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My swell friend and fellow voice-talent Elaine Singer pinged me on Facebook tonight regarding the recently revealed Google logo change, asking “So, Peter K. You might have missed this announcement today, subtle as it was, with Google making the first major Google logo change in, like, 15-16 years. Now, just so you know, I’m not the only idiot that writes this kind of drivel about logos. After you Click Change, you will be presented with the details for changing your number including the fee and details that your old # will remain active for 3 months etc…  Click Continue to start searching for your number. One thing I've noticed is that overtime Google is continueing to open up more and more numbers so if you have a really bad one now, just wait a bit and you might be able to go back and find a better one.
Going from a serif font to a sans serif font is change enough but this logo has attitude, I think.
To me, it seems jolly, certainly softer and more easy going (as are all the letters in this word mark) than the old logo.

For this reason I feel like I should get a free changed number because my family has been calling that number and has been cursed out multiple times and it’s really disrespectful and unfair. I was beginning to feel like when I was writing about logos, I was coming across as more obnoxious than usual.
If they were going for fun, child-like exploration of learning new things with Google and its products, then it works.
I really could have used this about 2 months ago when I moved back east… Oh well thnx for the FYI. For me to have to pay $10 for a brand-new number is asinine when I deserve a free one for this inconvenience. So I trailed off – plus this is primarily a voice-over blog with a dash of marketing and advertising thrown in.
Together with the rest of the letters and the colors, this all combined to make me think Google is going for the child-like wonder we enjoy when we explore the web and discover something for the first time.

And they will probably offer the insights of the company and the designers who can tell you what it’s REALLY supposed to mean (and, thereby, just how far off I am in my opinions). The designer and the marketer’s hope can only be that the majority of opinions have something positive to say about a logo (which then reflects on the brand). This is really unprofessional for the numbers that you guys at Google give out to be copied. Now my only source of reliably contacting people via telephone and or text message is completely gone.

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