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Change Control is the process by which requested changes to a projects products or a project's support services are managed, authorised and implemented. Although Requests for Change are seen as 'Issues', as defined by Prince2, it is more effective to manage them separately.
Requested changes always have the potential of an impact on Cost, Schedule, Quality, Resource or a combination of all these that may result in a requirement for detailed impact analysis and ultimately the creation of a work order.
Change Control in this sense should not be confused with document version control or any other form of configuration management. The Programme Office is responsible for managing the register and obtaining programme level reports. Change required of supporting services such as IT, Office Services etc provided by the organisation that may, or may not, impact on the project budget.
The register, its associated procedure and request form allows for the management of both types of change request though a single change process.

Note that documents provided with Trial Versions of the packages are in Adobe Acrobat format.
Regardless of the size of project, project management can be challenging because there are so many moving parts and pieces.
If you have ever managed a project, you know all too well about some of the pain points that project teams experience. Reduction in work-related stress caused by too much work and the feeling that it will never get done. Familiar user interface (drag-and-drop task creation and assignments, visual work boards, intuitive placement of controls). Advanced features that do not stand in the way of basic functionality (for power users looking for reporting and tracking options beyond what is relevant for most users of the software).
Veränderungsprozesse gestalten wir in verdaubaren Schritten mit Blick auf notwendige Vernetzungen.

With a good set of project management tools, however, project managers can spend less time running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and more time on the things that really matter. Most pain points are the result of some sort of change in the project that impacts the team. When it comes to improving communication, collaboration and risk identification, visualizing processes and work flows goes a long way.

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