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With the news announced recently that students will be using iPads on the International Business Diploma programme at INTO University of East Anglia, London, Tim Powell Jones, a teacher on the course gives his opinion on why this approach is the way forward. This September, as all students on the International Business Diploma programme at INTO UEA London head into their new classes equipped with iPads, our teaching staff will be using the devices to develop new ways of helping them understand the content in their subject classes and engage with English language and culture. This in no way will replace traditional teaching methods, but instead we hope it will add extra layers of learning and participation to ensure students reach their full potential.
One key aim of our iPad programme is to give students improved access to their core materials. Textbooks will be available on the iPad so that they can read and annotate them while travelling on the Underground, on the way to school, during lessons and seminars, or even check things while sat waiting for friends in a cafe. As they will always have the textbooks with them, students can be explore them further in English classes, and social highlighting functions allow subject teachers to easily share relevant sections with both the students and their English as a Second Language colleagues. We can use iPads to develop study skills and digital literacies, because well-organised students are the ones who tend to succeed in higher education.
The iPad is an incredibly powerful creative tool, which means students can engage with the content of their classes in a more direct way. However, we also want to harness the students’ creativity and ideas on how to use the devices. In the end, we don’t want to be telling them what to do, but rather letting them have control of their own technology and their own learning. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0You can leave a response, or trackback.
The most difficult function we ever learn is how to use language; how to communicate thoughts, needs, feelings and ideas into sounds. While the divine ‘ma’ is so commonly at the root of “mother” in so many (curiously disparate) cultures around the world, another variation of mother also echoes the sacred Aum. The sacred linguistic roots of our words for ‘mother’ tells us a lot about the reverential, matriotic roots of our ancestral societies. The most striking thing about the culture of ancient Crete (or Minoan culture, as it is often called) is how prominent women are.
It is clear that – as many archaeologists have agreed – this was a society in which women had very high status; at least as high as men.
The feminine influence on our cultures, and correspondingly, the manifestation of feminine nature of our collective consciousness, has diminished throughout recorded time – an era of increasingly patriotic global elitism.
This psychological and energetic imbalance is clearly reflected in, and perpetuated by, our common use of language. Definition #1: having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage, strength, and spirit. Then, add to this kind of distorted language the weight of social norms, largely re-generated through media conditioning, and you embed an ideal archetype so unachievable that some spend their entire lives in its pursuit. Such widely held expectations of feminine ‘normality’ undermine the very divinity of the true feminine nature. The definitions above represent one of the more subtle ways the divine feminine is undermined by the radical patriarchy. Such practices don’t just violate the individual rights (and lives) of females but pose a collective attack on the very nature of the divine feminine.
The oppression of the sacred feminine is further obvious when we look at the psychology of systemic environmental destruction.
Believing we are disconnected from our environment and each other, our unbalanced decision makers steer an unbalanced society toward unbalanced and destructive practices (nuclear for example). It is no secret that women are oppressed, beat up and kept down in countless ways, in cultures all over the world. Unfortunately, like most “movements”, the second-wave feminist movement ultimately became “controlled opposition” in some regards, overrun by the ideals of the masculine institution.
Thus, just as the banking elite funded revolutionaries in Russia and China to destabilize the existing regimes, so with feminism and “women’s liberation,” the destabilization of the masses could be more easily accomplished, not just through altering social structures, but also through attacking gender. As a result of this trend, women are certainly working more than at any time in history, yet the number of women in key decision making roles still remains relatively low.
When we honestly assess the energetic state of our world today, we see that the feminist movement has not achieved any significant change to the masculine priorities and practices that underpin our society’s most influential institutional structures.
So while the initial intentions behind the feminist movement, and indeed some of the rights that were recognized along the way, were clearly very valuable, its success was limited by deliberately steered objectives. Just as the divine feminine has been relegated, the role of “the male” in our society has conversely manipulated. The distorted expression of the masculine within our institutional structures and the desecration of the divine feminine, as constructed by those institutional powers, is evidenced by the rather un-divine expressions of masculinity and femininity that are so embraced and embedded in our society. Throughout recorded time, the power of the word to change things, to change everything, remains a constant.
