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Before we start this tutorial, it is better to know that what we will be having in the end. Step 3: Now if you have completed the edges selection of object, then right and select “Make Selection”. Step 5: Select “Paint Bucket Tool”, choose black color and fill the background of new layer. Step 6: Next, we added the new image which we copied from Hitman (the image of snake in this case). Step 8: Next select the “Move Tool”, select “Auto Select” from top and move the new background to adjust accordingly. In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to change the background of a picture in Adobe Photoshop cs5. Subscribe to our free newsletter to get all our latest tutorials and articles delivered directly to your inbox! In the following Quick Tip tutorial you will learn how to mix different shapes, brushes and blending modes in Photoshop CS5 to create awesome space scene.
Insert the mask on the layer by choosing Add layer mask on the bottom part of the Layers panel and choose the Soft Round brush of black color. Make a copy of the recently made layer and remove the mask of the layer’s copy, create a new mask and select the Soft Round brush of black color. Hide the rectangle edges the same way described above using Soft Round brush of black color. Using the same Rectangle Tool (U), we have to represent a rectangle of the color #2572FF, the edges must be hided in the mask with a black brush. Make a copy of the recently made layer with the rectangle on it and select the Free Transform (Ctrl+T) command to change the copies’ sizes, placing them as below.
Create a new layer and select the Soft Round brush and black color, set Opacity to 20% in Options bar. On the next new layer we’ll create a selection, using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and then use the Soft Round brush of white color to paint inside the selection to add some white spots as shown. Then press Ctrl+D to remove the selection and use a brush of smaller size to paint along the rectangles as shown. Today, I’m going to show you how using brushes and different adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop CS5 you can create abstract wormhole background. Click on Add a layer style icon from bottom part of the Layers panel and select Outer Glow. Insert the mask on the same layer by choosing Add layer mask on the bottom part of the Layers panel and choose the Soft Round brush of black color (set Opacity to 60% in Options bar). Next we have to make a copy of the very first layer containing the dots and the last made layer painted with #FFB5D9 color. Make a copy of the last made layer, set Fill to 50% for this layer and change the Blending mode to Hard Light. Use this brush to represent a spot on the bottom part of the canvas and in the point containing the rays’ focus. Now we have to apply Smudge Tool to blur out the spot to get the same result as on the next picture. Create a new layer again and select for it the Soft Round brush mentioned in the previous example of white color to paint the indicated zones below.
Click Create new fill or adjustment layer from bottom part of the Layers panel and click to Curves to adjust the curve shape as shown to make a little color corrections. Click Create new fill or adjustment layer from bottom part of the Layers panel and select Color Balance to change the overall mixture of colors. In the Adjustments panel, select Midtones.

Create a new layer and select on it the Paint Bucket Tool (G) to fill the layer with yellow color. To deter misuse of your images, it’s important to add a visible watermark to your online images. Support PhotoCitizen: any purchases made through one of the links on this page help to keep the knowledge flowing here at PhotoCitizen. Now, with the text box still selected (if not, click the text layer in the layers palette to select it), select all the text using CTRL+a (COMMAND+a on the Mac).
You can try applying some of the other styling options, although I usually prefer to stick with the drop shadow only. Click on Save for Web and Devices in the File menu and choose  PNG-24 as the format.  Make sure there is a check mark in the Transparency box. I’ll show you how to apply the watermark using all of these methods in my next article. Hi I have followed your steps for creating a watermark but when I turn off the others layers except for the water mark and try to crop it , it won’t allow me. Now, when you run the batch using that action, Photoshop will fly through an entire folder of images without requiring any input from you.
This is a great article and having tried following a few others to watermark an image this is the only one that was successful! If the watermark is placed more towards the center, it will probably cover up an important element in the photo. So today, we are going to change the background of Hitman game wallpaper with very simple clean cutting technique.
We are going to use “Pen Tool” rather than “Magic Tool” to cut down the image and remove the unwanted background. As soon as we add the new image in this file, a new layer will be automatically created and it will become the current layer.
Choose then the Free Transform (Ctrl+T) command to place the copy’s layer as on the next picture.
Remove the mask of the copied layer of the very first layer with the dots and put together both copies (hold Ctrl button, select them both layers and press CTRL+E to Merge Down).
Select Preserve Luminosity to prevent changing the luminosity values in the image while changing the color. So, our basic approach in creating the watermark file will be to open an image, add text, modify the text so it will work well on all of our images regardless of size, then export it as a .png file. I suggest using the copyright symbol followed by either your name or the name of your website. Make sure the text layer is selected in the layers palette and click the Add Layer Style button (the fx button) at the bottom of the palette to open the layer styles dialog.
For this watermark, I prefer setting the angle to 120, the distance and size to 1, spread to zero and leave everything else at its defaults. Overlay or Soft Light work well, but Normal is probably going to be your best choice if you plan on applying this watermark to batches of images rather than one at a time.
If you’re working with a small number of images, you can hand-apply it to each image one-at-a-time in Photoshop. If you don’t own Photoshop, you can use any image editing program which allows you to add text and adjust its opacity.
As you discovered, using these file types for your watermark file adds an extra step to the watermarking workflow.
When you choose the crop tool, a toolbar appears across the top of your Photoshop window – just under the menus.

If you stop recording the action before saving the JPEG and closing it, you will have to do the save and close manually as you described. The best thing to do is to contact the photographer and purchase or license the photo from them. If that’s the case, then the difficulty in removing the watermark depends on where in the photo it is placed.
There are several techniques in Photoshop CS5 and CS6 that do the same job but we have decided to bring the easiest steps how to change the image background in Photoshop CS5. Unlike those perplexing tutorials where you spend hours to know what has been explained, this Photoshop CS5 tutorial is a shortcut and very easy way which does not need a video or demonstration at all.
Although most of users are more comfortable with “Magic Tool” to change the background in Photoshop CS5, by using Magic tool for cutting the edges are not clearly drawn. In this case create a new layer above the made layer and select both layers (hold Ctrl button when select the layers). Drag the slider to increase Green and Blue colors also decrease the Red color in the image.
The object is to create a drop shadow so that the text is visible over any colored background including white. You want enough opacity so that the watermark is visible, but enough transparency so that it doesn’t distract too much from the image. It will be a bit difficult to see your semi-opaque watermark against the transparent background, so you might want to temporarily set the opacity back to 100%. The transparency is what allows the image to show through making the watermark less obtrusive.
Instead, save your watermark file using the PNG-24 format which will be saved in the RGB color mode.
Start clicking on the edges of the object, for making the perfect selection click the edges first and then press Ctrl and move the cursor to create the curves.
Since it will be placed horizontally across the image, a watermark that fits a vertical image will easily fit a horizontal image as well.
You might want to open a few more of your images to see what the adjusted watermark looks like when applied to them. Make sure you take note of the original opacity setting and reset it after you’re done cropping. The PNG-24 will be a much larger file (in file size) than the PNG-8, but in this case, the watermark file is a working file, not one which will be uploaded to the web, so its size doesn’t matter .
The best and most suitable tool for cutting the image and changing background is “Pen Tool”. If you create the watermark on a horizontal image, it could end up being too wide to fit your verticals. If you apply the watermark using Adobe Lightroom 3, the width of the watermark is not that important.
If your background image has a lot of white in it, the text may temporarily disappear, but we’ll fix that in a moment.

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