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Follow master career coach, Unre Visagie as he teaches a simple process to identify career change ideas that will fit your unique situation. We would like to show you how these ideas move you from your current situation to the work of your choice, the job of your choice, the company of your choice and the industry of your choice.
Our beliefs and what we value were often not freely chosen, they are a product of past experiences, family, community, work, etc. Lastly, one of the most valuable things is who we relate to and the relationships we have formed, who and why.
It’s a very clear process learnt at Hewlett-Packard way back, applied in all our multi-million dollar companies that we were privileged to build. Take this prepared message and engage the people you’ve identified, people who do similar work, people who do similar jobs, people in the companies you have targeted and people in the industry you’ve targeted. The process applies whether you have an expert career or whether you are on a management path. If you look at career change ideas, you can change your career, change the work that you do, change the job that you want or move your job in the company, or to another company. About Unre VisagieI am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience.
What others are saying:Llewelyn VenterCurrent Professional Coaching Student"Roughly 3 weeks ago I was in a terrible place. The end of December and the beginning of January is a very common time to look for career change ideas.
It’s quite common to think “I want to change where I am going with my career” at this time of year. Remember that if you chose this Christmas to have a change of career, that it can’t be done quickly.
It takes a lot of thought and planning, and It’s no miracle cure if you are currently unhappy in your current employment. Look at your own traits and interests to see what new career would be suited to your personality. This will help you decide by giving you work experience in that career working environment.
If you need a fresh challenge (perhaps you feel stagnated in your current company) a simple option is to look for a new company to work for in the same line of work before making a commitment to changing your current career completely. You give a percentage to each For and Against in how much they have a value to your current career situation.
By giving weight to the issues you see will help you evaluate clearly what you want to change in your career path and access your current job satisfaction quite successfully. You may be facing redundancy (a Threat) therefore you may want to look at Opportunities and where you are in your whole career at this point. Writing a simple list of your skills, interests and values is a good starting point to accessing your qualifications and looking for new goals in your career. Start looking at Internet resources or going and talking to a professional careers advisor who can access your Interests, Skills and Values.
A careers advisor will be able to give you advice on where to go next and whether your career choice is in the right direction for your skill set. Brainstorming (listing) your career ideas will help you make sure that you have got some ideas of what your career alternative choices are. Once you have done a bit of in-depth research into those alternative you will actually know what you are going to do, what it involves and what you will need to accomplish this career change. It can be quite shocking to get an idea for a career change, and find out actually it will take 5 years to get there through re-training. To get a feel of your potential new career; it is a good idea to shadow professionals for the day. Go and speak to people in the line of work you want to change into, or arrange to shadow someone who is doing that job for the day so you can get an in-depth understanding of what that job entails.
Make sure you ask questions so you have a good understanding of both the good side and the bad things about that career. You might discover that some of the bad things about the job are worse than in your current career; like longer hours or different daily routines than you are accustomed to. And lastly, have a go at volunteering – doing something free of charge just to gain experience in that work area.
Do you best to find something where you can try your hand for a morning or weekend daytime, volunteering or freelancing in that sector.
Just check it out for yourself and see if you enjoy doing the activities and what skills you have that you can transfer into your new career. If there is get in touch and let me know – I’m always looking for new ways to help people get the career they want! Its common knowledge that 25% of the workforce isn’t happy with their job or career choice. Some of these workers are having such a difficult time that it actually affects their health.
So if you’re saying, “I want to change my career,” you’ll want to read on for some great career change advice. If you are unhappy it’s time to reconsider retraining so that you can move your life in a different direction. But with so many training options one doesn’t want to waste their money and so doubt begins to creep into the decision process. One good way to do this is by keeping a daily journal and then you can look back and see if there are any recurring events that would indicate you dislike your job, the people you work with, or the culture surrounding the company.
Review past positions, any volunteer work you’ve done, and identify your core skills and values.

This is a great way to come up with career alternatives by discussing your skills, values, likes, and dislikes.