But beside the more overt manipulations of censorship, language is deliberately used to condition our thinking in ways most of us do not comprehend. 1) Devotion to Mother Earth, ecology, sustainability, peace and the survival of life and the human species. 2) Love or celebration of women’s influence upon society; the feminine equivalent of male patriotism. 3) Love or celebration of men’s influence upon society; the masculine equivalent of female matriotism.
The distinction here is very clear: patriotism values collectivism and competition, while matriotism values individualism, compassion and sustainability. The American Indians despite a variety of beliefs and traditions shared many customs and ideas.
Rather than being considered the experienced caretakers and the wise leaders of our communities, the role of the maternal elder in our youth-obsessed society has effectively been relegated to nursing home status.
Yet, while women are encouraged to embody the “masculine” in their social roles, the same cannot be said in reverse. This raises the question: to negate the radical masculine, is a balanced approach to engender feminine virtues in boys? Add to this imbalance between masculine and feminine the effects of a youth-driven culture, and the matriarchs of the world – the female elders of the tribe – are regarded in our society’s consciousness as secondary on two fronts; age and gender. Given our society’s imbalanced embodiment of the masculine over the feminine, of the young over the old, and the resulting subjugation of the matriarchy, the only way humanity can now move forward is to restore that balance.
Such a shift won’t happen over night, it will start at home… with the mothers and grandmothers of the world, who will teach the next generation of thought leaders the value of giving and not getting, and the wisdom of revering and caring for the Earth Mother, just as they revere the Mother herself… with the fathers and grandfathers of the world, who will teach their children to honor the feminine in all her physical embodiment, and guide the culture of their families and communities, valuing the virtues of the sacred masculine and feminine in harmony… with those of us who will stand up to those institutions that support the oppressive treatment of women – be it violent or more subtle – with courageous, compassionate, peaceful action… and with those of us who will integrate the yin and yang in our inner worlds, and consciously re-define how our cultures express (and therefore how they consider) the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. To heal a world increasingly ravaged by unchecked patriarchy, we must rediscover the honor of the sacred masculine and value equally the qualities of the sacred matriarch – a devotion to Mother Earth, ecology, sustainability, peace and the survival of life and the human species. Based in Sydney Australia, Lucy Morales is a writer, speaker and activist with an keen interest in exploring humanity’s social, environmental and spiritual realities. Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to California.
The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism, an insightful exploration of history, philosophy and contemporary politics. Tibetan Fusion a book of simple meditative practices and movements that can help you access and balance your energy. The Little Green Book of Revolution an inspirational book based on ideas of peaceful revolution, historical activism and caring for the Earth like Native Americans. The Matrix of Four, The Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity on the subject of the development of individual consciousness.
108 Steps to Be in The Zone a set of 108 meditative practices and steps toward self discovery and individual betterment, including techniques to develop balance, transmute sexual energy and better the self. Terra-ist Letters, a controversial work that humorously contrasts the very serious issues of global nuclear experimentation promotion and global marijuana prohibition. The true essence of the divine feminine and the divine masculine transcend all our superficial cultural categories and concepts…. An Inca legend says the Inca Empire was destroyed by the gods when a gold and jeweled star burst was stolen from the Temple of the Sun centuries ago, and the ancient civilization will spring anew when the treasure is returned.
Harry Steele: You're wondering how you're going to pay me without hurting my feelings, Miss Morris, forget it. With the launch of Windows 10, users can take advantage of a much-improved Start menu, along with the helpful Cortana assistant.
Compared to the two distinct environments of Windows 8.1, Windows 10 feels more integrated and seamless. On the bottom right of the desktop, Windows 10 adds a notification icon that, when clicked, brings you to the new Action Center, where you can see alerts from apps that are both active and dormant. The taskbar in Chrome OS shows icons for currently active apps, as well as shortcuts to essential Google apps, such as Docs, Drive and YouTube. On the flip side, Chrome OS has a similar feature you can enable in settings, called "OK, Google" that will let you ask Google Now questions when the Launcher is open or when a blank Chrome tab is open. However, Cortana does a lot more than Google Now: You can perform natural-language searches for files on your laptop, dictate emails, book appointments and, yes, tell jokes. For a laptop to be fully functional, you'll need a few basic programs, including ones for productivity, photo editing, video editing, video playback, music playback and a browser. Chrome OS is basically a big browser, so if you can run a program or play a game through a website, you can use it on Chrome. The Chrome Web Store currently offers thousands of apps, though Google doesn't provide the exact number.
