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You`re almost ready, you should be at the ``Account overview`` section and right in the middle there is another sub-option called ``Account security``. If everything went well, you will be redirected back to ``Account overview`` section and you should be able to read this message: ``Your information has been saved``.
When you use Hotmail on your current life, it is very important to keep your profile updated. You can choose from your different contacts who are allowed and who are not to see your personal information about your Hotmail?s profile. With the follow of the steps above, you will be updated and upgraded on your Hotmail?s profile.
By default, Windows Live Hotmail will automatically create a profile when you create an account for the first time. You should be able to read ``Welcome to your new profile`` and from here you can access other privacy settings and you can ``adjust`` the level of your privacy.

That is the main reason we create this tutorial so following these simple steps you will be able to show to the world your tastes, likes and dislikes, hobbies, sports, and many other aspects of your personality.
In my opinion it`s the same thing as here you can find the same information, here`s how to access this section.
If you own a business and you want more exposure, definitely, the first option called ``Public`` is for you.
Before we start, please note that this article will show how to change your Hotmail password if you have access to your Hotmail - Windows Live account.
In this profile you will find your full name, a picture and a list with all of your friends. If you would like to allow your friends to see any change in your public profile and also to allow everyone to find you when they perform a search choose ``Limited``. I wrote this article from my Hotmail account but everything should look the same if you have a different Windows Live account, I mean other than Hotmail such as Live or MSN.

Regarding the regular process of changing our Hotmail password, it`s pretty easy so let`s get started. Also, don`t forget that if you will change your password this means that it`s going to affect all other Windows Live services such as Windows Live Messenger known as MSN Messenger.
Finally, if you want to make everything private and this means that only your friends will be able to see your stuff and activity, choose ``Private``. Nobody else will be able to find or see your profile when performing a search according to Microsoft Windows Live. First, sign in with your username and password on your Windows Live account, either Hotmail or MSN.Once, you`re logged in, take a look in the right corner of your email interface, right under your name, it`s a small word called ``profile`` and make sure that you click on it.

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