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Giving candidates a glimpse of their future at your organisation is vital when structuring recruitment processes. The reward function within any organisation is of vital importance, without it companies will lose their greatest asset… their people. Have you ever fantasised about jetting across the pond and relocating to New York, the city that never sleeps? Desired skillsets are changing and adapting to the needs of ever evolving businesses across the globe.
Stimulating career advice, delivered in bitesized chunks to help busy professionals advance their careers efficiently. Early start, not too late a finish, the occasional opportunity to get down the gym or out for a cycle. Don’t be afraid to try something different, what looks like a backward step or an unusual move can lead to unexpected opportunities. Changeboard is a global HR jobs site, career advice resource and events platform to help HR and recruitment professionals find the perfect job to progress their careers. Internal Medicine Board MOC Question Bank and Prep Over 1000 Internal Medicine MOC targeted review questions. Nationwide was built on meeting and representing the needs of the people and communities it serves. Having a diverse workforce means we’re able to better reflect the eclectic make up of our 15 million customers. We work hard to empower our people to contribute to our success using their background, experience, culture and life experiences to make Nationwide even more relevant and accessible to our members today and tomorrow. Our commitment to progressing diversity, equality and inclusion within the workplace has gained us external recognition. We need to ensure we get the right person for the job while making sure that everyone – no matter who they are or what their background is – feels they have an equal chance of being selected for a senior management role. What are your tips for business leaders looking to promote diversity in their organisation, where should they start? Giving a voice to employees is priceless in addressing inequalities, large or small, as well as improving customer service, products and approach to business.
Our networks cover a range of groups – women, ethnicity, disability, faith and sexual orientation. Words are crucial in shaping who we are and informing our culture but actions are what make a difference to people’s lives.
In summary, our approach to diversity is much more than ticking a box – it’s a core part of our culture, and a priority for us to make sure we understand any barriers our diverse communities face, and finding ways to remove or reduce these. Changeboard magazine focuses on career development from an organisational, individual and global perspective.
Changeboard Middle East magazine highlights the challenges of nationalisation, talent management and leadership.
Dorchester Collection is the ultimate hotel management company, with a passion for excellence and innovation, honouring the individuality and heritage of our iconic hotels. I have a small team of four highly skilled individuals covering organisational performance, learning and development, recruitment and team coordination. I start each day with a quick review of the strategies and initiatives within to get a gauge of where I need to turn my attentions.  I always communicate with the hotels, some more than others, pending the day and need. I started as a room attendant in housekeeping in hotels and fell in love with the industry. I first worked at McDonald’s as the french fry guy, and I moved into management a year later.
I found out the interviewer loved chocolate chip cookies, so I sent her a batch I made personally after the interview. Added to that, the increase in retirement age and the pensions crisis, many people have no choice but to continue working a lot longer. In today’s terms, someone aged 50 could potentially have another 20, even 30 years of working ahead of them. With a lot of focus on the millennials, let’s not forget the Baby Boomers who are highly skilled, highly experienced and still have a lot of talent to offer in the marketplace. There is cause for people of this generation who are in this position, to reconsider what they want and reinvent their careers.
Having worked in a particular field for many years, what can today’s 50+ worker do if their job no longer fits them? Whilst a man or woman who is mature in age may not feel at home working in a trendy, hip, new high tech environment, there are still many options available to the over 50s that want to reinvent their career at this stage of their life.
You will have been through many changes and organisational restructures and have probably seen things come full circle.

