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Your developers often use many disparate applications that make it difficult for you, as a development manager, to see the big picture and manage changes and releases. Our software lets your development teams continue to go about their business without impacting the way they develop software. Rocket Aldon's change request management solutions automatically verify, route for approval, and archive change request requirements and development projects. Rocket Aldon solutions automate and accelerate the workflow and change management process in the manner that makes sense for your unique business requirements.
Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (LM) automatically builds, organizes, and maintains a central inventory of all application components organized by the component's business function—not just the directory structures. You can always get up-to-the-minute information about the status of any application, any project, or any object across the inventory. Rocket Aldon's automated deployment solutions ensure that the appropriate files are automatically deployed to the correct locations throughout the software development process, even in the most highly distributed environments. Exact Change is the leading Software for coin collectors, with over 29,000 high resolution images of coins from around the globe.
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ActivePatch is a Software development kit that enables developers to create their own update in the form of a patch, and integrate the patch application process directly Into their own Software. If change has technical merits, side-effects, or it is estimated to break project plan, objectives of the change should be either weakened, or it should be rejected (if it does not concern critical requirements), or it should be billed at a separate price. Changes are documented and stored in Version Control System for the sake of Configuration Management. AssurX’s Change Management Software is a flexible, centralized system used to orchestrate, track and document changes across all functional areas of a business. With easy, full integration to other quality related processes such as corrective action management, audits, nonconformance, customer complaints, document management, training, etc., no matter where an issue triggering a change originates, or how many departments a planned change touches, the system effectively controls the process.
The AssurX Change Management system receives any type of proposed change and efficiently manages evaluation, planning, implementation and documentation across every part of your operation—all in a closed-loop workflow. A system of automatic escalation, notices and reminders integrated with e-mail can be easily defined and keeps the process moving to prevent issues and tasks from falling through the cracks. Unlike other systems that rely on third party tools to generate reports and metrics, AssurX comes with user-configurable built-in dashboards, metrics and ad-hoc query functionality that allows for real time monitoring, trending and analysis. The system combines centralized control of the process with integrated collaboration, review and approvals from designated Subject Matter Experts. For FDA regulated companies, AssurX is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 820, GMP, ISO and more. With its highly configurable workflows, AssurX is the only vendor that provides a solution flexible enough to manage any type of change across all functional areas. Simple point-and-click configuration of workflows, fields, forms, rules, lists, signatures, etc. OnDemand (Software-as-a-Service) option gets you up and running in days with no hardware or software to install and no waiting for IT staff.

Its true zero-client architecture (CATSWeb) means AssurX runs on all browsers and operating systems with no need to install, upgrade, validate or manage client computers.
AssurX Change Management integrates easily with external business systems like ERP, PLM, CRM, LIMS and MES solutions to connect all quality related processes and procedures across the enterprise—so change requests triggered from any source can be immediately captured and acted upon. AssurX’s system of quality and compliance software solutions is designed to be simple to use, maintain and configure to meet each business’ precise needs. You are about to download this program (Change Management Planning Software 2.0), and we would like to ask you to send us your feedback after you install and try it on your computer. It won't take more than a couple of minutes, but your opinion is very important to future users of the program and to the author of the program. Turnover (from Soft Landings Inc) is a pretty cool Software Change Management system running on ISERIES *cough* IBM i. NOTICE FOR SOFTLANDING SYSTEMS You are marketing your Change Management Product as 'Turnover for iSeries V100'. So, isn't it time to rebrand your change management software and call it - Turnover for IBM i V100? Born and raised in Rainy England, now enjoying programming in the sunshine of Southern USA.
By submitting information, you acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy concerning the use of the Genius Inside web site and its services. Genius Project makes it possible for the project team to clearly document change requests, evaluate the impact, identify the affected items, and translate the new business needs to specific tasks that can be directly assigned to team members.
An issue tracking system in Genius Project allows all stakeholders to submit issue reports and keep track of pending issues in the project management software.
Test drive Genius Project and experience best-in-class portfolio and project management software. We often hear from Executives that the “Agile Methodology is a software development model for managing changing requirements” or perhaps just “changing requirements”. However if we go a little deeper and ask about their understanding of changing requirements or how to manage changing requirements, then we would not expect to get such a concise answer.
Requirements Change Management is about to being ready for change and embracing it when it comes.
Applying the “just in time” (JIT) philosophy of logistics to software development, accelerating product delivery by prioritizing both demand in planning and ultimately the product requirements under development.
It requires the development team to work closely with the stakeholders and the end users, or the local department managers.
At this point, we have established the Software Development Project Scope by determining the project requirements. It is important to limit risk and expense that development is carried out in small increments.
Meanwhile, we let managers and other staff members view changes based on applications and tasks or other familiar structures rather than the storage structure of the development files. With Rocket Aldon solutions, you can define the process of tracking all bugs and change requests.
In fact, if desired, you can create workflows or custom escalation rules, via a wizard so you can deal with the most complex escalation, notification, and approval processes. You can instantly view and access application components across projects, locations, and diverse environments in tandem with multiple projects with multiple teams.
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It creates a consistent, closed-loop method to process any change type (business process, product design, documentation, materials, packaging, line repair, etc.), even for regulated industries. Feedback on the effectiveness of proposed changes and change plans is automatically requested, tracked and monitored to ensure that changes are properly planned and will deliver the expected results, before they are rolled out across operations. AssurX has simplified and streamlined an end-to-end workflow for processing all event intakes, reportable and non-reportable.
The turnkey process is provided with documentation, setup and user guides, validation scripts, template forms and workflows, executive dashboards, and everything else needed for quick deployment.
The configurable processes are designed to integrate seamlessly with each other providing a single, all-in-one solution for managing quality and compliance enterprise-wide.

