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Select Settings from Facebook’s Drop-down arrow (top right of Facebook window), on the left column select Followers. However on further inspection it appears that the Gmail app on the iPhone and iPad are merely increasing the font size in some emails. For the most part, this change has improved the experience on Gmail as it has made previously small fonts legible.
Gmail really should just bite the bullet and support media queries just like the iOS and Android email clients.
I also noticed that not all emails are modified, in fact quite a number of emails such as those from Brookstone and Target were left alone, with tiny text and all. I came to the conclusion that gmail applies this change to emails containing any element that is wider than the current viewing window size. However I noticed some emails such Brookstone were 640px wide yet did not trigger Gmail’s font size changes.
After some experimentation I came up with a snippet of code that would prevent Gmail from applying the font size change to your email.
If your email is 700px or wider, add 5 or 6 more dashes and spaces to prevent Gmail from bumping the fonts on the iPad. The white-space:nowrap with the dashed line creates a line about 500px across that when bumped up in size will exceed 700px causing the Gmail app to not apply the font change. Hi Justin, thanks for posting this fix – the app update has caused quite a few headaches this week.
Vic I checked with my colleagues and the white on white may increase your spam score but if you have decent reputation it shouldn’t make a difference – but its something to consider! I like this fix, but i think that should be a serious issue, because Google punishes websites if they use the same color and background-color and try to hide content from the eyes of the user.
Here’s a fix that works, and avoids the need to hide content, which might trigger a SPAM flag.
Eh, the 2nd rule set in my comment is supposed to be inside a MSO conditional comment, but it was stripped. If you don’t have a lot of font declarations or media query overrides, this suggestion would definitely come in handy.

Hey Mukul, you’ll just have to test combinations of monospace fonts and the number of characters to suit your needs. I put in the initial fix with the dashes and I’m finding that it is working well in the Gmail app for iPhone but not in Android where the auto-fit is switched on. We have created a newsletter that works perfect (as far as can get) in IOS, Android and desktop. The client’s phone is android and is in Germany, we on the other hand are based in the Netherlands. However you should really only have one ‘truly responsive email in your file, not two which are switched via media queries depending on device. Just to add, I think we should forget about responsive emails for Gmail App and use this fix. We’re at the mercy of Gmail picking their bums while we wait for some basic media query support for their client. The people who crafted your analytics newsletter are contractors, on a deadline, on a budget, and just trying to get something that works out on time.
Core Google Engineering is not vetting every email build that goes out for conformity to Google’s view of proper email HTML. Proper engineering would not be altering the incoming email as you could never code smart enough to have 100% of cases work well. They should also support media queries as that is considered the correct way of supporting smaller devices.
However in other emails it has made the experience much worse, primarily by causing lines to wrap and breaking designs. That way, designers can decide on the best font size for viewers on mobile and desktop clients.
However from my crude measurements it looks like Gmail increases all font sizes by over 50% which is significant and causes many lines to wrap. For example when viewed in potrait mode on an iPhone 6 Plus, emails with tables wider than 400px triggers the font size change, but when viewed in landscape mode, the email is not modified until the table width is over 700px. After more sleuthing, I found out that if the white-space: nowrap style is applied to text and if increasing the text size would cause the email width to be widened beyond the window width (causing the email to look really bad), that Gmail somehow senses it and backs off on applying the font size change.

If Gmail’s font size change causes your email to look particularly broken, you might want to try putting this code at the bottom of your email above the closing body tag to prevent the font size changes until you get a chance to make design changes.
If you have a long email, you might consider putting this snippet closer to the top and adding line-height:0px so it minimizes the vertical whitespace.
When the email is viewed in say, a non-Gmail mobile client, it won’t affect your responsive layout. Have you tried line-height to see if it fixes the “layered” effect on multi-lined text? I have wasted a couple of days finding solution to the font auto resizing for android gmail app. Add an Outlook conditional comment that includes the same rule sets you applied the !important declaration to, minus the declaration. In other words, tables that should stack remain on the same row, totally dismissing the fluid layout. This technique forces the width of the email to around 500px and therefore the fluid layout won’t work with this. As a substitute, you can still change the font style on letters to friends and family--revealing just a small piece of your personality compared to your own handwriting. Similarly on the iPad the modifications are triggered at approximately 625px in potrait mode.
The company that we built this newsletter for, sent us screenshots showing us that the responsive content is showing but also the NON responsive content that should be hidden. They do not even understand that line height must be changed with font size or eventually lines will sit over each other.

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