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Microsoft, Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. I’ve been consulting with large and small businesses for over a decade and the one trend I see over and over again in projects is silo based thinking, driven by functional silos in the organization.
Today’s business leaders have been conditioned to thinking within their silo whether it be finance, accounting  banking, sales, marketing or human resources. When a business is trying to change or create processes, those processes span the functional silos bringing with it many decision makers from different functional groups who are simply not aligned with the goals, budgets and motivations of the leading functional group. When faced with change, companies should take a process view to change rather than a functional view. Silo mentality and these common project issues can all be tied back to this simple easy to implement approach to change. Getting all 3 aligned is absolutely essential to ensuring any change management activity will work. And they have to be resolved in that order. No that person should ask; What are the key issues, Who owns the process, Who all is involved, What are their roles, are they committed to improving it and working together and importantly are they prepared to do the work to fix the problem?
A process can be defined as starting with a trigger event that creates a chain of actions that results in something being prepared for a customer of that process. Document them in diagrams so everyone involved can see and understand the process and so that everyone has visibility to make the best business decision.
Once the people are aligned, and the process developed and clarified, technology can be applied to execute the process as it was designed.

About UsWe are a project management & analysis consulting company helping organization like yours leverage digital technology to grow. So many consulting vendors say "we have a methodology", "we do this all the time", "we'll hit the ground running", "it's eeeeeeeasy", "We'll throw a lot of fantastic, experienced people at it and MAKE it happen for you. Any references in any blog to Kronos, Kronos Workforce Central or to the Kronos suite of products refer to registered trademarks of Kronos Incorporated or a related company. Kronos and the Kronos logo are registered trademarks of Kronos Incorporated or a related company. All other trademarks, logos and registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners. New systems are being replaced by either developing new software or buying an off the shelf solution. This thinking leads to delays in projects and increased costs usually due to a functional approach to change, poor decision making & lack of properly aligned roles, responsibilities and leadership. Project budgets are allocated based on these silos, individual performance is based on these silos, overall management is based on these silos and ultimately decisions for the entire company get made based on these silos. Accounts payable, employee on-boarding, customer complaints are all process examples that involve many departments in a company.
But also remember that it can be the non-standard transactions where service is slipping most or the potential for significant failure in the process may exist. Because this is the most expensive step, you know that what you decide here will align with what the business actually needs and the project can deliver on it’s objectives.
There will be a series of blog articles and updates to the site over the next few months that explain the thought behind this phrase. Add this data to what we already know and we quickly create a high level outline of what you might call a "Roadmap" for the project.

New processes are being created and current processes are being made faster, cheaper and simpler for the end user. Silo thinking creates division within organizations and that division leads to all sorts of problems that don’t support the companies ultimate goals.
This persons role & responsibility is to make the process the best for the company not for any particular department. You need to look at it from end to end across all areas of the business involve in the process. We expand the requirements detail, capture problems and solutions from the field, work with Vendors and specialty consultants to build a serious roadmap with budgets and ROI, detailed Change Management and Risk Mitigation Plans, and flesh out the overall project Plan. To continue the Roadmap analogy, this is that AAA "Triptik" with some major construction highlighted to avoid and suggested paths to the destination. We kick off the project with the through-line items that are often simply a project task to check off; Change Management, Strategic Project Alignment, Training Zen, Risk Avoidance and Mitigation planning. It's knowledge of the landscape, the traffic so to speak, and shows the best way to get from HERE to THERE. You could use it to get from here to there, but it might take a while and you'd likely make many expensive mistakes along the way.

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