If you leave your email right now we will send you tomorrow an invitation to evaluate the program.
Delivering the best in risk management software,  an integrated routing process helps in the evaluation as well as approval of the change request.
Providing the best in change management, issue tracking and risk management software capabilities, the integrated notification reporting and tracking of issues, project changes, and risks helps in project level quality assurance and delivery.
In our view, this should not be the case, so in the interests of providing a concise answer for executives here is our answer to these more complex questions in simple business terms.
Based on their experience at the point-of-use (POU) these personnel or direct representatives at the department managerial level must name their demands of the product. We should accept that the established requirements will change over time and that as a result further planning has limited value. In addition, to introduce the various terms used to describe essential processes, practices and concepts designed to limit the risk of software development and maximize Investor ROI. She has over 10 years of experience in journalism, digital media communication and project management working with several multinational companies and governmental institutions. Your developers should spend their time coding—not finding, routing, and tracking everything they do. Our change and release management solutions allow you to automatically see, capture, track, and report on changes in the software development lifecycle, anywhere, at any time. We give you a single, instantly accessible place from which you can give requestors and approvers up-to-the-minute status updates. Our solutions automatically verify, approve, and archive change requests, requirements, and development projects so you don't have to. Optimized for SOA, the registry allows you to easily navigate to and instantly access all services. Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager deploys all components to appropriate target locations at every stage, and gathers, packages, distributes, and installs application components to all target platforms on a secure, authorized basis. Replace boring stock smileys with fun, emotional photo smileys made out of your and your friend's Faces. Our professional services group can also perform your validation and help create your PQ based on industry best practices and the latest regulatory guidelines. Unlimited best practices workflows can be added, and modifications to existing template workflows can be easily done with point-and-click configuration. In fact, IBM haven't sold this machine for a few years now and as we all know - a year in IT is a decade in the real world. The change management function in Genius Project does not simply track change and risk: it lets you estimate the impact that implementing or not implementing changes will have on a project, which ensures that you make the right decision during risk analysis. It is how these changes to requirements are managed later that will determine the extent of success or failure of the software development project under development. You will find her blogs posts on a variety of subjects from Agile-Waterfall Hybrid, Scrum to DevOps. You want to know what state the applications are in at any given point, track them when they're changed or released, and report on them. You can also evaluate all software change requests, so you can determine if you have the right authorization, or not. Armed with the ability to define, automate, and enforce access rules and development processes, you now have a powerful means to meet business deliverables. Specific releases and modules can be created for use by distinct teams, limiting the accessibility of code to outsourced teams if necessary. This ensures that you have the oversight needed for internal and external compliance programs. And since our software can see all changes and workflow along the services and development lifecycles, you have the visibility, enforceability, and traceability necessary for internal and external compliance. Outsourced development is separated into its own environment, distinct from in-house development, but can be merged as needed.
You can link change request management to the development process and get visibility throughout the entire application lifecycle.
In addition, our customers tell us that when they use our products, they cut down their change-related failure incidents and problems, which mean both day-to-day operations and service quality can improve dramatically.

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