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The Windows 10 life at a glance group in the new Windows 10 start menu seems to be bothering quite a lot of people.
Some people tend to get quite stubborn once they finally get used to a certain way of working. In my article about removing life at a glance in Windows 10 (it contains a link back here to continue reading), I also explain a few other techniques to customize your start menu, but for the purpose of this article, let's first see what you can do to customize your start menu.You can pretty easily change the Windows 10 life at a glance text.
So as soon as you click anywhere on the life at a glance wording in YOUR Windows 10 start menu, youa€™ll be able to use your backspace key on your keyboard and type anything else, or simply delete out the life at a glance text if you dona€™t want any subheading text at all. If you want to slim down your Windows 10 menu even further and you want to completely remove all the programs from the life at a glance section, you can right-click any of the programs in your Windows 10 start menu and select a€?Unpin from starta€? to get rid of the program. Unpinning a program from your start menu will not completely remove the program from your computer, it will merely remove the icon from your start menu.
You can do this if you prefer to work only with the left side or a€?all appsa€? menu if you like this approach better.

How To Download Google Chrome - Beginner's Guide Apr 25, 16 11:53 AMNot sure how to download Google Chrome? Windows 10 Play And Explore Secrets Apr 11, 16 08:45 AMWhat is the Windows 10 play and explore section in your start menu? With every new version of Windows that came out, wea€™ve had to adapt and get accustomed to a new incarnation of the Windows start menu. I mean stubborn beyond words, zero flexibility at all, zero, zip, nada, not gonna happen in this lifetime, forgettaboutit.And then, all of a sudden, they have to deal with the Windows 10 life at a glance situation in the Windows 10 start menu.
Simply click anywhere on the a€?life at a glancea€? words in your Windows start menu and youa€™ll notice that the subheading changes.
The arrow in the image above also points out the a€?xa€? at the right of the subheading box, which you can also use if you want to remove the Windows 10 life at a glance subheading from your start menu.Of course you also can change the a€?Play and explorea€? subheading using the same technique. At any given time, you could find the program and pin it back to your Windows 10 start menu if you would like.

I've written this guide to take you through the steps with precise instructions and clear screenshots.
When Windows 8 appeared on desktops and portable computers, we even had to un-learn the Windows start menu and work with the new Modern UI and live tiles on the start screen. If you watch carefully in the image below, youa€™ll spot the little vertical cursor behind the word a€?glancea€?.
The image below shows how you can right-click a program on the start menu and select a€?smalla€?, a€?mediuma€?, a€?widea€? or a€?largea€? from the a€?resizea€? menu.

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