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Once you’ve got 25 fans you can apply for your username (also called a Facebook vanity URL). This makes it easier for Facebook users to remember and find you when typing in your URL directly, and also looks better when you promote your Facebook URL, such as on your business card or in your email signature. However, the SEO-first approach would be to add 1 or 2 targeted keywords to your username as well. Once you’ve selected your page, if you have enough fans a box will appear on the right for you to type your preferred username in to.
Most companies are best to pick a name that matches the name your customers know you by to make it as easy as possible for people to find you using Facebook search. Don’t be tempted by a generic keyword username like ‘travel’ or ‘real estate’ however, as Facebook’s goal is for Pages to genuinely represent a business, brand, person etc and Facebook have disabled generically named Facebook Pages in the past. Keep in mind if you do have good reason to change your page name (such as a change in your trading name) this will cause actions you’ve taken under your previous Page name to go to waste, so changing your Page name should be avoided so you don’t harm your SEO.
When you complete the information on your Info page, pay special attention to what you put in the ‘about’ field. Although you can write more, fewer than 75 characters of what you type into the ‘about’ field will show on your Wall view.
This example below is from Beds R Us, who have used the keyword ‘bed’ and their company name, as well as a link to their website in their about field. Every status update you add should include at least 1 of your keywords that also relates to the content you’re sharing.
For example, a lot of the content I share on Orchid’s Facebook Page links to our blog articles. You want to use your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your website or blog, so don’t fall into the trap of putting your full content solely on Facebook. When you add photos to your Facebook Page, always add a caption describing the photo that also includes your relevant keywords.
Whenever possible, include a link in the caption to the most relevant page on your blog or website.
We’ve covered multiple ways to get more links from your Facebook page, however links to your Facebook page are also a factor of SEO to help your Facebook Page rank improve.
Scroll up a little and have a look right now on the right hand side on this page and you‘ll see Orchid’s Facebook like box in the sidebar. When fans comment and like the content you add to your Page, Facebook links their name to their profile page.
I just have a question, I am the admin of our company Facebook page which I access with my Facebook log in. For the people who cannot load the youtube videoNor the picturesCan you Add a Text Tutorial in the Description? Unfortunately, the form is no longer available and now you can only change your page name if you have less than 200 likes. Here’s a breakdown of how to change your Facebook page name if you have under 200 likes and what options you have for renaming your Facebook page if you have more than 200 likes.
If your page has less than 200 likes and you want to change your Facebook page name, you can do so by going to Edit Page > Update Info. According to Unfortunately, pages outside of the US don’t have the option to request a name change. If you’ve chosen the wrong username or misspelled your username you can change it, but note that you can only make changes once.
We work on a mix of online marketing projects for publishers, educators, cultural and mid-size organizations. Vancouver internet marketing strategists with an expertise in online marketing for digital publishing.
The announcement was made alongside the reveal of a new Summoner Name Clean Up feature, an automated process that will go through old and inactive Summoner names and free them up for the more-active community to use.

