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Career Change: Stop hating your job, discover what you really want to do with your life, and start doing it! If you hate your job, but you don’t know what to do with your life, you’re not alone! So I wanted to rewrite and re-release this book with updated material in order to share some of what I have learned along the way.
There’s also a free workbook downloadable below so you can print and write your answers to the questions posed in the book.
Keywords and search engine optimization have been considered important for a long time in the online world, particularly for ranking in the search engines on the first few pages so people can actually find you. Although I am wary of anecdotes, because they have no statistical value at all, I do want to share the sales figures for my non-fiction book. I spent 13 years as a miserable IT consultant, unhappy with my work for many reasons and so I embarked on a journey to find work I could be passionate about. At a purely gut level, I hope you can see which title is better but as we go through, you will also note the keyword shift. It’s based on the words that people actually use to search online and this is a crucial aspect, because often the language you use online is not the language customers might use. Importantly a keyword is not just one word and that is critical to remember as you go through the following process.
Google has a Keyword Search Tool that you can use to discover what search terms people are using and what is most popular.
Amazon doesn’t have a specific tool to check keywords but it does have an auto-populate tool that enables you to see a drop-down of specific words or phrases.
You can see that I typed in ‘career c’ and it came up with everything that fitted with that.
You should find that some of your keywords from Google don’t even show up in the Amazon listing, so discard those and focus on those which appear in both lists. With any kind of marketing tactic, please be authentic, honest and consider the value to your customer. Feel free to read his advice, but as with my own advice, please weigh it up against your own situation and don’t assume the same things will work. For non-fiction authors, you can use this technique to decide on your book title, and indeed, I changed mine based on the keyword search.
Although I don’t have a full year for each title, you can see the difference between January 2012 and 2013 (a huge month for career change books). Changing a fiction title to include keywords is far more unlikely, but there are two more places to include keywords. Description: You need a description any time you enter information about your book, so make sure it includes some of your keywords, BUT as a primary rule, ensure that it is people-friendly and not just a list of keywords. The most effective usage will be if the keywords resonate between the title, description and keywords box, ticking all three boxes of metadata. You can also use these keywords for marketing purposes as well, for example, use them in a guest blog post title, or as part of your website.
OK, I know things like meta-data, keywords, search engine optimization, algorithms and stuff can blow people’s minds, but it is an important part of being an indie author! If you want to learn more about this, I also recommend Nick Stephenson’s free video course, Your First 10,000 Readers. Most of the information on this site is free for you to read, watch or listen to, but The Creative Penn is also a business and my livelihood.
So please expect hyperlinks to be affiliate links in many cases, when I receive a small percentage of sales if you wish to purchase. Only being 18 with strict parents and no cash can be limiting, though, so I did end up going to college after all. The year was 2008, which most would argue was one of the worst years in the United States’ financial history.

