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When users change their wallpaper, iOS 7 will change system elements to offer a new look that matches the colors in the system. It’s not all paintwork and new designs, iOS 7 offers new controls like the ability to swipe to go back in select apps, removing the need to hunt for a back button in Safari.
Apple would not confirm to ABC News at exactly what time the software would launch, but in the past the company has released its software around 9 a.m.
In the past, Apple has made new software available through iTunes and on the device if it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
The new software not only brings a completely overhauled design but also a host of new features. Click on the icons below to learn more about the features, see them in action and learn about what we like and don't like. December 27, 2013 By Jaden Easton-Ellett 8 Comments Despite the fact that Cydia was recently updated for iOS 7, it didn’t come with a new icon to look native on the new firmware generation. In this how to guide you will learn how to change Cydia’s current icon to a flat icon that will match the look and feel of iOS 7.
Alternatively you can use an application on your computer like iFunbox, or iExplorer, but note that afc2add must be installed from Cydia as Evasi0n7 does not install this package automatically like previous Jailbreak tools.
Step 2) – Next on your iOS Device you want to change the Cydia icon on, navigate to this article and download one of the iOS 7 Cydia icon variations shown below. Step 6) – Once again tap the Edit button in the top right hand corner of the screen, then the clipboard icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, followed by the Past button from the popup menu.
Thanks to the release of jailbreak those who don’t like the new look of dock can change it. Control Center in iOS 7 replicates some jailbreak features and makes it easier to change settings.
Great New Look – Apple changed the look of IOS, from the font and dock up to the status bar at the top of the iPhone. Siri Voice Options – In iOS 7 Siri offers a new female voice and a male voice for the first time. New Camera App – iOS 7 features a new Camera app that includes faster access to panorama, a new look and much more.
Live Camera Filters – If you like Instagram, the new square photo option and live filters will be at the top of your favorite iOS 7 features list. Photos App That Sorts By Location – The new Photos app knows where you took photos and sorts them by location making it easier than looking through an endless stream of photos. Tap and Scroll to Search for Photos – If you want to find a specific photo, tap and hold to scroll through thumbnail previews. One Bar on Safari – Safari gets a new look on iOS 7 and finally sees a single bar at the top to enter addresses and searches.
More than 8 Safari Tabs At Once – On iOS 7 users can open more than 8 tabs in Safari at once. Notification Center On Lock Screen – Users can now access the Notification Center on the lock screen. Shared Links in Safari – See every link posted by your Twitter friends in one location with easy access to reading.
Popular Apps Near Me – Find apps that relate to what you are doing, such as apps popular at a museum or at a beach. Smarter Weather App – The weather app shows more weather information without the need to go to Yahoo where they try to change your search engine. Block Calls, Messages and Facetime – iOS 7 now includes built-in support to block calls, messages and FaceTime calls from anyone.
Facetime Audio – Make FaceTime Audio calls on WiFi for better sound than a cell phone call.