If your immunity runs out, other players may purchase your name through the Summoner Name Change option in the store. Being unable to change your PSN name has been one of the sticking points for PlayStation users. Anyone who has spent time playing online multiplayer games can attest to the unsavory characters that inhabit the death match, control, and capture the flag maps which we enjoy so much. It can seem that for every helpful player, there are four players that seem hellbent on filling every possible word with vulgar curses, highly inappropriate sexual humor, and just plain bad sportsmanship.
While it is admirable that Sony is making it difficult for the more toxic gamers to change their PSN name, it is not a perfect solution. The fact that it is an issue being investigated by Sony shows they are listening to their consumers, one of the reasons accredited to the PlayStation 4’s lead in the current console generation. Amber Rose Lands VH1 Talk Show: Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian To Make Appearance Post-Summer Wedding? Although Messenger was traditionally just for chatting with friends, Facebook has recently allowed businesses to start creating chatbots. A lot of bots are still working out their kinks or trying to prove their value, but some are genuinely useful. One of the built-in services that you don’t need a bot for is ordering a ride from either Lyft or Uber. You can also integrate a lot of other mini-apps within Messenger — like Dropbox for sharing files or Bitmoji to send personalized graphics — by pressing the three dots in the corner of a chat. Tap it, and you’ll enter the game, where you swipe on the basketball to try to make as many consecutive baskets in a row as you can.
To start chatting with someone without searching for their name, you can also scan their Messenger code. But if you need a break from distractions or a certain thread is getting too many messages, you can mute a conversation.
You can also choose to give Messenger access to your phone’s camera roll so that it will automatically prompt you to send friends the photos that you took of them. The people-first approach is to have a short, memorable username using just your company name. It’s those characters that you need to make count both for SEO and for your fans, who see your Wall more often than any other page. Depending on the type of page you registered, exactly what the fields you can complete on your Info page will vary. Info page fields with no content won’t show at all for your fans, so don’t worry about leaving irrelevant fields empty. A page packed full of keywords and links may put fans off so use natural language and helpful links. Instead of just putting the link in a status update however, I add a short sentence or two to serve as a description for why I think our fans would get value from following the link. This builds links and also moves more fans that important step closer to your website to become a customer. I’d recommend ‘light’ unless ‘dark’ matches your site’s existing colour scheme, as the dark theme is light text on a dark background which is more difficult to read. I’d recommend you do have these showing as these will  typically be smiling faces, which draw the eye, and also add social proof.
It’s always worth including a ‘call to action’ to help convince people to take action so I’d suggest ticking this. That means Google sees more reciprocal links between your Page and your Page’s fans, improving the SEO value of those links. Everytime I want to change something on the company page it redirects me to my personal FB page. If a name change is impossible to avoid, you will need to create a new page with the new name and manually ask fans to move over.

Though when logging in and attempting to use the service, I was only given the option to spend RP. Immunity from the automated process will be granted based on when you played your last game and what your Summoner level is. If your name does get taken, you'll be prompted to create a new one the next time you log in, though your paid content and game history will still be attached to your account. Layden replied to IGN’s Colin Moriarty, who wrote a previously op-ed begging for the ability to change your PSN name. The Inquisitr has previously reported on games like League of Legends and the bans handed out for the more toxic members of the community. Some of them are merely posturing behind the anonymity of an avatar, while others live for the ability to grief other players.
Gamers that purchase their games at retail will still have the ability to create multiple PSN accounts and play them with the same retail disc.
Until Sony makes it possible to change your PSN name, all we can do is wait and hope that they will also let PlayStation 3 owners one day sort their gaming list alphabetically. You can do things like order flowers, get news updates, or check your flight status, all through Messenger. You can change the color of chats, add custom emojis, and give people or group chats nicknames. Personally, I love to use this with friends who have Android phones, since I can’t FaceTime them. When you’re in a group conversation, just tap on the phone icon in the top right corner to get started. Here are 14 DIY tips you can action right now to improve your Facebook Page, that will get you more fans while also boosting your SEO for more love from search engines.
If the person viewing your site has Facebook set to auto-log-in, then they’ll see their friends photos in your like box if any of their Facebook friends are fans of your page. How could I be able to create the “like box” of our company page through my log in?
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Boxcar Marketing successfully did this for 49th Shelf during their rebranding campaign, by running a Facebook contest as an incentive for fans to move over to the new page. Every name is initially given six months of immunity though, and is then granted one additional month for each level above 6.
You could create a new account, but those purchases, trophies, and thousands of hours poured into Skyrim or the three level 30 Guardians you have in Destiny would be lost to the darkness.
Facebook doesn’t charge a fee for this service, but it could take a few days for your cash to transfer, depending on your bank. When you’re in a chat thread with someone, just press the video camera icon in the top right-hand corner. After all, Xbox Live offers one free change and then charges a nominal fee for any future changes so it can not be that difficult, right?
Layden agreed that the desire is to give PlayStation users more control over their profile and presence on the network, there was another reason beyond the technical hurdles such an option might entail. Speaking to IGN, SCEA President and CEO Shawn Layden revealed that it is more than technical reasons currently standing in the way of the feature.

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