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We asked top meditation and mindfulness pros for their best on-the-spot, do-anywhere calming techniques -- because who has time for chanting "om" when you're about to lose it? We know you don't need a study to convince you of the mind-quieting potential of meditation (didn't we all read Eat Pray Love?), but this one's pretty impressive: A group of Boston University researchers analyzed the results of 39 studies with 1,140 total participants to assess how effective mindfulness-based therapy really was (they admitted in their conclusion that they were initially skeptical). Recommended dosage: Try these 10-minute mini-meditations that are meant to be incorporated into your day. When the daily chaos of life gets to be too much, try these fast-acting techniques to stay calm.
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Take note, drivers who treat pretty much any stretch of asphalt as a highway despite the kids, the pets or the speed limits: Throughout neighborhoods far and wide, fed-up residents are reclaiming their streets, or at least trying to.
In West Vancouver, Canada, traffic safety groups painted holograms on the ground so that as cars approached, a child appeared to rise from the ground. In London, artist Steven Wheen converts potholes into miniature versions of English gardens. Dava Waite lives on a relatively quiet dead-end street in Sherman Oaks, so when cars peel up and down, shea€™s pretty sure that theya€™re residents.
The result: a€?The signs have helped a little, and other neighbors have loved having them,a€? Waite said.

The result: a€?I think it really works to slow cars down,a€? Linden said of the mural at the T intersection of Bimini Place and White House Place. Real-life vigilante Eric Lapidus routinely shouts at drivers flying down his tree-lined Spaulding Square avenue.
Even people who live in more commercial areas are attempting to slow the pass of speeding vehicles.
The result: A parklet program was developed in San Francisco, and residents said that as drivers see human activity in their peripheral vision, it slows them down.
The result: In England, a parish council in Norfolk rejected expensive speed cameras and instead played with drivera€™s peripheral vision. They found that this type of meditation is legitimately effective in treating not just anxiety, mood disorders and depression, but also cancer and other psychiatric and medical conditions.
Researchers at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia found that pumping peppermint-scented air into the cars of ticked-off commuters helped decrease anxiety and fatigue. Ita€™s something of a global obsession, actually, and the solutions go far beyond the much derided speed hump, which some traffic experts say actually encourages bursts of speeding between the braking. He said the artwork helps to take drivers out of their typical a€?just-have-to-get-to-their-destinationa€? frame of mind and makes them realize that a€?streets are public spaces where people can really interact.
As cars approached the village, trees planted at shorter intervals created the illusion that the landscape was zipping past at a faster rate.

Stash a bag of peppermint candies in your glove compartment to help you keep your cool in honking traffic or during a hectic commute. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider. The canopy works to a€?condense the driversa€™ view and tends to make them drive slower,a€? she said.
And a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that meditation can lower stress in less than a week. After the road was repaved in 2009, Linton and about 100 others took to the street again, repainting the brightly colored, Olympic-pool sized creation. Linton, pictured here, said he asked City Council members for support but was denied a permit.

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