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Plus, since you are a busy mom, sometimes the time it will take to record what you’re eating will be enough incentive to keep you from eating something out of convenience. Knowing you have to write down the calories for a cupcake or a soda is enough deterrent to not eat or drink those two options.  You will eat less and make healthier choices because you know you’ll have to record it. With a food journal you don’t just record calories.  You’ll record other information like the time you ate, why you ate, how hungry you were feeling and what your reactions to that food were afterwards.
You’ll learn if you eat more during certain times of the day.  Or maybe you eat because you are watching TV.
Recording how you feel after each meal is a great motivator.  If you record that you had a huge energy boost after you eat an apple or protein bar you’ll be more encourage eating more of those foods.
Whereas if you eat a bag of chips and don’t feel like doing anything after or are irritable you are more likely to avoid junk food.  Being aware of your reactions is half of the battle.
A food journal helps you see in black and white exactly what your healthy eating challenges are. With a food journal you’ll be able to manage or eliminate all of these challenges. You can even just text or e-mail your eating info to a buddy so you can encourage each other and hold each other accountable. I’ve used all 5 of these food journaling techniques and they are all equally effective.
In other words, it doesn’t matter how you track what you eat, it only matters that you do it. He was talking about his disappointing season  – but it certainly applies to several situations I observed at the Fall Southern Closed. Over the course of the first day or two, we spent lots of time chatting with 2 young players from AR. We saw a mother from KY who we’ve known since 2007 & what a shock to also see her husband for the first time!!

The force of love will work through the visible and invisible forces of nature to bring what you desire to you. Whatever you want to be in your life, whatever you want to do in your life, whatever you want to have in your life, the Creation Process is the same. When using the Creation Process, imagine and feel that you have what you want already, and never deviate from that state of being. If you want to lose weight, then give love by imagining and feeling yourself with the body you love, instead of imagining and feeling that you’re overweight every single day. When you begin working with the Creation Process, you might want to start by attracting something unusual.
Just like we underestimate how much we spend until we sit down to track our budgets, we also tend to underestimate how much we eat.
They were actually pretty close friends & doubles partners so how unfortunate to learn that they had to play singles against each other. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Your desire and feelings of love create the magnetism, the magnetic power, drawing your desire to you. Desire is love, unless you have a burning desire in your heart, you will not have enough power to harness the force of love. If you want to travel, then give love by imagining and feeling yourself traveling, instead of imagining every day that you don’t have the money to travel.
When you specifically attract something unusual, you will be left in no doubt about your power when you receive it.
She imagined holding the flower in her hand, smelling the flower, and she felt having that calla lily.

Being aware of when you eat and if you are actually hungry while you are eating will help you change the behavior.  You’ll be able to find a hobby to do instead. You must really desire what you want, as an athlete desires to play a sport, a dances desires to dance, and a painter desires to paint. Because the law of attraction copies whatever you give, and so you must imagine and feel having it now! If you want to improve in a sport, acting, singing, playing a musical instrument, hobby, or in your job, then give love for what you want to be by imagining and feeling whatever it is you would love to be. Two weeks later she went to a friend’s house for dinner, and there in the centerpiece of the table was a bouquet of white calla lilies, the very flower and color she had imagined. You must desire what you want with all your heart because desire is a feeling of love, and you must give love to receive what you love! If you want a better marriage or a better relationship with anybody, then give love by imagining and feeling what it would be like to have that relationship. She was excited to see the lilies, but she didn’t say anything to her friend about her imagined flower. As she was walking out the door at the end of the evening, her friend’s daughter spontaneously plucked one white calla lily from the case and put it in her hand!

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