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Openness to Change Management and promoting Changeability need to be reflected in the organisation?s system of values, management guidelines and leadership tools.
Most companies are better at business-as-usual than at adapting to long-term changes in the business environment. Our proven approach and expert change management consultant team will give you the knowhow and confidence to create effective change. As the ability to adapt becomes an increasing factor in successful businesses, our clients know they must be agile in the way they implement change. Our tailored programmes create effective sustainable change within organisations, weaving together the structural, process, people and behavioural elements.
Our Agility Model provides a framework to assess your organisation’s ability to deliver key strategic goals and the enabling factors to achieving these goals. We help organisations define what engagement means to them and what processes and conversations managers need to have to support, engage and inspire their employees. Writing in the Harvard Business Review, business consultant Ron Ashkenas claims that too many change managers don’t know the difference between change and transformation. Let’s make the distinctions clear: “change management” involves implementing clearly circumscribed initiatives designed to bring about a well-defined change in the way things work within an organisation.
However, compare this with another example: a big tech company that suddenly realised that the single product that had generated 90% of its sales was now being produced at a lower cost by competitors.
That was transformation, not change – a portfolio of initiatives aimed at reinventing the organisation and building a new business model, not a single gear shift. Managing people and change are fundamental for achieving success and yet they are often neglected because issues dealing with individual behaviours fall into the realm of soft skills - an area in which many managers and leaders feel ill equipped. Based on Patrick Lencioni’s best selling business fable, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team workshop is a powerful model for building a healthy functioning team at any level of an organisation. Our programmes provide training that applies learning in the workplace that focuses on results. Simply because every improvement we make, everything we do to achieve better results requires that we have to change something.
Companies have to focus on each of these three elements if they want to achieve successful change management outcomes and peace of mind. STRUCTURE of the systems and processes and physical resources established to support the strategic objectives of the organisation. Many managers and many people in business believe that change management is just all about people and processes that work for people. As a change management consultant, when we hear these beliefs and approaches it is a warning sign for us that what we are witnessing is almost certainly going to be an eventual failure. Allow me explain it like this: Within change management strategies where one of these three elements is missing, the focus is imbalanced and the business fails to achieve a long-term beneficial sustainable outcome.

Take any of these three elements out and the potential performance and profit results from the business will not be fully realised. Take away the focus on PEOPLE, and when your change initiatives are completed the structure of the operations will begin to breakdown. Further, if your organization does not have the STRUCTURE in place to support the people you will be driving the organization trying to delivery results requiring lots of extra effort and it will be a very slow process. Likewise if your organization only focuses on the structure and people but it does not focus on STRATEGY and the key performance indicators, the company will most likely end up in a process of designing and implementing changes but there will be no real change in the profitability and performance of the organization.
Here is a short story to explain change management in the 21st century from the view of a change management consultant. Today companies are like kayaks travelling along a difficult forever changing river of gushing white water.
By addressing today the three elements you need to take care of (people, structure, strategy) and thereby developing more confidence within your company moving forward into the future.
Establishing the types of systems and cultures for implementing and sustaining successful change management strategies for your business and for your piece of mind for the long term is how a change management consultant can help you. To keep up to date with this site as I add more information and more free change management templates (coming soon), visit my Change Management Consultant Blog and click on my RSS Feed to be notified of updates.
Visit often and watch as the site expands (the forum for sharing ideas will be added soon). ITG’s CENTRE software can be integrated with our consulting solutions to improve your implementation timeline and provide your organization with an efficient solution to manage your change processes configured to meet your requirements.
Incorporating CENTRE’s change management module with our consulting implementation allows you to add speed and definition to your change management practices without having to decide on what method to use for change management.  Importance can shift to focus your efforts on items of significance, such as managing change results and shaping the correct user behavior, providing a faster implementation with more control, less paperwork, and lower costs for maintenance. Please contact us today to learn how CENTRE can provide the ideal change management solution. Genuinely successful organisations do not simply respond to market developments – they anticipate them. If we consider Changeability a core competency, we need to secure employees who have this competency and develop it further. Both individual employees and the organisation in its entirety are encouraged to Changeability. We achieve this by working with the vital ingredient, your staff; working alongside them in the workplace to deliver change in an impactful sustainable way. We unblock highly complex organic systems with a powerful diagnostic tool (The Agility Model) to help you exploit the benefits of an agile organisation.
However, there are crucial differences between them, which is why so many transformation efforts fail – around 70% of them, according to research firm McKinsey Solutions. Ashkenas cites the example of a big tech firm that integrated specialised engineers into regional sales teams, a change that affected hundreds of people and altered their roles.

A massive change was needed – not just getting more immediate revenue from the current product, but a shift from intra-organisational focus to externally partnered product development, a leaner support organisation, and searching for adjacencies and acquisitions.
Change managers executing transformations will still need to draw on their traditional capabilities, but they’ll also need new ones, like building strong collaboration across boundaries, fostering more dynamic and flexible coordination of resources, and communicating with clarity in the midst of confusion and anxiety. It continues to assess millions of people worldwide and has applications across all facets of human behaviour and relationships.
Work towards your personal and business goals by identifying your priorities and creating a clear and achievable action plan. Strategies for managing change in the workplace have to address all three with equal focus and commitment. When a storm arrived the captain would contact his crew to make adjustments to the ships operations. Their business leaders are similar to the professional man and women manoeuvring and adjusting the kayak to keep it doing well, on course and afloat. If you want to get in touch with me for a direct conversation about anything send me an email via the contact me form. If it is relevant to this sites content and if based on my knowledge I can write about it, then I will do that and upload the new information as soon as possible. The level of motivation and ability to change render the organisation successful – and exceed competition.
Our change management programmes cover restructure and cultural change, new business and product development, and post merger integrations that help organisations readdress the balance. Established change management strategies worked a treat – building a new coalition of leaders, making the business case clear to all, engaging stakeholders and executing with discipline. Their creativity, innovation, focus, drive and intelligence can be harnessed to achieve the best outcomes for your workplace, organisation or business.
The adjustments would upset the status quo for a while but when the storm past the crew and the ships performance would return back to normal again.
The company must be focused right across the board of these three elements of people, strategy and structure. As part of organisational and personnel development, it is HR management?s objective to create a context for successful Change Management.
What are the change management tools that will help guarantee you success, and how can a change management consultant help you? Change management tools, a change management template, a change management model for your business, a solution you need?

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