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The gruff voice was gruffer than ever, as the old gentleman said abruptly, after the dreadful pause, "So you're not afraid of me, hey? All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. These warm Trade Winds, at least, that in the clear heavens blow straight on, in strong and steadfast, vigorous mildness; and veer not from their mark, however the baser currents of the sea may turn and tack, and mightiest Mississippies of the land swift and swerve about, uncertain where to go at last. The vehicle completed its circular trip without his thinking to turn around once, and he went back to London delighted with the Lake of Geneva. Translations????? ????????????srazeninausazeninabundfaldkondensierenNiederschlagakkijyrkkahatainenjouduttaakiihdyttaakiirehtiaprecipiteprecipiterbotnfallprecipitosoaccelerareaffrettarefar precipitareprecipitarekrituliu kiekisnogulsnesprecipitarcokeltitortu???precipitateA. Left by their guide, the travelers remained a few minutes in helpless ignorance, afraid even to move along the broken rocks, lest a false step should precipitate them down some one of the many deep and roaring caverns, into which the water seemed to tumble, on every side of them. On the 4th, however, the sea became more calm, and the storm lessened its violence; the wind veered southward, and was once more favourable. Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.
View in contextThe barbaric chant of the native bearers ceased abruptly, and there was a look of surprise shown on the face of Professor Fenimore Beecher.
View in contextThese warm Trade Winds, at least, that in the clear heavens blow straight on, in strong and steadfast, vigorous mildness; and veer not from their mark, however the baser currents of the sea may turn and tack, and mightiest Mississippies of the land swift and swerve about, uncertain where to go at last. View in contextI'm not at all used to flying, and the best plan would be for me to alight in some place, and then I can turn around and take a fresh start. If you have not registered, click the Create Account button and follow the instructions provided.Changing the PasswordOnce logged in you will be presented with the Portal Home page. View in contextAfter riding about an hour in this way, the whole party made a precipitate and tumultuous descent into a barn-yard belonging to a large farming establishment. View in contextAnd so it went on till they lost sight of him in the fogs off Newfoundland, and supposed he had veered ship and stood for Dead Man's Isle. View in contextWe raced off toward Squaw Creek and did not stop until the ground itself stopped-- fell away before us so abruptly that the next step would have been out into the tree-tops. View in contextScarcely had he spoken when he saw the stag veer about and fix its glances rigidly on the bushes to the left side of the glade. View in contextTo such they answered, "Go into your dining-room, and walk round the table in such a way as to always keep your face turned toward the center; by the time you will have achieved one complete round you will have completed one turn around yourself, since your eye will have traversed successively every point of the room.
View in contextI felt as I imagine a husband may feel on a solitary holiday--if there are husbands unnatural enough to go holidaying without their wives--pleasantly conscious of a home tucked somewhere beneath the distant sunset, yet in no precipitate hurry to return there before the appointed day. View in contextThe breeze had veered from the north north-east to the south-east: the wind, then, was almost as good for the return to Sarzeau, as it had been for the voyage to Belle-Isle.

