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Former Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross has reunited with his long-distance girlfriend Cami Li after she flew to the UK.Kirk, who has been dating Cami for several months, collected her from the airport this morning before publicly declaring that she is his "soulmate". Michelle Keegan sizzled in a funky pair of floral shorts during lunch date with Mark Wright. The Happiest Place In The World Has Been Discovered & It's Every Dog Lover's Dream Come True!
On Wednesday Jonas was alone in the garden building a snowman when Big Brother set him a secret task. Messy work: Stephanie searches through the raw chickensThe 44-year-old revealed she found the experience of leaving prison very strange. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. You have quite the one-track mind, and there's no one else on God's good earth who could make you happier. You are content to be having a cute romance, rather than think about marriage and responsibility right now. You think life is stale without a great body and a zeal for adventure, and would love to be with someone who shares the same passions.

You are a supremely confident male, and do not think that a successful and driven woman can belittle you. If you are looking for someone in life who can do everything and do it well, you just struck lucky.
You are a zero-maintenance guy who is friendly and just wants to have fun, and would love the same qualities in your partner. You are the life of any gathering and need a partner who is as fast-paced as you are – maybe even more. Although most of us just view it as a bit of fun, the idea that the star sign you are born under could give a kinship with those who also entered the world when the same planetary forces dominated the sky is a fascinating one, especially when applied to celebrities.
Women who rock this look, like Dita Von Teese, are confident and love to play up their sex appeal. I have sorted 180 popular figures into the 12 signs of the zodiac below so you can find out just who your star sign soul mate is, but will you feel a cosmic connection to the celebrities who share your sign? Last month, Kirk and Cami enjoyed a romantic holiday together in Las Vegas before an emotional farewell.While there, the couple had got matching skull tattoos to show their dedication to each other.
Push Up Liner at Sephora for $24.00Bright Color Quirky, creative types like Dianna Agron who are sick of basic black, grey and brown options gravitate towards brightly colored liners.

Women who wear neon liner aren’t afraid to stand out because they know that they can pull off any trend, no matter how wacky.
Just wanna get there already and kiss his face!"Since touching down, she has added: "Ahhh I'm here! When wearing neon liner, apply a clean line only on top and keep the rest of the face neutral to avoid looking clownish.
Shailene Woodley and others who prefer liner-less eyes are natural beauties who believe that inner health equates to outer beauty more than products slapped on faces.
Brits like Alexa Chung believe that an imperfect look is more appealing than perfectly clean makeup application, and discourage anything pageant-y.
Many celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, are rumored to have gone through the process – how she maintains her incredibly busy life and always looks gorgeous at the same time would make a little more sense!
If you are confident, decisive and care about your appearance but are too busy to waste time on daily application, permanent eye liner could be for you.

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