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RDA is a recruitment specialist focusing on technical and change management roles in IT and Financial Services.
Both of our Directors have first-hand experience of senior programme management roles and both enjoy strong personal networks. RDA always respects the fact that your own time is valuable: you should not need to keep restating your needs or fielding poor candidates. To foster environmental stewardship internationally by establishing community forests, promoting sustainable forestry techniques and initiating environmental education.

For more than 10 years we have been providing highly personalised services to leading firms, initially in the UK and also in Europe. Success depends in part on outstanding candidates; and RDA ensures access to an exceptional talent pool. We help you to refine the best possible search criteria and then we pursue those criteria diligently on your behalf.
They live and work in remote bush camps, dealing with bears and black flies in the Canadian wild.

Flexibility is ensured thanks to a retained or contingency-based service, and our high interview-to-hire ratio means far fewer unproductive meetings.

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