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I didn't say anything, the customer picks the price before anyone even sees the question, I have forwarded this to customer service, they are the ones who handle all money matters. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions.
Hi John, Thank you for your expertise and, more important, for your kindness because they make me, almost, look forward to my next computer problem. Engineering degree in Computer science,Microsoft Certified Professional.JA computer expert. Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach are yet to play with each other this year, but that could change on Wednesday.
From the American perspective, playing a well-organized defense could pay dividends for the team heading into World Cup qualifiers as the team has struggled at times this year to penetrate opposing teams’ backlines.
Notably, Wednesday’s match will also mark the first time all year that the team’s two leading strikers are both available.
While the Swiss team has never played in the United States, one of the team’s strikers spent considerable time playing in the U.S. Another storyline to watch for on Wednesday is whether Hope Solo can etch her name further in the U.S.
Since FIFA has that Fair Play is Our Game slogan I doubt they r going to let a team get away with a 4-4-3 formation. This would be a much better team for Solo to tie the shut out record against than to have her get it against Mexico or during CONCACAF. If Ramona were playing for the USWNT the defense would have to focus on her and our speedsters would be scoring in bunches!
It will be the same old direct over the top to Morgan and feeding Wambach from the flanks with probably O’Reilly or Leroux as the third forward. Putting aside defensive questions for the moment, the real question right now is how to expand and diversify the attack. The problem of course is that much time has been wasted already and it will be difficult to manage these changes especially since there is apparently no will to do so on the part of Ellis or Gulati. I have no problem with Press in the midfield if that is her only shot at playing in Ellis’s system…and if she was employed as a true #10. In other news, Abby was smart to sit out for 3 months to avoid injury and get in shape, and then use the last few Flash matches as tune ups for WNT duties. If FOX SOCCER is correct, Jill Ellis has picked three speedsters up front in a 4-3-3 formation. Hope Switzerland does well, you want these new entrances we’ll see at the expanded World Cup to give a good challenge. I am happy with Pinoe being there as she got some creative juice flowing but not happy with Holiday playing a deep lying playmaker.
Fwds: Press, Morgan, Syd (with Press sitting directly behind Alex in a more central role which essentially is then more a 4-3-2-1.
Sol, it’s a good thing the Swiss coach is German and most of the Swiss play in Germany or you might have set a new record for being wrong. AboutThe Equalizer was founded in 2009 with a goal of bringing first-class media coverage to women's soccer. NWSL owners made the decision to switch to a fixed-site final back in early April, according to Portland Thorns FC owner Merritt Paulson, but the league did not want to announce the change without firm details.
Houston was also in the mix to host the final, of which details are not 100 percent finalized.
This will be the first women’s professional soccer championship played at a predetermined site since the 2003 WUSA Founders Cup.
As previously reported, this will be the first of the nine championship matches not played on a weekend. I was a big supporter of this last season and I’m glad to see the NWSL is making it happen. I’m not a fan of the Thorns but I am a huge fan of their supporters who really stand up for their team. And its not the team with the largest crowd being rewarded its the mls partnered teams with easy tv access. We keep telling you, man, DC doesn’t have cultural cachet with Americans the way London does in England.
Or having the winners of the Pac-10 and Big 10 (when those were around) play each year at the Rose Bowl? To add on to you point, it is our warm weather cities that most carries most of these type of events (LA, Miami, New Orleans). The point about Wembley was that in spite of England’s great run in WC-15 they could not sell out Wembley stadium in spite of 5-6 million women living in London. NYCFC is already using it for soccer, so the field is in place, unless I’m missing something here. Thwres alao a UP game in Portland that night and many Thorns fans also support UP’s woso team. The game would have normally be scheduled for Friday, but the reason is that they will be playing BYU on Saturday, and the reason for that is that BYU does not play any games on Sunday. Like those FA cup ties where the richer team paid its opponent to let them hold the match at their stadium? The reason they couldn’t use Memorial last year was because of an annual music festival that uses Seattle Center.

