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Right before Life Changes came out, a picture surfaced on Twitter of when Drake fell through & listened to the album.
Word On Road was created with the intent on providing Drake fans worldwide with an official premier source of information on Drake.
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Recently, The Source got an exclusive interview with Casey in which he talked about meeting Drake and a possible collaboration between the two.
The time will come, you know, we working so you should definitely maybe expect a track from Drake & Casey Veggies. As one of the industry's most sought after digital mavens, Dimplez keeps her spear sharp by editorializing the news and media she handles, encounters, or creates with her clients on a daily basis.

But that day I was just chillin like on Fairfax in LA & we was playing the music for Elliot Wilson, he was over there chillin with us and then Drake just came in the room randomly, I didn’t even know he was coming.

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