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The Project Planning phase is the second phase of a project, and it provides the Project Manager with a roadmap for how the Project will progress and how it will be executed. The Project Planning Phase begins after the approval of the Project Charter and ends with the approval of the Project Plan, which along with the Business Case is the primary document for this phase of the project. Depending upon the size of your project, you may wish to combine some of the above documents in to the Project Plan. The Benefits Plan documents what the Project’s benefits are, how they will be realised and when, who is responsible for realising them, and how these benefits will be tracked and measured (both during the project and afterwards). The Business Case defines WHY a project is being undertaken, and along with the Project Plan (the HOW) is the most important document a Project Manager will produce. The Change Management Plan documents how Project changes will be raised, evaluated and approved to ensure that only appropriate changes are made to the baselined plan.
The Communications Plan documents how and when the project will communicate with all its stakeholders, and who will be responsible for what. The Project Plan defines HOW a project will be delivered and along with the Business Case (the WHY) is the most important document a Project Manager will produce.
The Quality Plan is required to ensure that final Project products are of the upmost quality. The Terms of Reference template details the context, scope and purpose of a particular group – e.g.

A Work Breakdown Structure is a planning tool, similar to a Product Breakdown Structure, to build an exhaustive hierarchy of the work required to complete a project. The standard guidebook in the Project Management field for over 20 years Project Planning Scheduling and Control now offers more strategies for dealing effectively with team members, clients, senior managers and other key stakeholders and is the perfect prescription for project success.
In this step-by-step guide, two project management consultants present a comprehensive guide to effective project management, complete with real stories and case studies from actual project managers.
The Project-Documents Toolkit Get instant access to ALL of our project templates immediately. Good Project Management practice recommends specifying your business benefits before commencing a project. A Project Schedule is regarded as one of the most important artefacts in a Project Manager’s toolkit.
To Monitor and Control a Project involves the ongoing measurement and realignment of a Project’s progress to date against its plans. A free advice post about business, process, continuous improvement, leadership, culture change, product development, management, Lean, Six Sigma, quality, and generally making things better.
Do not skip over this phase of the project, as time and effort invested here will pay off further down the line when you enter the Execution phase of the project. This straightforward guide cuts through the technical jargon to present an easy-to-follow, easy-to-learn approach to executing any project from beginning to end.

Normally benefits are captured in the Project Initiation phase of the Project, either as part of the Business Case, or in a separate Benefits Plan document. It’s a role which involves a large range of skills, some of which have to be learnt and others that tend to come naturally. Proud to launch their new site - Mobile, Responsive, and focused on Brand and Differentiation! The Project Planning activities here provide the solid foundations to establish and run a successful project.
However, for larger projects it is worthwhile detailing all of these in separate documents as listed above, and combining this information to form the Project Plan. First and foremost a solid Project Schedule enables the Project Manager to accurately monitor and control the project from start to finish.

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