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The sample career change cover letter below features Hillary Thompson, a customer service professional with 5 years' experience working as a Customer Sales Advisor. In the second paragraph, she expands on her current role as a Customer Sales Advisor, highlighting her achievements and demonstration of relevant transferable skills.
The career change cover letter sample above is intended to provide insight on how to highlight transferable skills to transition towards other fields. The position as an ambassador holds a big responsibility, since the said person is not only to interact within the organization, but also be the representation of the organization to the outside community.
Consumer marketing job needs good communication skills to persuade customer buying the products.

She now wants to transition her skills towards the banking and finance sector and applies for a Personal Banker position using three short paragraphs. In the third and final paragraph, Hillary concludes by re-iterating her suitability for the vacant Personal Banker position. With the tight competition in job hunting world, experience is highly needed, while not all of the college graduates possess the experience level that the employer wants. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
In this career change cover letter example, she starts by first affirming her suitability for the position (even though it is in a different industry sector) because of her relevant customer service and sales skills which she wants to leverage to transition into banking and finance.

Consumers marketing are responsible to promote products and increase profit in a company by increasing sales. She is indeed a suitable candidate because the Personal Banker job she is seeking requires the same transferable sales and customer service skills she already demonstrates daily in her current role as a Customer Sales Advisor.

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