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If you don\\\'t want your default name ( which is mostly by default Gmail user name) to be displayed as your custom user name on youtube, well here is a quick tutorial on how to change it. I am trying to change the display name as suggested but cannot make the gear on the upper right do anything, it just opens to a blank with no settings?Is this an iPad problem? In the section labeled Send mail as, select the email address that you would like to change the display name for and click edit info. Please note that this does not affect how your name appears in the Simmons directory or in the autocomplete field when others are composing an email to send to you. Display name is the name that appears on the recipient's email when you sent an email from your Gmail account.

So the screenshots I'm showing here may look different than what you may have, unless you too are using the latest theme and has a Google+ account.
Select the "Radio" button near the text box and enter the desired name and click "Save Changes". You should not need to adjust the "Treat as an alias" or "Specify a different 'reply-to' address. Or switch to Desktop version, appearing at the bottom of the screen when you access Gmail from iPad. You can edit and change current display name on Facebook accout to any desired name using following procedure.Customize display name on Facebook1.

Now that you think you want to change it to your real name or something else than "Random Guy". If you're still not using Google+, send me message at the comment are below or follow me at by clicking here.

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