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PS4 and PS Vita users are reporting that a bulk email is making the rounds prompting a change of PSN password. So my PS4 won’t sign into the PSN and when I go to the store it wants me to change my password. We’ve reached out to Sony for some clarification on the matter and will update if we receive further info.
After I updated my password and loved back in I kept getting a Apr message that wouldn’t let me play on line or accessa lot of My profile info.
When an account sale is on the up-and-up, the account will be nigh-barren, apart from the advertised game.
Unless you sign in and find a bunch of credit cards and a still-active PlayStation Plus membership. Nate Martin (his real name!) is the CEO of Puzzle Break, an Escape the Room venue located in Seattle. Eric, the man whose account sparked this whole investigation, said it took "over an hour" to prove his identity to Sony. I was curious if PSN accounts having no basis in the physical world meant something regarding the legality of this transaction. As if that wasn't enough, the site that sold me the stolen account also claims to be a third-party, having purchased the code from a seller on Taobao -- a Chinese e-commerce site owned by Alibaba.
According to a source inside G2A, the company is currently investigating both my case and Tim's.
Surprised you're not aware of anything outside of Europe, especially the North America's game rating system on the cover: ESRB. A new surival horror title has been announced from the same developers that brought us Alone in the Dark. The fog is going to play a huge role in the gameplay and change how players will navigate through the game. The game is said to be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 although no release date has been given as of yet.
If only a portion of the PSN community was contacted via email to change their passwords, that could indicate some sort of phishing scam. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.

I’m not surprised as some dude at PS3hax was talking about doing it for quite some time. I don't just want to read a bunch of other articles about the subject in question; I want to talk to people involved with the story, and (if possible) get my hands a little dirty. For those unaware, G2A is a Hong Kong-based site that primarily sells third-party keys and even accounts. There's some mojo you can perform that will allow you to play this game on your console via your main account (which I won't recount here, because it kinda makes sense and I don't want any of you thinking this is a good idea). This was Tim's red flag, and he immediately contacted the seller (who refunded the transaction without a word) and Eric, who took back control of his account. That was ostensibly the end of my little experiment, so I went to the seller looking to get a refund. I know his address and the last four digits of two of his credit cards, thanks to the purchase I made through G2A. For the purposes of this article, we'll be working with California penal codes -- code 496 in particular.
For this story, I talked to New York City-based lawyer Harvey Lippman about selling accounts that don't belong to you, on the off chance there was some crazy loophole that made all of this legal.
So, in this particular case, based on G2A's Terms of Service, the site defines the seller as a second third-party; G2A is more like the person who owns the parking lot where the illegal swap meet happened.
The deeper I got, the more I hoped to find some measure of closure -- a feeling that never came.
Darkworks have stated The game will be a whole new nightmare and is going to be a First Person Shooter named So far the only details we have on the game is that it will be taking place in an American town that gets swallowed by a mysterious fog,transforming the citizens into mutants.
You will also be able to get creative and create your own chemical weapons, giving you the role to play god. Being prompted on the device itself means the request is actually coming fom Sony, but to what end? Resetting through the playstation requires you two confirm your sign-in email and date of birth.
Of course, there are examples of people just selling their stacked account in the hopes of making some extra cash; buy a bunch of popular games on sale, flip the account for more than the games are worth. Again, luckily for Nate, I had zero intent of holding onto another person's account, so that information remains safe with me.

I was going to make sure the account belonged to him before I gave him what I assumed was a new password set by the seller, but it turns out Nate knew it off the top of his head. Obviously, a person who knowingly receives stolen property (with the intent of withholding it from the owner), will be charged with either a felony or misdemeanor. Our specialists react every time when there is even a shadow of doubt as to any credibility and trustworthiness. I only had to stop reporting on this because at some point, you just have to publish what you've got. Reports suggest that users are being asked to change passwords on the PS4 and PS Vita platforms themselves. One such transaction resulted in the sale of an account belonging to a man [who we will refer to as 'Eric']. Or, hey, you've just sold your PS4 in a fit of rage, why not sell that account full of platinum Trophies too while you're at it? But there's no telling what could've happened if Nate's account ended up in the wrong hands. In the case of both Tim and myself, returning the account means we're off the hook, and the person who stole the account in the hopes of selling it is definitely 100% a criminal. In such cases of an invalid product, sellers are banned and the customers refunded promptly," our source said in an email to Destructoid.
We're still waiting on emails from G2A, the organization that sold me the stolen account, and (hopefully) Sony.
But I logged in anyway, reasoning that I would either return the account and save a person from identity theft -- or, if this was an honest transaction, end up with an account that I could just gift to a friend. Taobao was a dead end, because I don't speak a lick of Chinese, and even then I doubt the seller in question would confess to a reporter.

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