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Layne Redmond gives readers an interactive journey through the seven vital energy centers (chakras) with Chakra Meditation. Ever since I was a child, I have always been thrilled by the great books about Yoga as they not only pointed to the incredible possibilities of being human, but showed us how to awaken and realize these potentials. Layne Redmond is an authentic yogini, a brilliant scholar, author and a gifted artist and musician. And then there are the awesome, full page pictures of each chakra and the whole chakra system with the three major nadis, or psychic nerves. This is a fun, all encompassing book on the chakras and how to awaken their awesome potentials.
Les sept Chakras comprennent le Chakra du Sacrum, qui est localise a la base de la colonne vertebrale.
Le Chakra du Ventre est symbolise par la couleur orange et est represente par l’ambre, la cornaline et le corail. Le Chakra localise sur le Plexus Solaire est celui consacre a la transformation de soi et a la force de notre volonte. Techniques de meditation efficace Des techniques de meditation efficaces : Mantra, Vipassana, Chakra. Vous respirez, pourtant, connaissez-vous exactement le fonctionnement de votre systeme cardiovasculaire ? Accompanied by an interactive CD, she teaches us the traditional practices used to balance each of the chakras.

Her keen intellect has a depth of curiosity and sincere interest that takes her research to the very heart of the matter.
La manipulation de la meditation pour ouvrir les Chakras est typiquement utilisee afin d’augmenter les sens des organes rattaches au Chakras, aussi bien que pour promouvoir la guerison et la bonne sante de ces points. Ce Chakra est le point de concentration de la sante interne du corps, comme des pensees sur comment le corps est connecte au monde materiel. En meditation, il est le point de concentration du don et de la reception, et il est aussi attache a l’amour, la compassion, la sensibilite et les arts.
Le sens du pouvoir et de l’autorite y est concentre tout comme le self controle et la discipline de notre ego.
C’est celui sur lequel se concentrer lorsque vous voulez atteindre votre centre de pensee de la parole aussi bien que sur les verites et la prudence. Vous mangez, mais savez-vous comment fonctionne le systeme digestif et sa chimie delicate ? These practices are designed to remove energetic obstacles and blockages in order to transform and revitalize our tissues and cells, not only to create a radiant body and mind, but also to increase that internal flow of energy that will dissolve troubling and repressed memories of the past, cleanse our minds of anxiety and tension, and increase our natural intuition. This is one of those books that saves you from reading a whole bunch of other books as Layne has thoroughly done the research and tied it all together.
Dans la meditation des Chakras, le Chakra du Sacrum est represente par la couleur rouge et est symbolise par les les pierres precieuses que sont les rubis et les grenats. I was one of the people she grilled while writing this book and my library of rare and sacred yogic texts was thoroughly examined.

Il est associe a la couleur violette et est represente par l’amethyste, le diamant et le cristal de quartz. Pourquoi ne pas vous essayer a la meditation sur les chakras┬ámeme si vous n’avez pas de connaissances particulieres en ce domaine ? Layne has also spent her life studying and practicing yoga in several traditons with true yogis such as Yogiraj Swami Bua and Hari Dass Baba, among others.
It not only tells you all about the chakras from several points of view, including the psychological and scientific ones, but also how to safely practice this powerful yoga.
Layne very clearly delineates the why and how of the practices within the book, and then leads you through them on the CD that accompanies the book. Layne has a soothing and inspiring voice that comes from her many years of teaching and performing. Reading the book gets the reader excited about awakening the incredible potentials within the chakras. Listening to Layne on the CD is the guru safely guiding you through these effective and powerful yogic practices.

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