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Part 1 of this three part post focused on how you can reflect on your learning and capture evidence as you go along.
From my experience, the people who are most fulfilled in life are those who are most comfortable in their own skin. Set realistic goals: Articulate your aspirations and set 2 or 3 realistic goals for how and what you want to develop personally by the end of your summer job or internship. Be memorable: Identify the image you would like to project that reflects you and is one this employer will remember. Give freely: Give your time, knowledge and expertise to your colleagues without expecting something in return.
Show off your medals: Promote your successes to your boss, be explicit about what you have achieved and the difference it has made.
David Shindler is the author of Learning to Leap, a Guide to Being More Employable and co-author of 21st Century Internships: how to get a job before graduation.
Alexandria Seaport Foundation apprentices learn construction, math and other skills as they work together to build one of the program’s boats.
Operated by the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, the program offers paid apprenticeships to 18- to 22-year-olds, who not only learn to build boats and wooden furniture but also are taught academic subjects. Each apprentice is handled on an individual basis, depending on their academic background, and those who have not graduated from high school are given extra academic instruction so they can pass the GED exam.
Applicants take a test that measures their ability in reading, writing and math and go through an interview process.
The apprentices work on small and large projects, depending on their skill level and where they are in the program.
This month the foundation launched its whaleboat project, in which it will build a 28-foot whaleboat for the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Conn. Under a new Alexandria Seaport Foundation venture known as Seaport Woodworks, apprentices also are building Adirondack chairs and other outdoor furniture. Jails to Jobs is in the process of creating a tattoo removal program and is looking for volunteer doctors, nurses and physicians assistants to help us in our efforts. Only you can talk yourself out of proclaiming your true destiny in life, because self-confidence is nothing but a result of one’s consistent positive thought pattern.

5 Quick Ways to Build Up Your Confidence Before a Job InterviewWhen it comes to those 10 minutes right before you reach that office, we know the anticipation can be extremely nerve-wracking.
If you keep telling yourself how broke you are and how bad you need a job, you'll go in sounding desperate and hopeful.
Have a confidence-boosting resume that will clearly show your talents and will lead you interviewer to ask you the questions that you are prepared to answer. Having confidence is critical as young children try new things, face new challenges and attempt to reach higher goals. This post is about how to build confidence from your summer job or internship experience to help shape your offering to future employers. An experienced personal and professional development coach and consultant, David helps individuals, teams and organizations build the people skills and mindsets they need now and for the future. They then have to complete a three-week screening trial period before being accepted into the program.
Some of them are in the process of completing a new 30-foot Potomac River dory boat and beginning to build another. Once completed, it will join a fleet of whaleboats that will sail to historic ports along with the Charles W. If you know of a company that is hiring ex-offenders, or if you have unique job search tips that could assist ex-offenders in finding employment or are aware of organizations or agencies doing exceptional things that benefit ex-offenders in their job search efforts, we'd love to hear from you. Here are some quick mental methods to build up your confidence before you walk into your job interview.
For someone to sort through them and pick you for an interview means you're in a pool of no more than 10 people. Showing that you believe in yourself and trust yourself matters and it can help you the land job of your dreams.
Highlight your proudest accomplishments on your resume so that you will exude confidence when you are discussing your achievements. They have an inner confidence and belief in their own abilities irrespective of the circumstances. They usually learn about the program from their parole officer or from a former participant.

They’re learning to be there on time, do projects and write the reports on those projects, and learn how to have a good attitude,” says Kathy Seifert, the organization’s director of development.
Morgan – the last remaining whale ship – when it is relaunched in the summer of 2014 after being restored. It will make you feel better knowing that even if you didn't get the position, it doesn't mean you suck at life. That's enough to know that you truly are amazing and capable of rocking this interview!*And always remember, if you don't get hired, don't give up. Leave ahead of time so you can ensure that you will arrive in time to check in to the office and wait for your interviewer. They feed that confidence through successes, giving, and a sense of personal direction and control over their lives.
Apprentices rotate between the academic classroom, hands-on math instruction and the boatbuilding shop.
Remind yourself that you are lucky to be called for a job interview — many people don't get a shot at all. The hands-on math curriculum teaches them the math skills needed for boatbuilding and carpentry work, and in the shop they learn to use tools and basic carpentry skills. Luckily, there is a lot of research done on interviewing and a lot of articles are written about this topic. Know about the company and know why you want to work there so you can confidently answer the questions in your interview.
Choose what you will wear to the interview the night before so you don’t rush before the interview. Then Freda reminded him how he used to be afraid to let go of the ladder in the pool, but now Ajay splashes around like a fish.His friends encouraged him to practice, and he did.

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