The Duolingo app brings the smartphone language-learning app to the Chrome desktop with simplicity and a clean design. There are plenty of programs that don't run on Chromebooks, such as CyberLink PowerDirector. Windows 10 offers a plethora of photo-editing programs, including support for Photoshop Elements.
What you will find on the Web-based Chrome OS platform are some basic editing options, such as Photoshop Express and Pixlr Editor. With Windows 10 came the introduction of Microsoft's new Photos app, which has basic photo-editing tools.
Anyone who has used mobile photo editors like Instagram and Afterlight will easily get the hang of the new Windows Photos app. Chrome is a great browser that offers strong performance, a clean and easy-to-use interface, and a ton of extensions.
On the other hand, Windows 10 can also run Chrome, along with pretty much every other Web browser ever made, giving you the flexibility to surf the Internet exactly how you want to. Edge sets itself apart with a few other tricks, like Markups, which turn Web pages into notebook pages. Windows still provides a traditional and familiar folder of files, which appears in the simple File Explorer program. The main drawback for Chromebook users is the smaller amount of space you're likely to have on your machine's hard drive. Being the go-to business-friendly operating system, Windows 10 is the standard when it comes to getting stuff done. Microsoft's own Office suite — which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint — is also the standard bearer for productivity software. On Chromebooks, you can still access Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but they're Microsoft's Web-only versions of the apps available through OneDrive. There are third-party productivity options for Chrome OS, including Zoho and Polaris, but most of those programs require a Web connection as well. Most hard-core games require some serious specs, including discrete graphics chips, plenty of onboard storage and advanced processing power. As such, you will not be able to download or play World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Diablo III, League of Legends or Dota 2 on a Chromebook. Neither Windows 10 nor Chrome OS supports every file type ever made, but on Microsoft-powered machines, you have the option of downloading codecs to play those files on your laptop. Windows has long been a known target for hackers looking to infect PCs with viruses, malware, botnets and keyloggers. Windows Defender runs in the background and notifies you if you need to take actions, such as performing a virus removal.
If something does get into your Chrome OS system, restoring it to its factory settings requires only a couple of clicks on the mouse pad. Variety is the spice of life, and fewer types of technology offer as much variety as Windows PCs. In Chrome OS world, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 gives you a lot of laptop for your money, with a 13.3-inch full-HD display (a rarity on PCs in this price range), 4GB of RAM and 13 hours of battery life, all for just $330. If you can be swayed by the addition of promotional goodies, both Google and Microsoft have some attractive incentives that may help sweeten the deal.
If you're comfortable living in the cloud and you want to get stuff done in a secure yet simple environment, a Chromebook will suit you nicely. Again, show me a Windows laptop that costs ?150-?200 that can do this without grinding to a halt. Conveniently didn't bother to mention real world factors such as the vastly superior battery life on a Chromebook, the ease and speed of application installations or the much quicker boot times (8 seconds) with ChromeOS. These are two very different devices, and the best choice for you will depend almost entirely on your expected usage.

The only way you're going to be playing the games you want to on a laptop running Windows is when you spend ?400+ on a laptop capable of playing modern games. In simple terms, are different products for different needs, if you want browsing, casual gaming, a solution based on web, chromebook is the best.
So, I tally that up and it is 5 for chrome, 1 for windows, and 4 ties (which I think should be separate).
You can install a linux distro such as ubuntu on a chromebook and get far more power while still being more lightweight than windows. The Windows comparisons just will not work, if you consider what the average person is doing, and equal cost factored in. Chromebooks are a lot more portable, well designed and have a far greater battery life than its windows counterparts.
Even though we agree in that a windows laptop offers much more, I donA?t understand how you could give 5 points to a chromebook. Convert between full width and half width forms of Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters.
Clip the selected text to your DEVONthink Pro inbox, or search your open databases for the text.
Understanding (and indeed carrying around!) complex textbooks has always been one of the biggest problems that our international students have faced, and by providing these as e-textbooks we hope to address this issue.