The problem this year is they couldn’t use all the Southside grandstands until some repairs or changes are done. An all star game with none of your players in it, your biggest rival might be crowned championship on your field, and a team you support having a game on the same night.
Plenty of people come to the games just to see certain players, especially with the post WC crazy and the final will also be in the middle of the Victory Tour. Jess played for Frankfurt in the NWSL off season but had to return to Seattle so could not play in the final but UEFA considered that she had played enough to merit a winners medal. Glamourpusses get broadcasting careers; workhorses have to be satisfied with US citizenship obviously. Can’t win the rights to host the final by being the best team in the league for three years, gets gifted the final anyway. If the only options are Houston and Portland because of the TV deal, give it to Houston they need the bump.
Also if the owners agreed on this before the season they had no idea it would be tied into the Tv deal (finalized during wwc) and that Houston and Portland were the only options would they have agreed to it.
Heck, the USSF hosted the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualification (UEFA–CONCACAF play-off) against Italy at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL.
The only two teams in the NWSL hosting the regular season tv games (besides the semifinals) are Portland and Houston and this is because of the MLS partnered team are more tv accessible.
It would be nice if he did (and gave it half the attention the Predmores have) but the Reign still wouldn’t be playing in CenturyLink field because that makes no economic sense. Seattle Sounders FC are owned by Joe Roth, Adrian Hanauer, Paul Allen, Drew Carey according to wikipedia. As a Chicago Red Stars fan, I rather watch a soccer game at Soldier Field than Village of Lisle-Benedictine University Mickey Mouse Sports Complex. At least if I attend a soccer game at Soldier Field as opposed to Village of Lisle-Benedictine University Mickey Mouse Sports Complex, there is historical significance.
Question: Any idea how ticket sales are going so far for the stand-alone between the Red Stars vs Dash.
You do not seem to know a lot about the nuts and bolts that makes running a soccer team a reality. They say “custom pricing,” but I’ve seen around $600K, and the Bears pay $5.7M in rent for their ten home games (8 regular season, 2 preseason). Seattle Reign FC are owned by Bill Predmore and Teresa Predmore, who are not affiliated with Seattle Sounders FC. There is no guarantee that the Portland Thorns FC fans will show up especially if the Portland Thorns FC miss the playoffs altogether. College football, however, is on Fox Sports 1, whereas the NFL’s game on October 1 is on CBS.
It is for the colleges, and if it were not for Title IX there would be no college WoSo feeding off the grid-iron revenues. One correction, though: while the athletic departments at FBS schools almost all lose money, 50–60% of their football programs make money.
I think that attempts to explain political opponents’ true motives for being so wrong are not very accurate or useful in general.
One thing Title IX has going against it is that it’s a federal law forcing schools run by the states to do something, and there’s a long history of that kind of thing that a white southerner would probably summarize differently than I would. Mostly, though, I’m struck by how few people in this country care whether the things they believe are true, enough to research them. He answered in a thorough and timely manner, keeping the response on a level that could understand.
It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult.
Switzerland has qualified for a major tournament for the first time in the program’s history.
Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan haven’t play a game together in 2014, as both have suffered injuries that kept them out of the lineup.
Lara Dickenmann, who currently plays for Lyon, played college soccer for Ohio State from 2004-07. Soccer history books as she looks to break all-time shutdown leader Briana Scurry’s record. No mention in the article of the fact that Morgan and Press have never had a real opportunity to play together at forward. Press as a starter greatly affects and minimizes the role of Abby, HAO and Carli, and even Pinoe to an extent. Press offers a dimension of technique, field vision and soccer IQ that would complement Morgan’s talent and gifts.
But at least if Press and Morgan were allowed to work together, it would provide another weapon in the NT arsenal to roll out if needed. Something that her skill set could probably pull off to the benefit of a versatile attack with Syd and Alex up front.
I assume Spain will be next first time qualifier, as they’re leading Italy in their qualifying group. Since then we've brought you breaking news, in-depth analysis and everything you need to follow Women's Professional Soccer, the U.S. 1, and not at the site of the highest-seeded team in the championship as previously announced.
