freedom. Strive always to be as kind, gentle and caring as possible towards all forms of sentient life.
Reminding ourselves of how others suffer and mentally putting ourselves in their place, will help awaken our compassion.
Being a gentle, sympathetic space where one can be still, get in touch with oneself and reflect on the things that crowd one’s life, people of all religions and none have come here to experience peace and tranquility since 1980.
Nearby you will find precious breeding sites of the exquisite and rare Blue Swallow for which the Endangered Wildlife Trust has appointed the BRC a custodian.
Integrated into this setting are the Centre’s buildings, accommodation lodges and cottages, the dining room and office, a shop, a library, a lecture and art studio and the meditation hall. 40 retreatants can be accommodated in thatched chalets, single and twin-bedded rooms overlooking secluded valleys; they are only a short distance from the dining room, office, library, studio and meditation hall. All our rooms are elegantly equipped with all necessary linen, blankets, heating and towels and provide a soothing, comfortable space for your BRC experience. The Retreat Centre offers a tranquil environment for the study and practice of philosophy, psychology, meditation and arts associated with Buddhist culture. Noble Silence is maintained from the last meditation at night until the first session after breakfast in the morning and is also sustained throughout the duration of some retreats.
This magnificent natural area is also home to 160 species of bird which makes for fantastic birdwatching. Discover the exquisitely zen and exotic range of products at the Dhamma Shop or opt to practice the art of yoga and chi kung as both are on offer at the BRC. LATEST LISTINGS Ballito Al Marrakesh Guest House Eastern Cape Elundini Backpackers Wilderness The Boardwalk Lodge Gansbaai Platbos Wild Coast Freedom O` Clock Backpackers Retreat St Francis Bay Dune Ridge Country House GREEN GETAWAY GIVEAWAYSWIN a Winter Weekend for 6 at The Little Farmhouse in Stanford! Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development which can lead to Insight into the true nature of life.
Because Buddhism does not include the idea of worshipping a creator God, some people do not see it as a religion in the normal, Western sense. There are over 350 million Buddhists and a growing number of them live in the Western world. The Lolland Buddhist retreat center is a relaxed place with a rich history, where Diamond Way Buddhists can meditate away from the distractions of everyday life. The center is housed in a large farmhouse, with a stupa of enlightenment in the courtyard, on the peaceful island of Lolland in southern Denmark. The center was given the name “The garden where the teachings grow” (Tibetan Karma Cho Phel Ling) by His Holiness the 16th Karmapa in 1977.
Throughout the center’s history, all the highest lamas of the Karma Kagyu lineage have visited and taught here.