While I’m not convinced yet that recording an hour long lecture is particularly useful for students, certainly shorter videos explaining key points are something that could be worth exploring, as is the idea of the ‘flipped lecture’ which is outlined here on the TED website. By using programmes such as Evernote, students can record and categorise every note that they take in class, so when it comes to revision they know exactly where they are. This could mean something as simple as creating professional looking presentations or going out into the local community, interviewing people and using the footage in class. In order to do this we will ensure that a dialogue is set up between school and students, that student representatives have the opportunity to participate in CPD sessions, and that the programme can evolve to best meet their needs. The complex nuances of language and communication are the most difficult things we learn as humans, and also the most powerful and important tool we have.
With the right sentiment, at the proper time, one word can change a society, inspiring it to new understandings, directions and achievements.
In Hinduism, the “aum” sound is the sound of the original vibration of consciousness; of god manifested in form. They are everywhere in Minoan artwork, on pottery, frescoes and figurines… They are shown as priestesses, goddesses, dancing and talking at social occasions, in beautiful dresses with their breasts on show.
As our reverence for the nature of ‘the feminine’ has diminished, so too has the influence of women on the priorities of our civilizations. Obvious examples include the countless derogatory terms for female genitalia and the menstrual cycle. They treat femininity as a value that must be achieved through outside means, a goal, not a divine sacred essence. However much more overt oppression of the sacred feminine is evident in other extremes; in cultures like our own, where femininity has been objectified by popular culture into the realms of over-sexualized male fantasy, while at the other extreme, in certain Middle Eastern countries (among others) for example, women’s value is considered to be far less than that of men – and in some cases, less than that of the animals the family raises. They undermine the sacred gentleness, compassion and wisdom inherent to humanity’s feminine nature, and facilitate the dominance of the decidedly un-sacred masculine. The sacred feminine once kept whole communities intuitively tuned with our Mother Earth, valuing her as the nurturer of life, and honouring her need to be nurtured in return.
The first is what I call our “over-developed sense of ego,” or intensified sense of individuality… The second factor is our “de-sacralised” vision of nature, our inability to sense the “being-ness” of natural phenomena.
Those who have lost the essence of who they really are cannot function in a harmonious, high-vibrational level. Without balance – the masculine and feminine, the yin and yang – what we have allowed in its place is a radical patriarchy.
We certainly have never had the need for a ‘masculinist’ movement, in demand of male rights. If the divine feminine was truly celebrated, revered and embodied – and equally, if the true nature of the divine masculine was embodied – our society would be shaped by quite a different balance of interests and influences; ones that would not have supported the rise of today’s most powerful, war-driven institutional structures.
While the second wave sought to combat social and cultural inequalities, and to an extent was successful in that regard, it by no means caused a revolution in the way our society operates; only the way families and workplaces are run, increasing the time and energy women typically spend “providing” instead of “nurturing”. Feminism is no exception to this, and like Marxism, had the backing of powerful financial interests which could utilize the “liberation” by appealing to the… naive ignorance of youth, as the world witnesses with Mao’s cultural revolution. The attack on gender is a long, scientific process that began with women’s liberation and has now consummated in the synthetic rewrite of all nature. More importantly though, the influence of “feminine” virtues (sustainability, compassion) on what those roles actually achieve has remained all but non-existence. Hilary “Hard Ass” Clinton, Gina “The Coral Reef Bulldozer” Reinhart and Margaret “The Iron Lady” Thatcher are three perfect examples of this archetype. Instead, the forces of bastardization – the radical patriarchy – ensured that the feminist movement became “controlled opposition” in many ways, minimizing its focus and therefore its impact on issues of genuine social direction. Although some may see “women’s liberation” as a mostly done deal, so far, the limitations instilled within the movement have ensured its perceived successes fell well short of bringing about the Divine Feminine Revolution one might have hoped (or in the case of the establishment, feared). The overly sexualized female ideal is matched by similarly unrealistic male ideal, one that is essentially built for war. One word is all it takes to change every form and shape, which is why the United States’ First Amendment – the protection of the right to speak – is first.
The very word “patriotism” is used in our society to describe a virtue of the highest order, while the words “matriotic” and “matriotism” don’t even feature in our society’s collective vocabulary. Among them was to consult the grandmothers of the tribe when a big decision was to be made. Meanwhile generations of future mothers and grandmothers are steered from childhood toward the polarities of the subordinated, overly-sexualized feminine archetype of today’s media and the powerful iron-maiden of our most “successful” female leaders. Our society teaches that access to the energy of the divine feminine should be experienced only by women, and simultaneously engenders an over-masculine ideal of men and maleness. Men and boys who exhibit “feminine” traits energy are assumed to be “weak”, or homosexual, or both, and are often subjected to stereotype and stigma.
