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Welcome to the Official Website for Ajahn Jamnian Buddhist teachings and events for the United States. Ajahn Jamnian (also spelled Ajahn Jumnien, Ajahn Jumnian, or Ajahn Jumean) is a Theravada Thai Buddhist monk and Dhamma teacher in the Thai Forest Tradition.
Luang Por Jamnian, also known as Ajahn Jumnien or Ajahn Jumnean, is a Theravadan Buddhist Dharma Master. Our website has both audio recordings, books, and charts to help you with your Dhamma practice.
NEW: Under the Bodhi Tree by Ajahn Jamnian (both Thai and English eBook versions available).

We strive to keep the registration fees for the Ajahn Jamnian (Ajahn Jumnean) retreats low and reasonable. Ajahn Jamnian teaches in a unique style teaching drawing directly from the Suttas (the teachings of the Buddha) and giving practical examples from his personal experience. Luang Por Jamnian offers practical Buddhist teachings through his joyful presence, dialog, and stories with opportunities for meditation and reflection. This includes Dhamma Talks by Luang por Jamnean (Ajahn Jamnian) as well as a Four Foundations of Mindfulness eBook (Maha Satipatthana Sutta).
He  teaches with a spirit of joy, laughter, and lightness of heart by a Buddhist meditation master.

We also plan on funding book projects and other educational materials that are distributed to the public free of charge.

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