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Eenon Pak Eenon Pak is a Client Services Rep at Central Desktop who immensely enjoys working in an industry he loves - technology. I was using firebug (a necessity for web page debugging) and I found that the image location was described in a css file. 1.  First you must get a copy of the EAR file that is used by going to the server that SOA is installed.
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Really just have no clue where the config files for this is, or if it is even possible to change them.
I test multiple Desktops, xfce included, I just prefer unity, and with 12.04 lts coming I would like to keep using it.
To change color of Workspace Switcher, the settings you need to change is under Expo settings.
Just so you know I been trying to figure this one out myself for a few nights now, so this was a big help.
In the beginning of these files you'll find 4 pairs of core foreground and background colors used in applications based on the gtk 2 and gtk 3 libraries.
You'll want to save your updated theme in case these themes are updated and therefore changed back to original colors.
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How can I stop the sides of Unity windows from behaving like corners when I'm resizing with a mouse? Check out this background pattern maker from our very own Sergii Iavorskyi to get your first background up in seconds. Eenon is usually seen with his head down reading a blog post, article or watching a CNET clip about the latest gadgets and salivating at the idea of playing with the hottest new tech toy that’s out.
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So I went to work looking for a css file to customize!  Here is what I did to re-brand the workspace!
So I've been doing a lot of work on a new theme to match the physical look of my laptop which is a blue, black, white theme. These two combined with Compiz Config Settings Manager will make you get pure control over your desktop using GUI.
Already have ambiance color themes, they were the starting points for my own variations of the color themes. You might consider posting a little guide on top-to-bottom theming for Ubuntu at some point. Pair base_color and text_color are used for the document or text entry portions of windows where bg_color and fg_color are are used for the windows area where icons and labels are displayed. This translates well into his role at Central Desktop where he gets the advise new clients in best practices and configuration for their everyday work processes in Central Desktop’s cloud-based solution.

The program is not very usable yet, but you should be able to complete basic tasks with it. Selected pair is for selected text and the tooltip pair is used for the tips that pop up when you hover over a button or link. Having made this change you'll still have the orange color used for the close buttons on the title bar.
Which leads me to the borders in unity workspace, and the highlight color you get when resizing windows (ex. Under Launchers, change the "Key to show the HUD", by clicking on it and pressing the key(s) you want to change the shortcut to. These sets of labels appear in all three files so I've been changing all three to be the same for any label I change. Once these are changed you can copy all four to the metacity-1 folder where they will have the same names.

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