Or engender the virtues of the truly sacred masculine in our future men, including due respect for the sacred feminine, and teaching their divine sisters to do likewise?
As a society we need to embody the energy of the divine feminine, and invited the influence of the tribal female elder back to all levels of direction-setting and decision-making in our societies. The future of our civilization now depends on our willingness to recognize our own divinity, to revere both youth and age, and embody the energy of the sacred feminine and the divine masculine in conscious balance, in our words and our deeds. With a ‘past-life’ in the corporate world behind her, she now dedicates her time to exploring the nature of our ailing societies and raising awareness of important trends, issues and solutions.
Guided by a keen sense of integrity and humanity, Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humour. I would like to note that I also thought of the concept of matriotism and now am wishing I had written it down before Lucy. The natives want it but so does Harry Steele, an American adventurer of slightly-shady ways who wants it for personal gain, as does his adversary, a grizzled old man even more into skulduggery than Steele. Offering a simple and stripped-down experience, Google's Chrome OS is extremely easy to use (if you can use a browser, you're good), and it comes inside several affordable laptops that cost as little as $159. To answer that question, we put both Windows and Chrome OS to the test and compared them in 12 rounds of head-to-head competition.
Pressing the Start button reveals the new Start menu, filled with your most used programs and recently installed apps on the left (similar to on Windows 8).
When pressed, the Launcher pop-up features a Google search bar (and the most recent Google Doodle), with a list of your most recently opened apps. For each OS, all you need to do is drag a window to one side, where it snaps to half-screen mode. There are Windows 10 and Chrome OS laptops with touch screens, but Windows 10 makes the most out of those displays. Though it's less versatile, Chrome OS offers a simpler and more straightforward interface than Windows 10. Clicking on the Cortana search bar brings up a window with useful information, including the weather, your next calendar appointment and local restaurants to check out. For Windows laptops and Chromebooks, all of that's possible, but Google's OS is still a work in progress. All three of those options offer interactive Live Tiles to keep you updated on what's happening in the world. A few dozen of those apps offer at least some offline functionality, such as Kindle Cloud Reader and Google Drive for reading and editing on the go. Windows 10 has yet to sport a Spotify or Pandora app, but both music-streaming offerings can be found on Chromebooks. Chrome OS does support popular options such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop Express, Spotify and Facebook. Using the latter, we took a high-resolution photo of a tiger and quickly added effects, an overlay and text, and adjusted the color for brightness, contrast, focal blur and much more. When you open a photo in the app, you can choose the option to edit it from the top-right navigation bar, which opens up tools on the right and left sides of the photo. More serious photographers will want to download programs like Adobe Photoshop to have full control over their images, which is not an option on Chrome OS. You will find simple, no-frills options, such as Magisto and WeVideo, that offer auto-correction and editing with a few clicks. But if you own a machine running Chrome OS, you better really like it, because there aren't any alternatives. Chrome is good, but Windows 10 lets you use Chrome along with a hundred other Web browsers.
You can draw and scribble on tabs to make notes and then export the image to share with others. You can also save to your desktop, pin documents to the bar and create new folders in a jiffy.
The HP Chromebook 14, for example, offers 16GB of local storage, and Google offers 15GB of cloud storage for free. Those who keep tons of photos, videos and other files will want the local storage space that Windows offers. Google Drive, however, works offline, and we really like the real-time collaborative editing and number of useful add-ons. If you're not wedded to Google Drive for all your productivity needs, Windows is the way to go. That's totally doable on a high-end Windows 10 machine, such as the Asus ROG G751JY, but the lower-end machines won't be able to handle it. With the Xbox One app installed on a Windows 10 device, you can hook up an Xbox One controller to the computer and play titles you'd normally play on your console.
You can also play optical discs on Windows 10 with the necessary hardware, but you won't be able to play DVDs or Blu-ray discs on a Chromebook.
In fact, the very first thing anyone should do with a new Windows laptop is install an antivirus suite. The SmartScreen feature also warns you when it doesn't recognize an app, to help prevent phishing attacks.
