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Change Default Browser in Windows 8Change Default Browser in Windows 8Default Browser on Windows 8 is the application that opens up automatically when you either click on a Link in any application or you open a http or other web related file.
The process isn’t especially intuitive but it is very straightforward and won’t take more than a few seconds of your time. BlackBerry 10 browser has a LOT to offer more than any regular browsers you see on other platforms. BBin is an independent informational forum and is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited, owner of the BlackBerry trademarks.
Windows 10 has makes it very easy to search the web for something through the search box given in the taskbar.
The Firefox browser will perhaps ask you to set itself as the default web browser during the setup, but if you miss the opportunity, then you can follow the steps in how to set default web browser in Windows 10.
Choose one one of the search engines from the list as the default search engine and make sure you have checked the checkbox Use this search engine for searched from Windows. The web search results shall be opened in Firefox (or any other browser you selected) and will use the default search engine for that browser. Mozilla has made it fairly easy to change the default web browser and the search engine used for the search box given in the Windows 10 taskbar.
The Microsoft Edge browser utilizes Bing for the search bar by default as its search provider. Windows 8 allows you to select a default application according to the file extension and protocols. And if you do not like it to take up that much space in the taskbar then, you can actually hide the search box or reduce it into a search icon.

So if you want to change the search engine used, then just change the default search engine for that browser from the browser settings. You can choose Firefox as the default browser and change the search engine to anything from Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo or anything else you prefer.
The simple steps below explain how to change the default search provider for the Edge browser from Bing to Google search in the search bar. In the upper-right of the browser look for the three dots and click to open Choose More Actions. In the Edge Settings popout side panel, scroll-down to Advanced Settings and choose View advanced settings.
Some people will be more than happy with that choice, but others will prefer to switch to using something different.
Even though it provides ease of searching the web from the taskbar without launching a browser first, most people are ticked off at the fact that it uses Bing as the default search engine and Edge as the default web browser. Changing Default Browser is a technically associating file types and protocols with selected application.
Fortunately Microsoft has designed Windows 10 to be very easily configurable and you can change the default search engine and browser used by the Windows 10 search box.
Most of the browsers when installed on Windows 8 allow you to either keep the currently configured browser, configure new browser as default browser or even look for another browser on Windows 8 Store as displayed below.Default Program for http ProtocolThe above screenshot was captured on Windows 8 after installing the Chrome Browser. Moreover Mozilla has redesigned the new version 40 of Firefox to seamlessly integrate with the new features of Windows 10.
All the Associations of files and protocols are stored in registry database from which Windows 8 looks up as and when needed.

This post further describes how you can change the default browser configured on your Windows 8 computer. You can either configure a single or multiple browser(s) to handle all the protocols and file types related to Internet. The given below screenshot displays a Windows 8 Computer on which some protocols and internet file types are associated with Internet Explorer and other with Google Chrome.Set Program Associations on Windows 8All the File and Protocol Associations for Browsers and other Applications can be done using Windows 8 Control Panel. In order to change default browser on your Windows 8 computer, all you need to do is launch the Program Associations Control Panel Applet, Select the Browser from the List and make it default. The given below screenshots can be of assistance in order to change the default browser on your Windows 8 computer.Change Default Programs from Control PanelThe above screenshot displays how to locate the Control Panel Category of Default Programs in order to change the Default Browser. Launch Control Panel and search for the word default as displayed in the screenshot above to locate the Default Programs Category and click on the Set your default programs link as displayed above. This will open up another Window which will scan registry database and will load currently configured default programs and browsers as displayed in the screenshot below.Change Default Browser on Windows 8Once you have reached the Set Default Programs Screen, locate and click on the Browser you wish to set as default from the list on the left hand side of the screen.
Once you have selected your new default browser, click on either of the buttons labelled Set this program as default or Choose defaults for this program.

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