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The one or two days Buddhist retreat is an introduction to Buddhism which provides the tools for cultivation.
Could you and your family or friends use some time in a relaxing natural environment to learn some basics about Chinese Buddhism and Six Step Buddhist Method ? How about cleansing your system by eating healthy vegetarian food and getting some exercises? How to use Mandala in Buddhism to understand and solve the problems and issues in everyday life.
La sesion de retiro de este mes empieza el dia 18(viernes) por la noche y termina a las 5 de tarde del dia 19(sabado). To  register or request information these retreats, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page or send us an email. Key concepts presented include “the law of cause and effect”, the “five precepts” and “ten good conducts”.
The retreat’s teachings come from the Pure Land school of Buddhism and utilize six steps of cultivation which are tools that enable meditation and peace of mind. Our retreat can be held from one day to seven days, for more information, please contact us via email.
There is no better way to give yourself a break from the daily routine  and reassess your life, than by engaging in a meditation retreat. Manjushri KMC offers a wide range of retreats suitable for people with all different levels of experience, from complete beginners to experienced practitioners. Use the links to the right to see what courses are available and to find out more about retreats and meditation.
A meetup for people interested in Buddhist meditation practice who desire more intensive training in the form of day-long or weekend retreats or retreats of longer duration in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment. The North London Buddhist Centre exists through the generosity of many people, please make a donation to help us continue doing what we do. More on the accommodation: For space and time out, choose from three self-catering cottages, attractively and comfortably furnished and with huge windows looking out to sea.
Queen of Retreats is the leading independent travel website that helps you sift through the healthy holiday hype, set up by Times journalist and retreat expert Caroline Sylger Jones. All the material you find on this site has been meticulously researched and written by a hand-picked team of professional journalists with a passion for retreating. These retreats are suitable for those who have a regular meditation practice and who regularly attend retreats, a centre or a group within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Although at the time of the Buddha there were none of the environmental issues now facing us, the Dharma offers us a spiritual response. When our lives so often feel that they are full of activity and information, we can move more fully into the experience of being ourselves and into a more positive and harmonious relationship with others and the world around us.There will be talks, poetry, ritual, meditation, discussion, periods of silence and the opportunity of just being in nature. Please note: You will need to have been meditating regularly within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community for two years before attending this retreat. This late addition to our 2016 programme is an extra opportunity to benefit from a meditation retreat with Paramananda. On this retreat we will explore creative writing and the relationship between creative writing and Buddhist practice, both in theory and in practice. Mindfulness wakes us up to the extraordinary richness of our experience while drawing enables us to communicate this with spontaneity and sensitivity. A regular meditation practice can bring welcome periods of peace and calm into the rigours and demands of our everyday life. Balajit lived and worked at Vajraloka meditation centre in Wales for many years where he also led retreats and he is currently training as a SHEN therapist. It is open to practitioners of all ages and levels of experience and will be conducted in English. Many of us have our individual daily practices but know that longer retreats can add a transformative dimension to practice with incalculable benefits for ourselves as well as our communities. Come to learn to meditate, deepen an existing practice or stay on a self-catering basis and just soak up the vibe and the vistas. There’s a general meditation session in the morning, and a Loving Kindness session in the afternoon. In keeping with this, the retreat has a formidable spiritual care centre, Dechen Shying, for people dealing with long-term illness or who are facing death. You will also need to be familiar with and happy to participate in Buddhist devotional practice and ritual (puja) and be comfortable with periods of silence. A weekend retreat of intensive meditation and other practices gives you the opportunity to reengage with what is at the heart of your life, to become aware of what you are possibly missing in all the, at times, frantic activity. During each day you will be gently and poetically guided in to a deeper relationship with yourself, your fellow retreatants and the world around you. But the potential of Buddhist meditation and practice goes beyond simply generating relatively peaceful intervals in our lives. Singhasri previously taught at the San Francisco Buddhist centre and she currently works for the Breathworks mindfulness programme in the UK.

Retreats are in the Classical, Theravadan or Secular Buddhist tradition but we're open to other meditation traditions. Two 45 minute walks can be enjoyed from the centre – beware of midges in the early evenings. There is also a hostel, which feels rather like a student house, and the Potala, a huge Tibetan-style building set on a separate hill available for group hire. These values offer a path of transformation, for us as individuals and as part of our community. Simplicity, by reflecting on what nourishes us in a world driven by material aspiration and conditioning, and Contentment by cultivating non craving through the development of goodwill and compassion. Do we have the courage to find out what happens when we stop trying to push our lives along and just let the world catch up with us? Mandarava will aid that process by creating and leading heartfelt rituals and devotional practice each evening.
It will culminate in a a€?rengaa€™ - a collaborative creative writing process which originated in mediaeval Japan - which will provide supportive conditions to experience the transformative power of creative writing. On this retreat we will seek to pursue the very real possibility of fundamentally unravelling the underlying causes of suffering and unease in our lives and bring new direction and meaning. Both are dedicated to their own meditation practice and are passionate communicators of the Dharma.
Beginners to advanced meditators as well as the merely curious are all welcome to the meet-up but practitioners are advised to consider whether their practice can sustain the rigors of the individual retreats. We will be supported in this quest by meditation, workshops and ritual, as we collectively explore ways to see through what is limiting us and what deep down our hearts long for. The nearest transport hub is Cork, 100 miles away – you can get a minibus from Cork to Castletownbeare, from where it’s a 7km taxi ride. Learning to accept the challenges facing us we can offer service to the Earth as aspiring a€?Eco-Sattvasa€™.

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