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Basically I want the size that I set on my Browser Window Class to automatically re-size the DockPanel.
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Having done some Obama-rumor debunking that got praise from Daily Kos (a sign of the apocalypse, no doubt), perhaps the Obama campaign could return the favor and help debunk a bunch of others with a simple step: Could they release a copy of his birth certificate?
Those rumors include the claim that Obama was born in Kenya, that his middle name isn't "Hussein", but "Muhammad", and that his real name is "Barry" and not "Barack". When I re-size the BrowserWindow to fit content, I want that change to propagate up into the DockPanel and re-size automatically. The first and third are attempts to reinforce the claims that Obama isn't "American" enough -- the first because he wouldn't have been born in this country, and the third because he would've taken a perfectly good "American" name and rejected it in favor of a foreign one.

Note, I have trimmed the edges of the scan, so before someone tries to inevitably "debunk" this based on the dimensions of a Hawaiian birth certificate, that should be noted.

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