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This guide will take you through the process for both the old and the more recent versions of Firefox.
You can set your homepage to whatever webpage you like, but bear in mind it will be the first page that you see when you open Firefox, so make it a useful one! Some examples would include: Your email account, if you check your emails first thing, or maybe your preferred news website or search engine.
The procedure for opening the Options dialogue box will vary depending on which version of Firefox you are using.
Click on the Menu Icon near the top-right of the screen and then click on the Options icon (see below). If it is the webpage you are currently viewing, just click the Use Current Page button, then simply click on the OK button. Yahoo won the deal to be the default search engine in Firefox in November; now after losing some search share, Google's fighting back. Now that Yahoo has gained search share from Google thanks to its Firefox deal, the search giant seems to be finally hitting back with moves to get users to switch to Google. I’ve been checking each week since the deal was announced in November to see if Google would finally do as I expected, try to prompt those using Firefox to change back from Yahoo to Google.
I got this message when using Firefox on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10, a Lenovo desktop running Windows 8.1 and another Search Engine Land editor got it even though his homepage was set to Google Translate. The messages did not appear for me when using Firefox on the Mac, nor when going to Google with Internet Explorer on a PC (though I did get a long-standing message in a different section of the Google home page encouraging me to download Chrome). The tweet leads to what appears to be a new page made up for Firefox users, telling them how to change. Google does have dedicated pages to encourage IE users to switch either their search engine (see here) or home page (see here). However, the messages for Firefox users are new — and driven, it would seem, because of the reports that Google has lost search share. I figured it was inevitable Google would do this, if the Firefox-Yahoo deal really did seem to be having an impact.
My response has always been that if Google was worried, it could and would fight back in this type of manner. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. This article will show you how to change Home Page and Default Search Engine in Firefox browser. Inside the list, if you find any unwanted Search Engines listed, click on it and then click Remove. A relic of an earlier time when we launched our Web browsers once per day and wanted to view a favorite website first thing in the morning, the browser home page function today is a waste of time and bandwidth for most users. By default, Firefox opens to a Mozilla start page with a search box every time you launch a new browser window. By default, Google Chrome launches to a blank tab page rather than loading a Web page, but if your Chrome loads to a Web page, here's how to change it. Once settled, Fupa Games toolbar will hijack your web browser via a browser add-on shown as Fupa, meanwhile modifying your default web search provider with Conduit search. With this Fupa Games toolbar and Conduit Search hijack, you will face floods of popup ads that prompts you to download low rating free downloads like PriceGong or Value Apps as shown below.

This Fupa Games toolbar is typically distributed via bundling freeware downloaded from the Internet. Mostly likely, people get this Fupa Games toolbar infiltrate to hijack their web browser when they recklessly download and install some required software when visiting some websites. To remove search redirects from web browser, generally there are mainly three aspects in fixing browser settings in IE, Firefox and Chrome: remove add-on and related search engine, fix the homepage. Open Google Chrome and click bars icon to navigate to toolbars and extensions, find related or unwanted extensions to locate and click on the Trash can icon to remove it. Open Mozilla Firefox, click on Firefox button on the top left of the window to open a dropped menu where you need to select Add-ons to open the mange add-ons window. On the opened window of manage add-ons, locate the Extensions tab to locate related add on and click Remove button to remove it. Besides, you also need to check for the plugin tab on the add-on manage window, where you may also find other unwanted plugin and if any, make sure remove it as well. Open a new blank tab in your Firefox, and type about:config in the address bar to open a window as shown in below picture.
Then,  on the appeared window, type Fupa Games and conduit respectively  in the search box to find any items with value containing the keywords of the PUP from list there and highlight the item, right click on it to select Reset, one by one. There will open a window of Manage add-ons, where you need to locate on Toolbars and Extensions tab, search through the list to find related add-on. Still on the window of manage add-ons, switch to Search Providers tab, and then search for related or unwanted search provider to locate it and click on Remove button at the bottom to get rid of it. Since this Conduit search hijacker can inject its tracking cookies or use other means to track your online search habit and access to all your browser data, it is necessary to remove the related browser data including its tracking cookies and browser history to prevent its survival. 2. Click Disk Cleaner button on the main screen and then on the left navigator, locate the web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome that you use, and then select item of removing cookies.
To block malicious websites and pop up ads for safer surfing online, some tools like Anvi Ad Blocker would be a nice choice. So I deleted it all of my computer and my browser is soooooo slow I can’t even go onto any link any help?? If you can not find the trovi add-on in Internet Explorer, please ignore the tips and manually to repair your web browser. By the way, please also check carefully if there is any program named conduit, search protect, browser defender, software watcher etc.. I searched my entire add or remove programs and there is nothing that I don’t recognise or has that logo but trovi still shows up. A lot of people set their homepage to their email page, or some other page they use on a regular basis. We show you how to set the homepage to either your current page, an existing bookmark, or alternatively, by typing in the address of the webpage.
But on Twitter, others have told me they’ve seen them within the past two months or so. He’s a widely cited authority on search engines and search marketing issues who has covered the space since 1996. When you try to uninstall it, the changes are not reverted back to value that it should be. Who wants to wait a few seconds while Internet Explorer loads the MSN home page for you every single time you want to open a new window?
With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test.

Then every time you open your web browser or even a new tab, you seems to be forced to use the conduit search, which currently just utilize the real search results by reputable search provider like Google, Bing, Yahoo, but actually with various ads mixed to be puzzling.
If you unfortunately encounter such hijacking, you may use below removal guide to get rid of it completely. Thus technically it could not be called a virus but a browser hijacker because it does not use any exploits or trojans to spread. They think they have download some things needed or useful however end up with the nasty redirects and hijacking of toolbar and conduit search. Take extra caution when you are required to download some browser updates, or adobe flash players.
Pay attention when clicking a superlink or opening an email from unknown people and express company.
At any rate, the best way to protect computer from infections would be always security tools including firewall, antivirus, antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender.
So to fix all, you also need to repair the browser settings including removing browser add-on, homepage, search provider, and even deleting browser data to ensure all clean. This step can help you clean out those left files, mainly registry entries of the uninstalled PUP. Click Home button to back on home page and click Quick Care button and the system maintenance begins.
In fact, all the major search engines have done campaigns like that at different times going back for years. Certainly, I’ve taken enough calls from various press outlets wondering if the deal and subsequent share loss meant a big problem for Google. Danny also serves as Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, which publishes Search Engine Land and produces the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series.
My expertise are in Operating Systems, mainly Windows and Computer security which comes from my experience, working as Tech Support and Trainer for Microsoft, Symantec and McAfee.
It is too careful to open an attachment contained in a spam email or peer-to-peer shared files from the Internet. And also clean browser data including browser history and browser cookies on regular basis to better protect your online privacy.
Not only will it help you automatically clean the browser data, but also it will maintain your system performance in order to return a smooth uncluttered OS. Loves blogging about Technical Troubleshooting, discussing latest Gadgets, Games and doing Reviews. On Add Search Engine, check the box Make this the current search engine to set this search provider as the default and click Add.
If it doesn’t list there, you probably need to edit Windows registry or use third-party anti-malware program to scan and remove it. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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