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For these two footnotes, I need to indepently set the fonts and font sizes, using \ssa\bf, \cga\bf etc., so they have a distinguishable appearance. I could not determine which were the proper ones to adjust the font settings for the footnote's number in the text, the footnote's number near the note at the bottom of the page, and the footnote's note text at the bottom of the page. How can I change the fonts and font sizes of the various components of footnotes in ConTeXt? These options, such as \setupnote[noteone][textstyle=\ssd], do not change the font size of any of the numbers. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged fonts footnotes fontsize context context-mkiv or ask your own question. How to renumber and redisplay additional references to a previous footnote if the previous appearance was several pages prior in ConTeXt? How to independently set the font properties of each component in section titles in ConTeXt? By the way, how do I configure so that the there is no indent for each footnote but add a small space after the number? Can you provide the community with a minimal working example (MWE) that replicates your current behaviour? While a \parindent is set at 1em, the first paragraph is set without indent - \noindent - with the footnote number set in a box of width 1.8em, rght aligned. The gap between footnotes (including the footnote rule and the first footnote) is given by \footnotesep. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged spacing horizontal-alignment formatting footnotes or ask your own question. Is it possible to declare that the footnote number is right aligned but uses a dynamic width?

How can I set the space between footnotes and page number equal to the space I have between text and page number? Is the existence of a sole particle in an hypothetical infinite empty space explicitly forbidden by QM? Please advice changing the vruler font size and the vruler should be hide on the endnote printing first page.
I've added the comments to inform people going to run the following MWE, that, at the first run those lines have to be commented, since the endnotes are not being created yet, and the file .ent containing them is missing.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged rules endnotes or ask your own question. How do I get that line that represents a repeating author in a bibliography or works cited page?
HOLLAND - Dutch police now automatically intercept internet traffic when setting up a telephone tap, online magazine Computerworld reports on Thursday. The news was buried in the justice ministry's annual report which was published in May and has only now been made public, the website states. In the report, the ministry says officials placed more than 25,181 taps last year, down around 1,000 on 2013.
However, the ministry says in a report footnote that it no longer gives separate figures for internet taps because they are now 'technically and procedurally standard'. Privacy group Bits of Freedom (BoF) said the change breaks government pledges to improve transparency. Last year, home affairs minister Ronald Plasterk refused to reveal how many taps are placed by the Dutch security services AIVD and MIVD. Sam Vokes scores the only goal as Burnley secure promotion to the Premier League with a home victory over QPR.

There are long queues at the reopening of the departure hall at Brussels airport, weeks after suicide attacks there killed 16 people.
Include the part starting with \usepackage{etoolbox} and ending with \makeatother inside your document preamble somewhere.
In addition, tapping internet connections is much more privacy-sensitive than a phone, spokesman Rejo Zenger told the website. If it doesn't work for you, create a minimal working example and approach the mailing list. My need is the vruler should be hide on the printing endnote page and the vruler counting number is started "0001" on chapter opening page. However, other experimental studies show that local auxin biosynthesis modulates gradient- directed planar polarity in Arabidopsis, and a local source of auxin biosynthesis contributes to auxin gradient homeostasis (Ikeda et al., 2009). In addition, experimental evidence shows that, in root devel- opment, hormones and the associated regulatory and target genes form a network, in which relevant genes regulate hormone activ- ities and hormones regulate gene expression. Furthermore, PIN levels are positively reg- ulated by ethylene and auxin in Arabidopsis roots (Ruzicka et al., 2007). Cytokinin also has the capacity to mod- ulate auxin transport, by transcriptional regulation of the PIN genes (Ruzicka et al., 2009).

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