Device Guard protects Windows 10 machines from any unknown software that hasn't been approved by an official vendor or Microsoft itself. The only security problem Chromebook owners really face is thieves looking to hack the sites you use, where a lot of personal data is stored. The screens alone can range in size from 11 to 18 inches, both with and without touch capability. Microsoft's ecosystem gives you more options, which means you're more likely to find something you really like.
But with Microsoft's initiative to make Windows 10 machines more affordable, the gap in price between Windows 10 and Chrome OS devices has been completely eliminated. But the Chromebook 2's value is a little bit of an outlier, as Dell's Chromebook 13 costs $100 more for pretty much the same specs. If you want the best productivity suite, this subscription is more desirable than Google's collection of freebies.
It simply offers shoppers more — more apps, more photo- and video-editing options, more browser choices, more productivity programs, more games, more types of file support and more hardware options. Or the fact that most users spend 90% of their time using their laptops to access the Internet via a web browser. Comparing the 2 when Chromebooks only use in browser applications and tools vs Installed applications on a Windows machine.. It has completely different purpose than any complicated OS for work and creativity, but concentrates on online features. The main thinking about chromebook as a cheap notebooks and compare to windows is wrong, Chromebook is much more user friendly, lack-lagging, software-problem-less than Windows, am pretty good for daily usage like mail, word, ppt, excel (simple), casual gaming, and even much better with google drive, cloud services, connectivity, etc.
It runs civ 5 under ubuntu very well, Dota 2 will run if you the 4gb ram models, but this is like a 150 dream.
And for most linux distros they come with an installer that allows you to install it with 6 clicks and then you enter your user information. I have to use a windows desktop for work due to software but its just a pain, big fat bloated thing. They also run a lot smoother than the windows laptops in that price range, due to SSD storage and a more lightweight OS.
Pilotmoon Software is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way officially connected to the companies, products or services shown.

Download the extension from the list above, then look in your Downloads folder to find the .popclipextz file.
Students will also be connected to the school via their email and their calendar so they are aware of all major course events. Without language, we would not be able to cooperate to obtain food, clothing and shelter with the efficiency we do. And conversely, with the opposite sentiment, words can tear a society to pieces or manipulate its consciousness into willing submission. A primal tone used to express femininity, it is also, essentially, what most of us call our mothers – the embodiment of the divine feminine. There is a striking fresco of a beautifully dressed woman surrounded by a group of half naked dancing men. Around the world, entire civilizations have lost their energetic balance, becoming overtly militaristic, competitive, nationalistic and institutionalized. Uncivilized.
But our distorted perceptions of masculine and feminine are more subtly even evidenced in the way we use the words ‘manly’ and ‘womanly’ themselves. Today, women are socially encouraged toward the “masculine” roles of provider, competitor and protector, not only by an increased economic necessity but in part by the common interpretation of “feminism” as a woman’s right to embody “masculine” roles such as military, competitive sports etc., rather than a broader opposed to a social movement to instil “feminine” values into our broader culture. There are cultures in which women are routinely given lashes in public… or worse… for causing men to rape them.
By conditioning entire populations to perceive disconnection from their natural environment and the nurturing energy she embodies, the patriarchy has managed to undervalue the need for sustainable, compassionate thinking in our collective plan, and gained our ignorant but willing consent to destroy great swathes of our beautiful planet – on our behalf but to their benefit – and all in great the name of human progress. Our ego-separateness means that we don’t feel connected to the “web of creation,” the network of life on Earth. Adding to the expectations caused by our increasing masculinization of female social roles, the increased necessity for dual-incomes means mothers often don’t have the choice to engage their time in raising their children, as our grandmothers did. Along this long, technocratic and scientistic path, the oligarchs reasoned that the inversion of all existing orders through subversion would result in the feminization of men, and the masculinization of women. Currently, the most influential direction setting in our society happens at a corporate and government level (arguably the same thing) which are competitive in natue. In fact, the over-sexualization of the “ideal” female archetype is in part the slingshot effect of this interference we see still playing out today. And while the increasing absence of parents and other adult influences leaves children with less parental guidance, our children are collecting influences wherever they find them; school, media, internet, and each other. Joe to Miss Universe and Uncle Sam, the heroes and princesses archetypes serve to steer the collective mindset toward accepting constant distortion of the masculine and feminine, and to engage in the roles these archetypes embody; the passive beauty and the powerful warrior. It is also why censorship is increasingly being enacted against individuals who express ideas – through words – that challenge our unconscious acceptance of what already is. So at this point, it is wise to understand the meanings of these words so that we can better understand the nature of our collective thinking, and how we got here.