View in contextNobody has any right--except children, perhaps--and even then, it seems to me--or it did seem--" She felt that her speech was voicing the incoherency of her thoughts, and stopped abruptly. View in contextMy well-remembered experience has convinced me that, in that corner of the ocean, once the wind has got to the northward of west (as it did on the 20th, taking the British fleet aback), appearances of westerly weather go for nothing, and that it is infinitely more likely to veer right round to the east than to shift back again.
View in contextWe took a turn around the town, after dinner, and found it fully as interesting in the moonlight as it had been in the daytime. You will now be presented with a list of options and tools relevant to your Zen Internet service(s). View in contextHence then, and evil go with thee along Thy ofspring, to the place of evil, Hell, Thou and thy wicked crew; there mingle broiles, Ere this avenging Sword begin thy doome, Or som more sudden vengeance wing'd from God Precipitate thee with augmented paine.
View in contextIt has veered, however, very considerably to the north ; and now, at sundown, we are holding our course due west, principally by the screw and rudder, which answer their purposes to admiration.
View in contextAfter an hour had passed in the indulgence of their better feelings, Chingachgook abruptly announced his desire to sleep, by wrapping his head in his blanket and stretching his form on the naked earth. View in contextToday, however, this room is mine," said the Marionette, "and if you wish to do me a favor, get out now, and don't turn around even once. View in contextCarefully carrying his fishing tackle, he was already making his way back to the mainland across a bridge of flat stepping-stones a little way down the shallow stream; then he veered round, coming toward his guests and civilly saluting them. View in contextHe saw the great cat veer in his charge as though to elude the naked savage rushing to meet him, as it was evidently Sheeta's intention to make good his kill before attempting to protect it from Tarzan.
View in contextBecause the prospect of present loss or advantage may often tempt the governing party in one or two States to swerve from good faith and justice; but those temptations, not reaching the other States, and consequently having little or no influence on the national government, the temptation will be fruitless, and good faith and justice be preserved. View in contextAnd when I've finished the ninth time I'm to turn around nine times, from right to left, and then the wish will come true right away. View in contextBut reason returned to me, and I was persuaded that this action could only precipitate a possible catastrophe. View in contextHe's got enough, though, to make up for all deficiencies of that sort in other chaps, abruptly said the stranger, placing a nervous emphasis upon the word he. View in contextThey were on their way homeward, but had been obliged to swerve from their ordinary route through the mountains, by deep snows.
View in contextI sat cocked over the weather gunwale, tiller in one hand and sheet in the other; and the sheet, with a single turn around a pin, I was very often forced to let go in the severer puffs. View in contextIf it were admitted that you who are dissatisfied hold the right side in the dispute, there still is no single good reason for precipitate action.
View in contextAs to my guardian, the wind, which had threatened to become fixed in the east when we left Somers Town, veered completely round before we were a couple of miles from it. View in contextA dozen paces straight through the underbrush, then a sharp turn at right angles for no apparent reason, only to veer again suddenly in a new direction View in contextUrged on by its mother, the dying calf made spasmodic efforts to swim that were futile and caused it to veer and wallow from side to side.

View in contextThe shudder, the stumble, the swerve ere the star-stabbing bowsprit merges - View in contextNot one of them--so far as we have any knowledge--was ever known to be touched by the softer sentiments, to swerve from his purpose, or hold his hand in obedience to the dictates of his heart. View in contextI am about to precipitate, to sink, to plunge myself into the abyss that is here before me, only to let the world know that while thou dost favour me there is no impossibility I will not attempt and accomplish. View in contextPresently the vessel veered toward the west and then swung gracefully to the south.
View in contextThis was fortunate, as the chorus of admiration ceased abruptly when the ladies began to eat the fowl. View in contextA veer in the wind induced them to slack off sheets, and five minutes afterward a sudden veer from the opposite quarter caught all three schooners aback, and those on shore could see the boom-tackles being slacked away or cast off on the jump.
View in contextImmediately the town of Alencon, speedily informed from the farther end of the rue de Saint-Blaise to the gate of Seez of this precipitate return, accompanied by singular circumstances, was perturbed throughout its viscera, both public and domestic. View in contextOn Wednesday, April 23d, the balloon started at four o'clock in the morning, with a grayish sky overhead; night was slow in quitting the surface of the lake, which was enveloped in a dense fog, but presently a violent breeze scattered all the mists, and, after the balloon had been swung to and fro for a moment, in opposite directions, it at length veered in a straight line toward the north. View in contextFor hours, in fall days, I watched the ducks cunningly tack and veer and hold the middle of the pond, far from the sportsman; tricks which they will have less need to practise in Louisiana bayous. View in contextCasaubon felt a surprise which was quite unmixed with pleasure, but he did not swerve from his usual politeness of greeting, when Will rose and explained his presence. View in contextRestraining my impatience -- for I was now under a strong temptation to rush blindly at my Visitor and to precipitate him into Space, or out of Flatland, anywhere, so that I could get rid of him -- I replied: -- View in contextThe thought uppermost in her mind was that it was my father returned from his expedition, but the cunning of the Thark held her from headlong and precipitate flight to greet him. View in contextShe veered round upon him a moment later, as if, when her train of thought was ended, she became aware of his presence.
View in contextCome, neighbours all, both great and small, Perform your duties here, And loudly sing, 'Live Billy, our king,' For bating the tax upon veer.
View in contextLieutenant Smith-Oldwick saw these things and then with increasing wonder he saw the ape-man swerve, too, and leap for the spotted cat as a football player leaps for a runner.
View in contextThere happened then that which you know, and of which your precipitate departure," added the host, with an acuteness that did not escape D'Artagnan, "appeared to authorize the issue. View in contextReed, impatient of my now frantic anguish and wild sobs, abruptly thrust me back and locked me in, without farther parley.
View in contextAs suddenly as the wind rose it died again, and when it died it veered to blow at right angles to its former course in a gentle breeze.

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