After about six months, I started to realize that my chosen profession was not only outside of my skill set but the direct opposite of what I wanted to do with my life. My job, while challenging and educational on the technology front, was very rules-based, technical, and uncreative. Having gone through this ordeal, I’ve learned an unbelievable amount about living a creative life, especially when doing so involves switching into a polar opposite career.
Do extensive research on the options for creative jobs out there and narrow down a few you could see yourself doing. Talk to people, online or in person, about opportunities and what it’s like to have their position.
No matter how defeated you get, you should never, ever give up on making your dream happen.
Haley O’Bryan started out in the corporate world, but is now happily working as a university catalog editor living in sunny Long Beach, CA.
Under this license, you may not change or alter the work and you may not sell or directly profit from its publication. I write fiction, speak professionally and sell multimedia courses teaching authors about online business. They make up a critical part of the meta-data which is crucial in the discoverability of your book.
Written as a labor of love, it has never sold very well (like many first books) and now I focus on fiction, so I barely mention it.
The journey of how I found it (and how you can too) is encapsulated in my book: Career Change: Stop hating your job, discover what you really want to do with your life and start doing it! For example, my thriller novel Exodus is associated with the keyword “ark of the covenant” and my non-fiction book with “career change”. For fiction that will include themes, places, things and anything concrete you can hang your book off. It is primarily used for people wanting to bid on advertising terms, but we can use it as an indication of interest, as well as a verification of the kind of language people use when searching. This can make a huge difference to appearing in search results and significantly impact your success. More on creating a book description that rocks in this interview with Mark Edwards on secrets of Amazon metadata. And given my creatively-influenced aspirations, I chose the most appropriate major possible: accounting.
Thus, the expectation from my parents to do well in school and get a job became a firm requirement, rather than an expectation.
Numbed with excitement at the prospect that I not only had a job but a well-regarded and hard-to-get one, I was initially thrilled.
My free-spirited soul was rearing its rebellious head, and it came to me: I need to stop this. Because of my extensive accounting background and non-existent creative job experience, you can imagine that finding someone to take me seriously as an artist was an arduous task. I know how it feels to be trapped by the security of a decent 9-to-5 job, but still waking up every day craving a more artistic life.
When it comes to job-searching, a resume is often the gatekeeper between you and the recruiter.
If your dream is to sell your art in fancy New York auctions, understand that your first move might have to be something like doing marketing for a small museum or writing for an online art magazine first.
It may not happen overnight, you may have setbacks, and you may have to change your plans, like a billion times.
Or, have you already made it to the other side and have some advice for us who are still making it happen? In her spare time, she loves reading, practicing pole artistry, and working on her dream of becoming a full-time writer and illustrator.

What this means is that if you choose to make a purchase by using one of these links, we may receive a small commission which will go to the ongoing support of the Skinny Artist creative community.
I also realize this might sound like gobble-de-gook so I will explain further using the example of my non-fiction book, and also my novels, because keywords can also be important for fiction authors.
That’s the title that I adopted in Dec 2012 after I rewrote the book and also updated the cover. Fast forward five years and I had both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in accounting, had passed all four sections of the grueling CPA exam, and was about to embark on a job as an IT auditor for a Big 4 accounting firm.
I had completely deviated from the creative little girl who wanted to be the next Beatrix Potter back in 3rd grade.
But once I figured out what I needed to do, I knew that the next step would be to stop thinking about changing my life and start taking actions to change it.
You may love art in all forms, but you’ll be overwhelmed if you try to go for every option at once.
If you fail to tailor your resume to the specific position you’ve applied for, you may risk being glossed over.
Ask around like a mad person (but tactfully, of course) about job offerings at creative places or even just people who are looking for a creative partner in something. As long as it is closer to your overall goal than the job you’re trying to leave and it helps you, you know, survive and eat and all that, it’s probably a wonderful opportunity, if only for the interim.
But I promise, even thinking about how you want to change your life is a big step, let alone taking action. I wanted to love my work or find something more fulfilling, but I didn’t know how to start. Remember, this is basically a ‘write-off’ book for me and not something I market in any other way at all, so any sale is a good sale! You shouldn’t necessarily get too specific, but try and isolate your search to a few different jobs rather than any job that lets me create something, anything. This work will serve as an informal or formal portfolio for you, so show the world how awesome you are! Of those five that interviewed me, four basically laughed when I tried to explain why I was making a career change.
If you truly don’t know anyone with a creative bone in their body, you can throw a (virtual) rock and hit a hundred (online) people who are part of an (online) community. Striking up a conversation with someone online takes such minimal effort, I can’t imagine why one wouldn’t do it. My many thanks to Laura & Peter Livingstone for their advocacy of my work, and for theirA community-focused programs already being hosted in the Castle. There'll be a display booth with myA artwork on sale during the entire 3-day event, so stop by to see my newestA photos and say "hello". AlthoughA theA stop was very poorly attended, my thanks go out to those who visited and showed support. This event is open to the public and will be held at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 721 Pine St., Paw Paw, Michigan. Please be aware that I will now beA unable to re-send or re-post invitations if there is a rescheduling of this event. Many thanks to John Liberty and Tammy Mills at the Gazette for their interest and reporting, and John Lacko for a great portrait.A A I signed the contract to exhibit my work at the Smartshop Gallery and Rachel has already begun to hang my work. This exhibit will bringA to lightA my newest work from the Summer, Fall & Winter of this year.

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