On the 31st of July 1982 the enlightenment stupa was inaugurated at the Lolland retreat center, and a new chapter of Buddhism in the West was written. Tenga Rinpoche, one of Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl’s teachers at the time, built the stupa with the help of team of energetic volunteers.
Buddha taught people who had strong confidence in the potential of their own and others’ minds the methods of the Diamond Way (skt. When one no longer experiences separation between the seer, what is seen, and the act of seeing—during both meditation and daily life—the goal of ‘Mahamudra’, or the Great Seal, is reached.
Shamar Rinpoche, the second highest lama in the Karma Kagyu lineage, as well as several other Buddhist masters, also teach at Diamond Way Buddhist events at Lolland and around the world.
Lama Ole Nydahl, as the founder of over 600 meditation centres worldwide, travels constantly to meet his students and to teach.
The teachings and meditations we practice today were taught by the historical Buddha Shakyamuni to his closest students, and later passed on through the Indian Mahasiddhas Tilopa and Naropa to the famous Tibetans Marpa, his student Milarepa, and his student Gampopa. Our Edinburgh Buddhist group recently had the opportunity to host a great teacher of Diamond Way Buddism, Tomek Lehnert. Tomek was the right hand of Lama Ole Nydahl for 20 years while traveling with him around the world. From 1-21 March 2010 travelling teacher Karol Sleczek made an epic teaching tour of our UK Diamond Way groups and centres.
Diamond Way Buddhism UK is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales under charity number 1093406, and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 04459822, with its registered office at The Beaufoy Institute, 39 Black Prince Road, London SE11 6JJ. Kagyu Samye Ling was the first Tibetan Buddhist Centre to have been established in the West. Their presence, together with the BRC’s commitment to encourage indigenous biodiversity of the area has led to the Centre to being declared a Natural Heritage Site by former late president and iconic legend, Nelson Mandela. The Centre is also renowned for its fine lacto-ovo vegetarian cuisine, which inspired its own recipe books, Quiet Food and The Cake the Buddha Ate, made from organically grown vegetables and farm-baked bread.
The Centre encourages adherence to traditional moral principles during retreats, such as respecting all forms of life, abstaining from alcoholic drinks and hallucinogenic drugs and during some traditional, intensive meditation retreats, the practice of Noble Silence. Buddhist practices such as meditation, the practice of ethics and reflection are a means of changing oneself and ones habits in order to develop qualities such as kindness, awareness, and wisdom. They follow many different forms of Buddhism, but all traditions are characterised by non-violence, lack of dogma, tolerance of differences, and, usually, by the practice of meditation. The center is run by idealistic volunteers and funded by donations, and is available to Diamond Way Buddhists year round for meditation retreats, as well as lectures and courses by visiting teachers.
During his stay, Karmapa dreamt that Milarepa, the great Yogi of Tibet, walked through the garden. His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje gave empowerments and teachings here in 2000, 2004 and 2009, and many others such as Shamar Rinpoche, Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche and Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche have shared their wisdom and blessing with thousands here. Tenga Rinpoche filled it with relics, such as Buddha statues, and hair and clothing from Guru Rinpoche, all of the sixteen Karmapas, and other Karma Kagyu lineage holders.
17th Karmapa, Trinlay Thaye Dorje is the spiritual authority over Diamond Way, and head of the Karma Kagyu lineage. Since then the Karmapas, from Gampopa’s student the 1st Karmapa Dusum Khyenpa in the 12th century, to the 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje who is alive today, have maintained the power and wisdom of the teachings for the benefit of all.

He has been involved in setting up Karma Kagyu Buddhist centres in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, and Russia as well as Western and Eastern Europe. The experience which has been developed within the Buddhist tradition over thousands of years has created an incomparable resource for all those who wish to follow a spiritual path - a path which ultimately culminates in Enlightenment or Buddhahood. The following day Karmapa gave an empowerment into Milarepa and performed the black crown ceremony.
Tenga Rinpoche held annual courses at Lolland until he handed over the responsibility to Lama Ole Nydahl in 1984.
During his stay Tenga Rinpoche also created a large clay statue of the 16th Karmapa, which now sits in the centre of the altar in the gompa.
He manifested as forms of energy and light to directly transmit his enlightened view as experience.
One meditates directly on the teacher, the 16th Karmapa, not as a flesh and blood person but rather as a form of energy and light; a reflection of our own inner potential.
He was born in 1983, and escaped from Chinese controlled Tibet to freedom in India in 1994. He started Diamond Way in the West through his Danish students Ole and Hannah Nydahl who met him in 1969 in Nepal. He was one of the first students of Lama Ole Nydahl in his home country of Poland and has been instrumental in the establishment of Diamond Way Buddhism there – today Poland has over 60 Diamond Way Buddhist centres including six retreat centres. Sign here›› Sharing the Light Celebrating a week of ceremonies to transmit the Precepts and the Dharma Lamp.
It teaches practical methods (such as meditation) which enable people to realise and use its teachings in order to transform their experience, to be fully responsible for their lives and to develop the qualities of Wisdom and Compassion. Today, about 2,000 people participate in the summer meditation course with Lama Ole every year. On this level of Buddhism, the aim is the complete development of mind, the spontaneous effortlessness of total awareness known as ‘Mahamudra’, or the Great Seal.
By identifying with him, over time we take on his enlightened qualities of fearlessness, active compassion and boundless joy.
Karol, who is also trained in classical philosophy, has been travelling internationally for many years giving lectures and courses on Buddhism at Lama Ole Nydahl’s request. The Diamond Way offers the modern world effective methods that lead to a direct experience of mind. Karmapa has often visited Diamond Way centres to teach and to give Buddhist empowerments, and has been to Lolland numerous times. Diamond Way meditations develop a deep inner richness and lead to a non-artificial and unwavering mind where every enlightened activity can unfold.

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