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In this article of our online meditation course we’ll be looking at how to do Chakra Dhyana Meditation technique.
1 : Sit comfortably with good posture, making sure your spine is in proper alignment and that your body is relaxed. 3: Spend a few minutes doing basic breathing meditation in order to get yourself to relax and to develop focus.
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The energy can also be exhaled all the way down down through the feet into the earth, down into the core of the planet and out to all the sentient beings living on the earth, turning the entire world golden.
Bei meinem Oneness Blessing-Level 2-Kurs in Sud-Indien, hatte ich durch die Chakra Dhyana-Meditation, so starke Eindrucke, dass ich diese Meditation weitergeben mochte. The human organism comprises not merely the gross physical body but several other subtler sheaths like the mind, karma, wisdom and bliss.
Our chakras get defiled due to wrong lifestyles and eating habits and also due to the burden of erroneous perceptions.

OpenUp Space is a warm and peaceful nest where you develop self awareness and bloom spiritually through inspiring activities and events. During the Chakra Dhyana meditation technique you will touch the tips of your index fingers to your thumbs in this fashion. Visualise the chakra as orange, Say “Om Swadhisthana” then recite “VUNG” before imagining the chakra turning gold. This is very powerful, uniting heaven and earth and bringing healing and transformation to the planet and to all living creatures on the earth. Among these sheaths is the sheath of prana or energy which comprises of the various chakras, nadis (energy channels). During the first 3 chakras touch the tips of the thumb, then the middle of the thumb for the 5th and 6th chakra, then the base of the thumb for the 7th and 8th. Finally imagine the chakra turning gold and say the words “Kundalini arohanum” a few times. Recite the sound YUNG, imagine the chakra turning gold and say “Kundalini arohanum” a few times. In diesem ersten Teil der Chakra Dhyana werde ich die einzelnen Chakren einfach erklaren mit Farben Fingerpositionen und Vokalen, die wir mitsingen konnen.

The latent spiritual energy known as Kundalini flows through these chakras and nadis, thereby making them vibrant. Chakra Dhyana harmonisiert die Energiezentren in unserem Korper, kann das Immunsystem starken und schafft Korperbewusstsein auf verschiedenen Ebenen. The flow of energy in this sheath affects all the other sheaths thereby resulting in a healthy body and mind, the result is bliss and peace.
Sie verwalten unser Gefuhlsleben, unsere Willensstarke, Intellekt, unsere Lebensenergie und unsere Spiritualitat. Thema wird sein: Stabilitat, Freude, Power, Macht, Liebe, Akzeptanz, Weisheit, Erkenntnis, Einheit.
Es gibt Moglichkeiten, das eigene Leiden wahrzu-nehmen, sein Leiden zu verandern oder sich davon zu befreien.

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