If the company you work for offers any training take advantage of it and sign up for as much as you can. Local colleges and universities often offer evening courses and you may be able to pick up some courses that can help you build skills to move towards a career change.
Your determination will set the pace and with so much career change advice and ideas available you should be able to transition fairly smoothly to a new career.
Try picking up newspapers or browsing the jobs pages on the internet and scanning the job ads. You may think that you have no ideas, but in fact most people can define some broad themes for what they want from a new career, so on this page I have listed a range of jobs according to some typical categories that career changers identify. If you are still feeling unsure, then why not have a look at the exercises elsewhere on this site. Thankfully, changing careers later in life can be one of the smartest and most lucrative moves you can make. If you pay too much attention to signals from the media and your notions of what others think about you, you might think that you have very little to offer in the modern business world.
If you are ready to work for yourself, you're confident about the attributes that you have to offer and your mind is primed for a successful change, a consulting career is the best outlet for your talents, skills and professional desires. Most popular career change ideas tell you to work on your resumé or they give you advice about what to wear to job interviews. Career change can be a scary thing, but if you approach your career change using a simple, safe and secure system, it all just falls into place.
As part of this we offer a process for career change ideas to stimulate you to organize your career change ideas into segmented elements. Look at your past experiences, the work you’ve enjoyed doing, what you have enjoyed at school and what you have enjoyed anywhere. All of this comes from the people in those companies who managed them to maximum productivity. If you look at it segmented in this way you will arrive at a very long list of where you are and what your assets are.
If your career area grows, your work area grows, your job area grows, the overlap with the company, the industry and value-add grows. The expert path is somebody that grows in expertise and is very valuable to everybody in a company; we have a very specific process to manage that path. Analysis is the other evaluation method, which is to look at Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to your present career.
We’re going to show you how to make your career change and feel confident it’s the right choice. Rebuild your resume to focus on the skills you now want to emphasize in order to make career changes. If you approach this exercise in an open minded way, it can open up your mind to a range of possibilities you might not have considered otherwise. I have selected 20 in each category, but of course there are many, many more.Take a look at these themes and see if there are any that attract you, for whatever reason, and if so, pop them into your Career Ideas Log. A couple of my recent blog posts have discussed the advantages of changing careers at midlife, but now I'd like to go into some specific career change ideas for those who are 40 or over.
If you desire the freedom to make your own decisions based on your experience and knowledge, you're unlikely to ever become satisfied in the corporate world. How Do You Know If a Career Change Is a Good Idea?Views: 2710 Is your career at a standstill?
Thereafter we did a lot of pro bono work at universities, schools and communities, under social ventures. And those relate to many more and this never stops, until we are six levels away, fifty to the power six. Recently, Ken, somebody we are coaching, couldn’t believe how many people he knows and when he was prepared, when he approached them, he got so many career opportunities, and even job offers that could double his $100 000 plus salary.
You want to move up the pyramid of production, from where you were a person at entry level, you grow into the teams and you keep on growing.
Each one of the segments generates new ideas, your experiences, your transferrable skills, your aptitudes and your interests.
I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company.
Take the time to analyze your company and your industry – you’ll be rewarded with many opportunities. How much are you prepared to commit to training and what kind of hours are you ready to work to get this?
If you find yourself in this demographic and you're eager for a change, read on to learn some terrific tips on how you can get your life and your career headed in a different, better direction. In fact, you possess a couple of attributes that are coveted by almost every business – knowledge and experience.
If corporations are not attractive, or if they seem unwilling to hire you in a full-time capacity, you can turn your situation around by offering your services as a consultant. The idea is to move from ‘I have a job and earn money’ to where you live in a great space with everything you want and money. What’s more, there’s a process to go about choosing freely what suits you, why you relate to people, what you add to them, how you add to them and how you build relationships. We also did a lot of professional coaching at companies and with people, to grow their careers and grow the people; this is how you grow a company. We assume everyone knows fifty people that we don’t, then fifty to the power six are more of less all of the people on earth.

It is an amazing process; nobody goes through this without getting new job offers, university students as well. If you arrive here and you are clear with your message, it’s like a beacon that shines for you.