Smart Calendar – The new Calendar app factors in time to commute, weather, businesses nearby and more.
Kids App Section – Apple now includes a kids section on the app store that makes finding age appropriate apps easier. Turn By Turn Walking Directions – There are now walking directions built-in to Apple Maps in iOS 7.
Scan to Add a Passbook – Users can now scan barcodes with the PassBook app to add a new Pass, making it easier to add a pass from a business or the web. Night Mode for Maps – iOS 7 not offers a night mode for Maps that tones things down when driving at night, a great feature for users that mount the iPhone on a dash. Fast Access to Spotlight – Pull down on any home screen to search the iPhone with Spotlight. Apple Maps Bookmark Syncing – Apple Maps bookmarks will now sync between the iPhone, iPad and OS X Mavericks so your favorite places are always at hand.
No drop shadow on icons or the text on home screen, to much contrast, to much white everywhere, dull flat chat bubble, no file transfer (airdrop) for iphone4s users?. When iOS 7 was previewed, and subsequently when the first beta came out, many people were not pleased with the radical changes made by Jony Ive and his design team. The good news is that Apple seems to have realised the advantages of a legible font, and switched to Helvetica Neue Regular in iOS 7 beta 3 that was seeded few hours back.
Light weights look cool (moreso at larger sizes) and work well in advertising and logos, but are generally harder to read. While the too-thin font was far from the only design flaw in iOS 7, I’d say it was the biggest. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. March 14, 2014 By Jaden Easton-Ellett 5 Comments Those who have been jailbreaking for some time will always remember a select few jailbreak tweaks.
After installing Color Keyboard you will simply need to enable it in the Settings App and then tap on “Select Theme” to choose your theme. What the tweak allows you to do is quick reply and quick compose tweets from various areas of iOS like the Notification Center… You can even install the FlipSwitch tweak for Control Center to add them into the Control Center toggles section. Note: As TwitkaFly is extending the functionality of the official Twitter app you will need to thus have the official Twitter app installed from the App Store. I think you should go to settings-general-keyboard- add new keyboard (or whatever it says) find it.
The new Safari for iPhone is full screen with a new unified search bar and support for more than 8 tabs.
The new system lets users see big thumbnails of the apps that are running, which makes finding the right app easier. All the apps have been redesigned, and new features such as Control Center make it easier to get to your settings.
It will say that the version is not certified to be compatible with your device, but it will work. This background is similar to the one found on the very first versions of iOS, which also had a different background for the dock than rest of the homescreen. If you are one of those people who would like to remove or change the way how dock in iOS 7 looks then DockShift tweak is for you. If you want to put all your games into a folder you can now do that and scroll through apps in a folder. Pick a genre or create a station form your favorite artist like on Pandora, but gain Siri control.
You most likely started with an android and because you know it you never switched over or if you did switch you have just been on android so long that it just seems easier, it is not.

After all these years waiting for filetransfer over wifi and bluetooth, but now we get nothing? This style over function is a chump’s change to dazzle the slave masses who work the forty-pluses. I always said that Apple is so plain and flat but after this update, it just looks incredible.
A major cause of concern was the choice of system font — an ultra thin variant of Helvetica Neue — that looked good, but was extremely hard to read. The system font’s most important job is to be legible to as many people as possible in as many conditions as possible, so the previous choice was simply a bad design choice. Just as the new APIs in iOS 7 were clearly the result of Apple listening to all of us, we now have a sign that they’re listening on the design front as well.
One of these tweaks is Color Keyboard which allows you to customize the iOS keyboard to your hearts content. Unlike Fancy, which was the only way to customize the color of your keyboard until now, Color Keyboard comes with multiple keyboard themes (not just colors) to choose from that come with the tweak.
A respring will be required to implemented each theme, but luckily you also have a preview available. Today Apple releases its iOS 7 for download, which brings a lot of new changes to the software that was introduced more than six years ago. It is certainly a big change, and to ease the adjustment we have created a guide to help you understand the seven main new features. Your phone insecurity complex is just BORING, so i suggest u either get a life, or, like i said, shove your stupid little face down the toilet. The way i look at it most of these OEMs copy somewhat from each other or improve on already existing tech…no need for all the silly lawsuits.
Apple thinks long and hard about everything, however they don’t want people to use other non apple products so they lock them out unless they are willing to jailbreak.
Don’t forget the reason Android is even around is because apple is a trail blazer and all mobile operating systems learned from apples vision. I gotta say, i like this white contrast look BUT only with a white device to match, otherwise, it’ll look odd.
Can the dev please check out what the heck is going on because I want to be able to use it! It is not only capable of removing the background but also offers variety of different dock backgrounds that give the homescreen a fresh new look.
I started this 9 months ago and practically straight away started making more than $83 per hour.
The design of every iPhone is so slick and nice, the screens are excellence and have used the best technology they can get their hands on. I gotta agree now, android looks like a piece of shit compared to this amazing new UI and I’ve had android since gingerbread. My Mom wanted a smaller phone last year, but not an I-phone so I did my homework & we ended up getting her the Moto M. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. I’ve had 2 droid phones and each time the operating systems eventually slow down and contract viruses like the one your mom gives to every man that pays her.
If Android don’t wet yr panties go waste some dough on an iPad, if you gotta, but that junk is harder to sync.

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