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This IP Helper software shows you both your internal and external IP addresses, can notify you by email when they change, performs DNS and Whois lookups, and much more!
Your internet browser may redirect to unwanted legitimate (Google) and malicious (IASK123) websites for several reasons during internet searches and and prior to typing URLs into the browser’s address bar.
In the list of installed programs search for a program which may be affecting your internet browser and double click the program to uninstall it. In most cases you will be able to restore your computer to an automatic restore point created by Windows. Once a restore is accomplished and your system has rebooted properly, proceed to repair browser settings.
After removal is complete, proceed to repair Home Page and Provided Search Engine followed by deleting browser cache and cookie files.
A website capable of altering browser settings may also provide links to download BHOs such as search Toolbars voluntarily. Another similar link technique may be the ever-so frowned upon text link stating along the lines of make this page your home page.
Collect, distribute, sell, and store user information, including system and internet activity for a customer user experience or malicious purpose. Create backdoors for associated and third party infections, including adware, ransomware, scareware, spyware, viruses, and Trojans. Your DNS IP address has been voluntarily changed to protect your system against malware or troubleshoot external connectivity.
In a scenario where your system was introduced to DNS changer malware or an infection that may corrupt DNS IP address settings, you or a repair technician may have changed your DNS IP address to a secure set of DNS IPs therefore causing your browser to redirect to certain websites.
Your DNS IP address has been involuntarily changed due to DNS Changer malware and other parasites. DNS Changer malware may infect a system undetected, change DNS IP addresses, remain dormant, and collect personal information via keystrokes and backdoor access. Note that you need an NTFS file system, which is default since Windows 2000, because you can't create files larger than 2 GB on FAT(32) file systems! If you have a virus scanner with on-access scanning, you should make sure that it is disabled or doesn't touch the directory where you want to install speedLinux. For this reason, we have repackaged the standard coLinux installer to speedLinux installer.
In order to run speedLinux, you will either need administrator access or you can run coLinux as a service. Remember that you'll need something in the range of 6+ gigabytes free in the location you choose, on NTFS partitions.

Starting LINUX via the penguin icon (upstart.bat), will result in having this additional file images present. If you change the default user name to something else as „freetz“ already stored default settings for desktop and tools are missing and you have to set-up all this yourself after booting.
The network settings are for the private dedicated high speed connection between Windows and speedLinux. No additional Changes within LINUX should be needed, of course some order Images my behave different. Next Question is if you want to resize, don't resize if you are happy with the size the downloaded System is.
A window will pop up that actually will populate the used base.vdi, if resize was selected then here it will take a lot of time until this window will close again! Whenever any of the helper installers pop up, you can simply pound on the Next button as all of the defaults should be sane.
Assuming you installed the shortcuts, you should now be able to launch Installed speedLinux from the Start Menu. Starting LINUX can be done by clicking on of the pinguine icons on Desktop, in the short cut menu. If you opted to not install the short-cuts, you will have to run the coLinux program by hand.
Or start Console(NT) or Console(FLTK) login as root and type terminal, this will bring up a nice Window like to the one using ssh. If you're unhappy with speedLinux and wish to remove it from your system, simply use the uninstaller short cut. This is not dangerous, most internet browsers are set to Bing, Google, and browser manufacturer pages by default. Often Hijackers rely on cookie files, software installs, and browser helper objects such as add-ons, extensions, and Toolbars.
Remove Browser Helper Objects – Remove add-ons, extensions, and toolbars altering browser. These toolbars may install third party applications, including malware, in turn causing an infection with a third party or sponsored client. These redirections often occur when your internet browser has accessed a potentially harmful websites.
DNS Changer (DNSchanger) malware can be very severe and cause a system to lose internet and network connectivity as well as introduce the system owner, users, and system itself to a slue of issues concerning cyber criminal activities ranging from identity theft to complete control of a computer system.
Get rid of malware with the best Antivirus and Anti-Malware downloads, block referrer spam, and more.

Any file-system my work but it must be unpacked with bz2 first and then renamed to base.dvi. If you did download it before and the compressed image is still present a other Pop-up will show up asking if the old ons should be used or not.
That means that when speedLinux runs, it will claim the specified RAM amount for its own use. Unless the network segment selected by default is already taken in your system, the defaults should be fine (talk to your local IT support if you don't know what this means).
You are of course free to customize things however you like as speedLinux will not rely on any of the defaults. Some ISPs change your IP Address every time you connect to the internet, others provide you with the same IP Address for a few days before changing it. Most of these websites have a common theme of providing free internet search engines, free games, free videos, free Live Messenger tools (emoticons, scripts), free desktop widgets, and other free applications.
You may still obtain a file system image of a distribution and create an appropriate configuration file for your set-up. If you're new to speedLinux or you are not comfortable with doing these low level steps yourself, this is where you should get started. If you plan working with live source trees, you will likely need to reserve even more resources. Once you quit speedLinux though, the memory in question will of course be released back to Windows. Some of these values will be translated into a speedLinux configuration file which you can later change at any time, so don't sweat having to get this exactly right.
For a smooth running system (both Windows and speedLinux), you really should have gobs of memory at your disposal nowadays. If you need to re-size the image restart the installation process, all your changes will be preserved. To make it work with Ubuntu 9.04 minicom has to be installed, by invoking apt-get install minicom.

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