The world of work has changed considerably since you started working and the pace of change is ever quickening. If you are unsure about what your next career move will be, think back over your entire career, what were the things that you enjoyed doing the most and were good at? Is there something that you always wanted to do but because of other pressures or commitments when you were younger, you gave up on pursuing that dream?
Now could be an ideal time to pursue that business idea you have toyed with over the years.
Starting your career again at midlife doesn’t have to be fraught with difficulties and anxiety.
Justine Brown, human capital (HC) director for Europe and Russia for DP World highlights how you as an organisation can really benefit financially by recognising internal skill. Gary Brewer, of family distillery William Grant & Sons, tells Emily Sexton-Brown how he’s doing it. Bridget Hougham, associate director at Taylor Root, tells Emily Sexton-Brown all about her international career move. This was shown at a recent Talent Bites event, run by Havas People, which analysed innovative strategies.
Emily Sexton-Brown asks professors from across the globe to pinpoint just what true leadership looks like. Kyle Wagner, talent acquisition manager at Conde Nast, explains how realising his dream has enhanced his career. Emily Sexton-Brown speaks to employment law partners across the nation about recent changes. There is high chance it might be on of the below, according to a new study by working animal charity SPANA these are the top 5 most common expressions used in British offices. Behavioural science at the polytechnic of Wales then MSc and PhD in applied Psychology at Cranfield.
While a lot has changed in the 160 years since we were formed, our focus on people has been a constant. For example, the Society is committed to creating even more opportunities for senior women to join the organisation, an aspiration backed at board level, with results showing that since the introduction of Nationwide’s Senior Executive Development Programme in 2010, more than 35% of participants have been women. We’re working harder than ever to attract more diverse talent to Nationwide alongside identifying and supporting existing employees who have real potential and desire to develop within the business. For example, we want to make more progress in helping people from ethnic backgrounds reach senior levels within the society. We’re making better use of our data to identify unintended but potential obstacles and barriers helping us to engage, encourage discussion and to raise a healthy debate.
It can be a platform for positive change and is something we are seeing play out here at Nationwide. All of these are backed at board level and have been established as a forums where employees can share their thoughts, raise ideas and suggestions.
Take our attitude to disability for example; we never see disability as a barrier to work and we will strive to make our working environments as comfortable as possible. It’s something that will always need to be a priority – constantly listening, acting and adapting to the changing dynamics, needs and cultures of our customer base – ensuring we continue to lead the way in delivering fantastic customer service within financial services.
We feature HR  professionals who are making a real difference in their organisations and showcase the fantastic work they’re doing. We unearth inspiring role models and showcase practical and achievable solutions from employers and employees. Today, we talk to Eugenio Pirri, VP of people & organisational development at Dorchester Collection about the challenges of a global career, why he pursued HR, and how chocolate chip biscuits helped him get to where he is now. Seeing people grow, learn, transfer, take on new responsibilities and show us how to deliver the ultimate guest experience is a real thrill for me.
I can be impatient at times and I get excited when new opportunities present themselves and I want to come up with strategies and solutions to resolve it. As our remit is quite wide, I look at where I can gather feedback or push forward to ensure we meet the necessary outcomes. We have a great team, great employees throughout and magnificent hotels – I love it when I can visit them personally and see where it all happens. As we are a smaller hotel company compared to others, we do not have large departments and divisions; therefore we need to work seamlessly with the hotels to get the job done. Learning about different histories, cultures and languages always appealed to me and has served me well throughout my life and career. Although difficult at the time, it has proved to be so worthwhile in developing me both personally and professionally. To that end, between 2008 and 2013 in the UK, there was an increase of 46% of over 65s in employment or seeking employment.

Whereas previous generations in their 50s probably had their eye on a retirement that seemed not too distant, today’s 50 year old needs to consider their plans for the final leg of their career.
At this phase of your life, you are more likely to know what you want from what you don’t want. Adapting to change is essential in order to not get left behind and becoming one of those people who constantly bangs on about the good old days.
In fact, even Elliot Jacques the scientist who coined the phrase midlife crisis was still publishing books in his 80s.
With many years still ahead, as you enter this phase of your late career, take the driving seat and be in control, rather than taking a back seat and your future being dictated to you.
She helps women to confidently progress in their careers, whether this is with their leadership development, a total career change, or exiting the corporate environment to start their own businesses. People always said that it wasn’t really possible, so that gave me all the motivation I needed.
That’s because we’re owned by and run for the benefit of our members – meaning our only focus is on them. That’s why we want the best people working for us regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability or faith. Engaging customers, relating to their needs and addressing their concerns in a manner that is suitable for them is critical to customers feeling that they are heard and understood, and it’s more likely they will continue to choose Nationwide’s services and products. Additionally, 40% of those taken on Nationwide’s Next Generation Leader Programme and over half of our Future Leader Programme have been female.
Working with our strategic partners, Opportunity Now and Race for Opportunity (women at work and race equality campaigns), we’ve been working hard to implement recommendations that have been made in their various reports and we’re proud supporters of next year’s Opportunity Now Excellence in Practice Awards 2015.
We’ve created a number of diversity employee networks which have been excellent in flagging new ideas.
We want to continue offering a better working environment for all of our employees, and our networks are there to make sure we don’t lose sight of that by keeping us on our toes. If that means investing in specialist equipment for an employee, then we will work hard to make that happen. In my role, we are responsible for all aspects of HR, L&D, guest and employee engagement, innovation and corporate responsibility. Sometimes I just wish we had more time not only for me but all the great people I work with.
Those words drive my personal values as well, which means I get to do what I love each day.
Within two years, I was the director of HR and from there, took risks, moved to different countries and eventually I ended up in the UK. I grew up in Canada and did all my studies there, including hospitality administration at Vancouver College. I did it to earn extra money, but in the end, learned about yield management, time management and people management.
I am not over all of my moves and miss people a lot, especially back home in Canada, but I visit often and they visit me too. Taking risks (albeit calculated) can be rewarding and you will surprise yourself most of the time. Do you need to brush up on your skills, retrain, do some studying, or get some practical experience? She also helps organisations to develop the talent pipeline for their women and black and minority ethnic employees.
Named as one of The Times Top 50 Employer for Women 2013, Ann shares her top tips on how you can effectively promote diversity in your organisation.
For example, coming from a different background, speaking a different language and understanding different cultures can open up a treasure trove of ideas for new products, services and approaches to marketing techniques, in addition to building good old-fashioned trusted relationships. Accolades aren’t everything but they help to show prospective employees that if they’re talented and committed to excellent customer service then Nationwide welcomes them irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, disability or faith. It is this approach that has ensured that not only have we got a strong workforce – a workforce where our employee survey confirms that 77% feel engaged and 75% are enabled – but the very best people to serve our incredibly varied members. Hospital-based internists have the option of maintaining their certification in either Internal Medicine or .

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