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Copyright © 2013 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Caller iD-Format FW 3.x Fix repairs the format in which they are the phone numbers in each country. When messing with DN numbers, sometimes you just get the ext # next to the button on your Cisco phone.

Also, some users request when a DN rings, to not make any sound, but flash on their handset. This is a group dedicated to IT professionals who are interested in meeting with others to meet, learn, exchange ideas, and network in the NY tri-state area. I had this problem with my first iPhone 3G, brought from USA, there was no way to display the numbers in format xxx xxx xxx and were kind (xxx) xx xxxxx, I had to fix via SHSH.

Fill in the name you want to appear under the first 3 fields (Display, ASCII Display, Line Text Label).

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