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Well, if we're going to confuse shortcut keys with real eggs try searching "keyboard shortcuts" in Word help and you'll find all sorts of "eggs".
With holding Ctrl + Alt and minus in alfanumerical part of keyboard you'll get minus instead normal cursor. If you do this in Word 2000 then click on a button on the toolbar it lets you asing a shortcut key for that button. If you deleted a button or command with the minus sign (I did) then find the relevant button on the tool-bar, click it with the plus sign, and drag it into the menu. If you use ctrl + alt + L you get an ascending list of roman numerals every time you press enter. The "plus-sign" looks just like the function key on a Mac - must have been a funny guy at Microsoft thinking that anyone would care to see that ate-up apple. Actually, on mine, pressing ctrl+alt++ turns the mouse into the plus sign, while the - key turns it to a minus sign.

The nearest they get to eggs are scrambling the minds of those who don't know much about the software.
All you people are doing is repeating things, try to come up with something new like Alt+157=?, because they are all shortcuts allready to use if you know them.
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Do it again (Ctrl - Alt - Num+ - Num+) and you will see dialog to change Keyboard shortcut.
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This is great if you read some file in Word but don't want anybody to know what you have read. Just do this combination, then pres Alt + F to open File menu and then click name of a file you want to delete.
It changes in the beginning but finally just goes through the list of roman numerals IF you do not do a new line.

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