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When we decided to have a kid, we talked about who would get to stay at home looking after it.
I knew one day we would have kids, and I didn’t want them to be associated with my father in any way. When we were introduced as Mr and Mrs McKewen at the wedding there was clapping and shouting but that was probably because everyone was boozed and happy that we got married. We had a few cheques and cards given to us as Mr and Mrs Mackenzie (my old last name), but that was fine. When we went to the bank though to change my name on our account, I got a reaction from the teller. Now, after almost three years married, I think most people assume she took my last name and I’ve always been a McKewen. Alex McKewen is a stay at home dad to his awesome two-year-old, a husband to an angry feminist, and a simple guy who likes to fish alone while listening to metal. A cancer scare has given Kate Baker a new outlook on life, the health system and her friends and family. Queer culture and religion don't often easily coexist, but a group in South Auckland is challenging stereotypes. The Wireless aims to produce inspiring, insightful and entertaining stories for New Zealanders who have grown up in the digital age.

Changing your name is something the United States allows, providing you with the proper procedures for changing both first and last names.
You cannot change to a trademarked name, anything that is violent or derogatory in nature, or is intended for fraudulent usage. When a parent has sole legal custody, that parent makes all of the decisions pertaining to the child. Divorce, remarriage or adoption are a few legitimate reasons for changing a baby's last name. How Do I Legally Change My Kids' Last Name Even Though I Was Never Married to the Father?
I have spoken to heaps of dads who are gutted that they never even got the chance to talk about being stay-at-home dads.
But also, I thought it was weird to make a woman go through pregnancy (which is mostly shit), and then labour (which is really shit), and then insist your kid takes your name when she’s the one who has done all the work.
I know some people will always think she’s a ball-buster because of my choice about the name. Children cannot change their last name until they are of legal age, but if you have sole custody, you can change your child's name by filling out a few different papers and submitting them to the courthouse, following the proper legal channels. These are typically available online for your convenience, or you can ask the court clerk which forms are necessary for a name change.

Even if you have sole custody, if the child's father has any rights to him, as granted through the courts, an affidavit of consent shows the court that he has agreed to execute a name change. You may need to file a notice of petition, which informs the public about the name change through a newspaper or other public publication. If there is no opposition and the forms are filled out completely, the judge may grant the change without any hassles. The only thing he has given me in my life is a burning focus to be a really, really good dad and husband. He’s been more of a dad to me than my dad, so I guess there was a little bit of a tribute to him in there.
If the father does not consent, he may require a hearing to hear both sides of the story to determine whether or not the name change is warranted. Taking her last name, us being a team with the kids, shedding the baggage of my dad – there were heaps of reasons, but they were all pretty simple.

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