And not just in our hearts, but in word and deed, equally reflected in the most influential conventions in our society today — language and government.
The grandmothers often had the final say on important matters, bringing the balance of wisdom, forethought and compassion.
The distorted belief systems of many modern religions, their ranks dominated by male leaders, encourage the worship of a masculine “God”, and engender the disempowering belief that He will come and save us. The men in our patriarchal society rule by stupidity, arrogance, or insanity, or all of the above, and don’t care to listen to the wisdom of women. Except my definition of matriotism is not a male equivalent in any way but the values are largely the same. Despite the new OS, Windows-device prices remain the same — you'll find a number of Windows-powered laptops that cost less than $200 each, and many under $400 offer touch displays. Scrolling down reveals Google Now info cards, which give you information like local weather, suggested articles based on your search activity, and calendar updates. Chrome OS was built as a Web-first operating system, so apps usually run in a Chrome browser window. The operating system has tablet mode, which removes your taskbar icons and puts all apps in full-screen mode, leaving you with a minimalist workspace that removes a lot of desktop distractions.
If you have "Hey, Cortana" enabled, you can say that phrase to bring up a window and ask any question you want. Keep in mind, however, that if a game requires Adobe Flash or a dedicated plugin, you won't be able to open it on Chrome. Also, you can change the settings in some programs, like Google Docs, to access them offline.
However, you can download Spotify's desktop program and use it from your Windows 10 device.
The Chrome browser on Chrome OS cannot run Flash or other important plugins, such as Java, meaning that sometimes, you will run into compatibility problems when trying to view certain websites or select extensions. It also has Read mode, which takes away extraneous links, graphics and menus on Web pages when you're trying to read articles. From here, you can access your Google Drive files or any files that have been downloaded and saved to the machine's storage drive. For two years, you can access 100GB of Drive cloud storage for free, but then you'll have to pay $1.99 per month for 100GB of additional storage if you need it.
Also, with Cortana integration, you can type in commands, such as "Show me photos from last week," and it will bring up files that fit those criteria. You can download files to your local storage and edit them there, but your system will open them as Google Drive files. Also, Microsoft has created Chrome apps for its office suite of tools — including Word, Excel and PowerPoint — so you can create and edit those documents on a Chrome OS.
The same is true of Chromebooks, though most hard-core games aren't available for the Chrome OS platform.
You will find some casual and popular games in the Chrome Web Store — including Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Need for Speed World and Plants vs. Plus, the secure-boot feature means that every time you turn on your laptop, it will check itself for digital certificates of authenticity before it boots. In an effort to expand on its biometric systems, Microsoft is enabling Windows Hello to unlock devices just by using fingerprint scanners. Eight major manufacturers create Windows laptops, offering Intel and AMD chips, onboard memory that varies wildly from 2GB to 16GB, and storage sizes that go up to the terabyte level. Windows 10 machines offer a wider range of configurations, but Google's free add-ons are hard to ignore. Many Windows users end up using free versions of apps with limited functionality to avoid paying for them and end up no better off!
From here, you can access your Google Drive files or any files that have been downloaded and saved to the machine’s storage drive. I don't trust the cloud for documents which is why I prefer a computer over it over a chromebook.
You suggest that H.264 is a file format that 60% of the videos on the web are played as, when in fact, popular websites displaying videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook) use Flash as the video player.
Chromebook is on another level, sleek and fast, I've a acer c720 with a celery dual core.
If you can live without software that requires windows to be installed, Chromebooks are a far better choice than budget windows notebooks.
