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These are instructions on how to change the root SSH password on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch.
Yesterday, a well-known KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple may launch a smaller 4-inch iPhone early next year. The rumor was shared by AppleInsider reporters who cite the source that was correct in the past. Though plans can change as a product makes its way to market, Apple is apparently hoping to complete the development cycle of its "iPhone 7" faster than in previous years. As it was reported yesterday, the iPhone 7 may feature a brand new A10 processor and 2GB of RAM. I recommend that you write, compile, and run this script in Apple’s AppleScript Editor app, included on every Mac.
You can create Python scripts for every action that can be performed from the command line. So I set this up, but does anyone have any idea what command I’d run from ssh to launch an app.
Ps: The file SpringBoard.strings has a ton of other settings you can change, just check it, but be sure to make a backup first on your iPhone of the original file, so you can always go back !!
Yes it’s possible, but you will need to convert the plist file back to binary to show these characters. I’ve seen some guys phone had his cancel button changed to say something else on the slide to power off screen.

Today, a new rumor appeared on the Internet suggesting that Apple may change its usual product update cycle and release the next-generation iPhone earlier than we expect.
The exact date of launch of the iPhone 7 still remains unknown, however, Apple may unveil it in June or July. It's expected that the next-generation handset will feature a completely new external design, as the company has traditionally done with new model numbers. It helps if you have a general understanding of OpenSSH, the command line, and scripting with AppleScript or Python. I will show you how to make a Respring script, to easily restart your iPhone’s SpringBoard.
Open Alfred’s preferences, and click the Shell Script option to create a new extension. Now I have opened on my computer the app, Terminal and tried to input the command plutil however i think I’m missing something.
Do let me know in case you are successful as well as unsuccessful also, so we can look into other solutions as well. You must update jailbreak root password in your iOS device, here I explained basic steps to change jailbreak root password in this iOS tutorial. You can invoke a hotkey, type Respring into your Mac, and your iPhone SpringBoard will restart automatically. This tutorial involves making a script for each command you want to execute on your iPhone.

Each script file will include the credentials necessary to gain root access to your iPhone. If you want to be able to use Alfred for multiple iOS devices, you will need a different script for each one, so this folder naming convention is very practical. The issues i am having are, for instance, i downloaded this program whose description said that my iphone will vibrate every 15 seconds when i have an unread sms, that didnt work.
I prefer to use Python to write my scripts, but enchanter also offers Beanshell and Ruby versions. The third value is the user name, in this case root, since we need the Mac to login as root to perform these actions. You can customize the Title and Description to your liking, but make sure the checkbox for Silent is checked and Action is left unchecked.
Do note that your password is stored in plain text in this file, so if you’re worried about security, you may want to enable encryption on your Mac with FileVault. So your device more secure as compare to jailbreak device.If your device is jailbreak, SSH in turn on. If you want to make sure this works, you can send that command into a new Terminal window (do not log in via SSH first).

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