26 or 27 were the initial scheduled dates for the NWSL Championship, but that was changed last month to accommodate the match being on Fox Sports 1.

The team with the largest home crowd’s should be given a reward for their dedication. And with the old rules it should be the team with the best record that should be rewarded with a home crowd for the final.
Apparently the only options for this neutral site are Houston and Portland because of that.
One day, maybe, it will always be played in DC or in the Rose Bowl but till that day Portland (or Houston) are just duckie.
Even with the recent change in policy, it still may take a long time for Chicago to have the Super Bowl.
Even if only half were fit enough to go along, that makes 2.5-3m and if but 10% of those could be bothered, that leaves 250-300k, that is enough to fill the stadium 3 times over. It would be interesting if Seattle made it and tried to fill both sides of Memorial, but they might not be able to use it.
I’d rather see both sides of Memorial or a healthy crowd at Toyota Park than see a Thorns crowd. Thus, it is logical that Frankfurt may want her on their payroll as may one of the wealthy clubs in the British Isles.
Also trying to claim Portland as a neutral site is complete bs, that’s the least neutral city in the league.
But would they have agreed to this if this “neutral site” had to be Portland or Houston? They were a stand alone ladies side who played in light-blue and white (bought the jerseys in the fan shop allegedly).
The University of South Carolina got a great attendance, over 12,000 per game, with a lot of promotions.
Next year’s World Cup will be Switzerland’s first appearance and the team has never qualified for the Olympics or the European Championships. As Ellis looks to use a 4-4-3 formation, the match might be a good platform for the two to get some time playing in the system. Every top team in the world (including the Man Utds., Chelsea, Real Madrid) have loaded rosters and try various combinations to match talent. 4 extremely popular vet players that will not be transitioned in this cycle (including OG16). Morgan is still recovering from injury and it is still unknown to what degree she will regain her brillance. Every game from here to the WC should be devoted to allowing them to work together and get to know one another in game conditions. That won’t happen with Carli around and with Ellis not having the imagination or depth in her coaching ability to understand where her players may fit best. Not only will there now be speculation about stabilizing the roster but also what constitutes an effective formation…4-4-2, 4-3-3, etc.
You already have our clicks, it seems petty to remove comments for posting a link to a third party source.
All three WPS championships were played at the site of the highest remaining seed, as were the first two NWSL Championships.
30,000 showed up — which means that 60,000 did not, and 10-12 million people live in greater London, half of which are women. Traveling fans are getting screwed by the greed of Paulson and the mismanagement by USSOCCER and the NWSL management. We can’t even begin to guess how many people will go to that game because only the true diehards would pay to see another team in the final.
I also think she would have more respect for the club and Harvey to bail on them if they make the championship game. Bill Predmore is the model owner for a non MLS backed team and the league needs that example to show that non MLS teams have a chance at competing in terms of quality on the pitch and attendance.
When the FA wanted a ladies team in Manchester (Utd having infamously closed theirs down), City took them under their wing but made the FA let them play in the top division immediately as a quid pro quo.
Solo tied Scurry’s mark back on June 14 against France, shortly before being arrested and subsequent charged with two counts of domestic-violence assault, charges she’ll face in court on Nov. The mid-field composition would also have to be re-evaluated to adjust to the new combination up front and time must also be allowed for that. Now we are leading the way in coverage of the National Women's Soccer League with editors and writers across North America.
That leaves 10k Thorns regulars plus the general soccer fan population (which, trust me, is enormous in Portland). If Reign get to the final, it’s not even feasible for me to go the not too far distance from Seattle to Portland on a workday. However, broadcasting the final on television is important to league growth and most stadiums simply wouldn’t be good showcases for the league. They are not the pair they once were and more importantly, their combination only leads to a limited form of offense that can be well defended against by the top teams. Since Paulsen has been helping to subsidize the league these last three years, he also has the power to make it easier to realize more profit by not charging rent, or sharing in the concessions profit, thus allowing them to share more profit.
Right now you have to give the league credit for making such a bold step, even though it was done in haphazard sort of way.

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