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Major of the Visual Novels Today requires Computers to be Japanese Locale, since AppLocale may not enable the Visual Novel to work. And I tried to use AppLocate too, it wont work if you don’t installed them beforehand.
Could somebody explain to me the importance of changing the Locale to Japanese and all programs required to do so without f*cking my computer? Will changing the Locale to Japanese do anything if I don’t have the Japanese Language pack installed? Every system starting from windows vista already has various language packs installed by default – you just choose current one.
I use window 7,If Change locale to japaness are some bad effec to my aplication and my computer,…? I have switched my system local to Japanese as advised and the game does come up and play now, however it is all in Japanese!

You can however check the checkbox to additionally create a shortcut with the current settings before executing.
I understand that I could change it back and forth from Japanese to English locale, but that would require me to restart my computer each time. I changed the locale back to default and even used AppLocale to try opening the programs, but without success. Locale is completely different thing and works on all versions; No language pack download needed. If the game cannot run properly, or display the proper original text, then the English patch will not work. I did change mine to japanese but when after restarting my netbook crashed and said there was an error starting windows.
For convenience, I just leave it on Japanese locale for the most part, since everything else seems fine.

It then asked me to insert my OS cd to fix the problem, however, I’m using an Acer netbook and with Windows 7 ultimate. I ask this because when I right click my desktop, my Intel Graphic options are all in Japanese. Is there anyplace to get this without getting some fancy Ultimate version, or is that not a problem with Windows 8?

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