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It was a miracle when 3D printing technology managed to cut the price of prosthetic hands to a thousandth of what they used to be, but in the end it still takes a bit more care and engineering genius to make truly nimble artificial limbs.
Sure, all those E-NABLE robotic hands made from plastic and tied with wire to the arm stump are good enough to grip things, but other than that, they can't do much. In order for a prosthetic to really be considered a viable replacement for the natural thing, it needs to have at least 70-80% the same range of motion and strength as the original limb. As it happens, Baoding balls can become the ultimate test as to whether or not a prosthetic hand qualifies as such. The researchers started by creating a dummy hand, which they used to track and measure six different poses of the hand. They then made it so that the mechanical prosthetic could switch seamlessly from one pose to the other, thus performing the needed cycle that resulted in the rotation of the meditation balls.
The specific transmission system to control the prosthetic took a bit of time and effort to pin down, but the designers managed it in due time. At one point during development, the team considered using a hydraulic system, but they eventually decided on the mechanical implementation because it provided greater accuracy. Since this is still a proof of concept, you shouldn't expect some new, incredible masterpiece of mechanics any time soon. We hear it all the time: Meditation can improve our creative thinking, our energy, stress levels and even our success.
Studies show that meditation is associated with improvement in a variety of psychological areas, including stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, eating disorders and cognitive function, among others.

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Quite literally, sustained meditation leads to something called neuroplasticity, which is defined as the brain's ability to change, structurally and functionally, on the basis of environmental input.
For much of the last century, scientists believed that the brain essentially stopped changing after adulthood. But research by University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson has shown that experienced meditators exhibit high levels of gamma wave activity and display an ability -- continuing after the meditation session has attended -- to not get stuck on a particular stimulus. Antigravity Yoga (also referred to as Suspension Yoga, Upside-Down Yoga and Aerial Yoga) is not for the faint of heart. And for those without the strength and control for traditional inversions like headstands, Aerial Yoga gives us a chance to try these out. A new project by Rii Lab shows a mechanical hand capable of rotating two of those balls repeatedly. Hedy Kober, a neuroscientist who who studies the effects of mindfulness meditation, which she has practiced for 10 years, at her lab at Yale University. There's also research to suggest that meditation can reduce blood pressure, pain response, stress hormone levels and even cellular health. The cells and neurons in the brain are constantly making new connections and disrupting old ones based on response to stimuli, a quality that researchers call experience-based neuroplasticity. Sometimes you want it to kick your butt and leave you recharged, dripping in sweat, and other times, you just want it to help you wind down.

The practice incorporates traditional yoga poses mixed with acrobatics in a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling. After my divorce, there were a plethora of thoughts rapidly flowing through my head at any given time.“Will I ever find a life companion?
She admitted during a TED Talk that she started meditating to deal with a break up, but found that it helped her handle stress and unpleasant feelings in all areas of her life. This affects the neural circuits of the brain, which in turn affects how we respond to situations. It also affects the actual structure of our brains -- thickening some areas and making others less dense. Are there any cool single girls left?”Those toxic thoughts can tend to get out of control and breed anxiety.
Concerns of how your relationship went wrong or what your future dating life holds are insignificant. You notice the small sounds around you, feel the breeze gently grazing your skin, and the smell of cut grass becomes that much more aromatic. But, until I figure that out, I’ll be spending at least ten minutes a day sitting peacefully, observing my thoughts, and reaping the benefits of a calm and confident mind.

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