Take some time to imagine what a successful career will look like, and you will prime your brain for the opportunities that are sure to arise. The knowledge and experience that you've accumulated over your life and career have real value, and you need to feel confident about advertising these attributes if you want to find success.
This way, you can take on as many clients as you can handle, and you can achieve sole control over the direction of your life and career.
A career change is a great way to achieve personal goals and provide value to the world at large, but you should think beyond the corporate realm. In order to design your clear career aim it’s a good thing to start with as many change ideas as you can. It’s very important to know that there are no right and wrong beliefs and values, there are just beliefs and values. You have access to a whole bunch of new opportunities and your store is growing in this process. As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want. Moreover, a consulting career will allow you to exercise the skills and attributes that you have developed throughout your life. Whatever the reason, most people consider a career change at least once during their lifetime.
You first go wider, you explore, and then you use the explored information when you are ready to engage.
People find it hard to look objectively at all their past activities, the projects they were involved with, and the teams they were involved in.
If you choose an area of work, job, company and industry, that align closer with what you believe and what you value, it becomes a lot easier to thrive in that environment.
However, you should keep in mind that this is based on the scientific principle of the Reticular Activation System, so it has real, proven value.
Use these career change ideas to craft a plan that will ensure that your next career will be the most satisfying of your life.
For all the reasons why you want to change careers, you probably have a list of reasons that are holding you back, too.
I hope it helps you to engage in this process to generate career change ideas, to apply them and to engage to create huge opportunity, grow your relationships and grow your asset store.
Find out if the grass really is greener on the other side by exploring these topics.Justifiable Reasons for Making the ChangeLife ChangesIf you started your current career when you were a fresh faced college graduate, chances are that your life has changed drastically since then.
We haven’t met anybody who is not pleasantly surprised when we do this segmented process and they check it with the people around them. Whether you’re now married with two kids or you’ve moved to another part of the country, your career may not be fulfilling you the way it used to. Even changes in personal interests or cultural trends can have a big impact on your career.Job OutlookWhat once was a promising field now has a pretty glum outlook for the future. Not only is it discouraging to stay in a job market that’s not going anywhere, but it’s not very smart, either.
Unless you’re close to retirement, you may want to get off the ride before it’s too late.BurnoutYou used to look forward to Monday mornings at the office, but now you dread every second of work even if the weekend is getting closer. If you’ve tried changing employers, but you’re still miserable, you may need a career that inspires you.Questions to Ask Yourself Before Switching Careers“Why exactly do I want to change jobs?”Being able to honestly answer this question will prevent you from jumping out of the frying pan and right into the fire. If you have unbearable boredom with or disinterest in your job, you’ll likely benefit from a position that challenges you. If you know you won’t make any progress in your current field or if you’re young enough to seamlessly make a transition, it’s probably a good idea to start the process of changing careers soon.
However, if you feel that you’re undervalued or you just don’t get along with your co-workers, starting from scratch in a new career may not be the fix you need.
Many people who change careers start from the bottom, which means it could be awhile before you’re valued by your co-workers and peers.
If you don’t get along with the people you work with, changing departments or looking at your own communication skills may be a better option than making a huge career overhaul.“Do I want a career change?
Or do I just want a different work setting, boss or title?”What may feel like the thirst for a new career may actually just be an itch to switch things up a bit. If you actually feel challenged by your career and you don’t have disdain for the field you’re working in, other changes may be exactly what you need. Working for a new company or applying for a different type of job in the same field could do the trick.“Will my skills transfer?”It’s important to take a good look at your own skills.
While you may want a brand new job, you won’t be able to automatically have the skills to succeed in an unfamiliar industry. Make sure you have the business savvy, people skills, marketing know-how or whatever it is you’ll absolutely need in your new field.Michael Nain is a professional blogger that provides news and information on trucking companies, local truck driver jobs trucking jobs and owner operator trucking jobs. If you look around and realize nothing out there can compare to what you have now, you come to appreciate what you have.
But then the market changes and you change, and now you see properties that are appealing and available.

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