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SoftModders are always looking for ways to stand apart from everyone else, whether it's getting a transparent dock background or adding extra app icons to your home screen.
How to Replace the Carrier Name with Custom TextIf symbols aren't your thing, here's a way to add a custom text.
You can jailbreak and use these two tweaks, although the first one will also now let you insert a text that you want to display.
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When creating a project in XCode 4 with the name My_Project, the default folder that is created is contains a subfolder with the same name that contains all the headers, plists, etc.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged iphone xcode4 folders or ask your own question. Are there an infinite number of prime numbers where removing any number of digits leaves a prime? In a formal paper, should I censor "brainf**k", the name of a programming language?

Snapchat is a famous social media video chat app that is becoming insanely famous among the teens. Now tap the Settings (cogwheel) icon in the top right of the screen and tap the ‘logout’ option (yes, just keep doing what I say).
From your address book, you can easily tap and add all those people who are using Snapchat. The problem is when Facebook will email to the user (if users has turned on notification security). Different is always better.Replacing your carrier name with a cool logo or custom text isn't a very conspicuous tweak, but it is definitely an alternative to what everyone else has. I've found plenty on renaming the whole project but I just want to change that folders name to something more descriptive. Still the compiler is looking for the info.plist and such in the default directory name "My_Project".
The only nuisance in this method is saving contacts and making sure no Snapchat contact gets missed.

All you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone running iOS 7 and use a few Cydia apps to tweak the status bar, which I'll cover below. For this, you will have to note down the username of the friends who you think are missed from the ‘My Friends’ of your old Snapchat account.
From my experimentation I have replaced the user-agent string with the Mobile Safari user-agent string and the email had "Mobile Safari on iPhone". This workaround is the only option because Snapchat’s been pretty silly and won’t letting people change their Snapchat usernames.
When I replaced the user-agent string with a custom string I get "Facebook login from an unrecognized device?".
As most of the users of Snapchat are from the iOS device, we will explain you how to change Snapchat username in iPhone.

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