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DisclaimerPlease note the websites referenced in this guide may have changed since the screenshots were taken. Normally you would define the (background) color in the CSS and that would be the end of it. The lovely part about this whole thing is the small about of jQuery required to make it all happen. This line makes a variable called hue that contains an RGB formatted color value that will be processed by the color animations plugin in later steps. Take the time to download the jQuery Color Animations Plugin – this will be responsible for the transitions between the colors we will be randomly generating. After you have decided what will be changing color, we will make use of the color animation plugin. Now that we have a means of creating random colors and transitioning between them, let’s put it together in a function so we can loop it.
At this point you now are the proud creator of an ever-changing-color background, congratulations! While we did this in the above example, you could think about limiting the colors displayed to a certain shade (ie. This goes pretty much along the same lines as the background color blurb above, with a few minor changes. Basically, I took a solid black PNG image and carved out the parts where I wanted the background to peek through. I would encourage you to download the files and have a look at the exact setup for further clarification. Another possible addition (though I havnt investigated closely), is to specify your png mask as a in the body, which lets you use background-img and color to have animated patterns & colors behind the mask.

Hey, just thought I’d say thanks for this comment, it sorted the too much recursion problem for me! It does seem to lend itself to the very sloppy code thats all over the internet, snapped up by newbie programmers and foisted on unsuspecting websites and users. The whole crash-thing is more than understandable: The spectrum()-functions calls itself after each animation is queued, not after it has finished. Is there a way to slow the colour change down so it takes longer to make a transition between the colours? I just want to take the code and make the body of the page change colour only, no png or anything. Thats why the text book says avoid recursion especially when there are no conditions allowing you to break out of it. Now check your website home page, the background color of your website has changed successfully. Internet security solutions for consumers, small businesses, enterprises and global organizations. Anvisoft > Avnisoft PC Plus > Function Query > [Win8.1] How to Change the Background Color of Windows? Custom background for both screens are not displayed, instead of custom background there is a solid black background.
Need to allow one account control change at logon45723In this screenshot you can see what pops up every time this new user logs in to our local network domain.
Windows 8 flashing screen before logon screenMy PC was working fine before today, until I used Ultra UXtheme patcher for Win8 x64 and then applied a custom VS for Win8. Auto Logon No Longer Works After Password ChangeHi, I've previously set my Windows 8 machine to auto logon without entering my password.

But since then, I've changed the password for the account via hotmail, and now, whenever I turn on my machine it fails to logon with an error that my password is incorrect.
So you are looking at ways to change background color of an HTML element, every X seconds using jQuery? We’ll call it spectrum(), it will be called initially when the page loads and then again from within the function. Then I applied the color animations to the background of the element containing this PNG frame. I just felt kinda zeitgeist effect right now… I was thinking about it some days ago and now theres some items in my RSS feed also covering this.
The color set by your nifty code, covers the part of the page with the image (overflows black background). It seems to have gone unnoticed by the people who complain but don’t actually read the comments looking for a solution.
The animation still worked but obviously seeing an error like that might worry some website visitors – has anyone else seen this error?
I want two images with fading background overlaping each other without and black color hiding any part of the images.

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