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This sleek silver clock ($13.10) matches any decor and, although this may look like an ordinary clock, it has a secret hidden compartment where you can hide your valuables. The Hidden Wall Outlet Safe ($8.59) is a non-functioning outlet with a hidden compartment for valuables behind the face. This unique Hair Brush Stash Safe ($17.99) allows you to hide lots of money inside this common household product!

The Del Monte Can Safe Storage Container ($10.98) is a genuine product container remanufactured into a secret storage container.
Place this realistic head of Iceberg Lettuce in your refrigerator with your most valuable small items inside for safekeeping. This Bread Safe is made to look like the actual product, but it's actually a container safe.

Nobody would ever suspect the candle sitting on your table is actually holding your most prized possessions.

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