Our societies embrace priorities that undermine the ‘feminine’ virtues of individualism and sustainability. And those where women cannot go anywhere alone, and remain hidden behind garments that conceal their appearance. And while this ecocide continues, so too does our collective affront to the divine feminine – to Gaia herself. So, while the second wave feminist movement achieved equal right for women to perform important roles within heavily masculine institutions, there was no energetic shift toward embodying the sacred feminine energy within those institutions themselves. Deliberate manipulation of the feminist ideals over time has seen the movement inadvertently facilitate the rise of the “It’s my body and I’ll flash the paparazzi if I want to” ethos that has become so prevalent in establishment media today; some fine examples include Britney “I attract $300 a ticket to mime and grab my own breasts on stage” Spears and the other one… Oh, you know the one! Our society has accepted those archetypes and at the same time, the rule of an overtly masculine paradigm – one where a competitive economy, military complex, over-consumptive industries and energy systems, and exclusive power structures (that are faultlessly self-serving) are given value. There are two ways that we misuse our energy on Earth, one is nuclear energy, and as long as we continue misusing this destructive energy we will forever remain a type 0 civilization, which means we can split the atom and build the bomb but use it in a destructive way. The taskbar has been updated to include a Cortana search bar next to the Start button and small icons that show which programs are open. And with the new universal apps in the Windows app store, you'll be able to run most of your favorite programs in both desktop and tablet modes. Google Now tends to speak more than Cortana, audibly giving you related information about what you initially searched for. In addition, Google has connected some Chrome and Android apps, such as Evernote and Spotify, for a seamless experience across devices. For more controlled editing, you can manipulate light (brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows) and colors (temperature, tint and saturation), and there are filters and effects to give your photos more personality.
In typical fashion, they are Web apps you need to download and install to use, and they are available only for online use. You also won't find .h264 files, which is the backdrop for some 60 percent of all Web videos and the default codec that many cameras record in. Also, if you have an Intel RealSense camera, you can use your face to access your device or Microsoft Passport without a PIN.Chromebooks have not yet caught the eye of many hackers. There truly is an option for everyone when it comes to Windows.The Chromebook market is smaller. Starting at $199, this machine is a well-built 14-inch system with an astounding 14-plus hours of battery life. On paper its about a quarter of the speed of the i5 desktop I use but its about twice as quick when it comes to web based stuff. Just as importantly, language, its interpretation and its transformation over time reveals a lot about the collective consciousness of the society that speaks it. Without the natural feminine balance, our most influential institutions are competitive and not co-operative, controlling not enabling, scientific not spiritual, and structured on the irrational principles of militarism, consumption and perpetual economic growth. In China, this perceived inequality of genders and chronic overpopulation results in countless female babies being discarded at birth. Rather, to be “successful” in corporate and government, women adopt mannish standards of appearance, bolstering the suit and tie with shoulder pads and a requisite killer attitude. Thus, we consider it normal business practice to engage in industrial practices that threaten all life on our fragile, life-giving natural environment. You won't be able to access Photoshop Express offline, but Pixlr Editor works the same online as it does offline. But more than that, Google promotes the security of its operating system as a key selling point. Then, there's the Lenovo Ideapad 100S, which features an attractive 2.2-pound design, a comfy keyboard and more than 9 hours of endurance.
Also note that you can access your files from the cloud on any computer; no need to worry if your laptop is lost or stolen. The underlying video may have been compressed using the H.264 codec, but that has no bearing on playback on the web, which I assume is what most people considering low-end laptops, tablets, or Chromebooks are concerned with.
The role of mother has been squeezed out of common practice by economic design, and those who can subjected to the social burden of (patronizing) qualifiers like “stay at home mom” or “workingmom” (as opposed to working dads who are simply called “dads”). Meanwhile, feminine ideals fail to penetrate these institutionalized structure, awhile successful women routinely trade their femininity at the door, adopting instead the worst qualities of men.
Yet for many, we are so far embedded in this masculine consciousness most people today don’t realize that there is any other way; that long-standing ancient cultures were built on “feminine” virtues, from the ground up. A Chromebook automatically checks for and applies security updates, while including Web filters and sandboxing media. I was looking for a new computer to use for everyday and for work but chromebooks are not the one. Or the practice of routine female genital mutilation, which prevents women from experiencing their whole sacred female sexuality.
Meanwhile, carers and other nurturers are undervalued and poorly remunerated for their contribution to society, if at all.
Also, Chrome OS doesn't support Flash, so any security issues surrounding it won't affect the system. This knowledge that is lost to us is known throughout all of our secret societies on Earth.
Is there a chance that these trite-sounding questions will develop into a film that is far from trite and vastly entertaining? It will not outperform an $800 Macbook Air or Windows with SSD, and will not be running programs.

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